1Tac Utility Light Review: Best Flashlight 2021

1Tac Utility Light Review
1Tac Utility Light Review

1Tac Utility Light Review 
1Tac Utility Light is a three in one utility flashlight that serves for many purposes. It is a tactical light that can be used for emergency cases when your car break down or get stuck in emergency by the road especially at night. 

In this article, 1Tac utility Light Review, we will be dissecting all the features of this modern tactical flashlight that deserves having and worth every penny spent on it. It is very bright and can light up an entire garage.

1Tac utility light makes objects very bright such that you can see them from a very far place. It has an emergency SOS beacon. You can turn on the emergency light if your car gets stuck on the road at light. This will be beneficial to you and other people coming. It gives signal and attracts helpers and also nobody will hit your car. 

The zoom capacity of 1Tac utility flashlight is 200x ,thus making objects clearer at night. It has a magnetic base for hands free use. You can attach it to any iron (metallic) surface. Do you wish to work on your car without anybody assisting you or holding the light for you? Just fix it to a surface through the magnetic base and start working. 

1tac flashlight is very easy to use and portable. You can carry it to any place of your choice. It is made with strong materials that can withstand damage. It can fall from a height without any scratch. A truck or car can run over it and it won’t break. 1tac utility Light is very strong and durable. It was made to last long so won`t have to be buying tactical light all year round. 

You can extend the tactical light to reveal the ultra bright lantern suitable for many purposes such as reading, lighting up your garage, room etc. Once you need a lantern, simply slide it open to reveal the bright light. Give it a try, you surely going to like 1tac utility light review. 

Features of 1Tac Utility Light Review

1Tac Utility Light Review
1Tac Utility Light Review
  • Good for emergency situations
  • Very bright lantern that can be used for many purposes
  • High zoom capacity and brightness
  • Strong and durable materials
  • Resistant to damage and scratch
  • 30 day money back guarantee

1tac utility flashlight Technical facts 

Manufacturer 1tac
Part numberLN-HQVK-1GFI
Item weight3.9 pounds
Product dimensions12.44 x 7.8 x 2.48 inches
Package quantity5
Luminous flux1200 lumen

What makes it stand out? 

  • Magnetic base: 1Tac utility flashlight has a magnetic base that you can attach to any metallic surface for hands free use. It gives you the opportunity to service your vehicle without assistance at night. 
  • High quality aluminum material: It’s built with high quality aluminum products of aircraft grade to enable it survive adverse conditions. Thus, it can fall from a height without any damage, a vehicle can run over it and it won’t break. This is a huge advantage it has over others. It was specially designed for security and other purposes. You can use it for reading, lighting up your home and garage.  It is very durable. 
  • Three (3) light modes: You can switch to any mode of your choice ranging from low to medium to high. Nothing trills the heart as having a full control of your own light. Being able to switch it to any mode or intensity of your choice to suit the purpose for which you are using the light. Thus, it is suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and camping needs. 
  • 1200 lumen light: This is a whole lot that only 1tac utility can offer. This ensures maximum brightness. Thus you can see objects clearly even at the middle of the night. 
  • Long lamp life: The battery can last for a very long time. It can be used for over four thousand days (100,000 hours). This is pretty cool for a multi purpose flashlight. Most of the light torch out there sucks when it comes to duration of use. You keep changing the battery or frequently charging it. This makes life boring with such light. This is not the case with 1tac utility light review. 
1Tac Utility Light Review
1Tac Utility Light Review

Where to buy 1tac utility light 

The best place to purchase the original utility light is from the producer’s official website. Do not allow vendors to take advantage of you. If you are convinced that this security light will be beneficial to you, head straight to the official product page to purchase your own 1tac security light. Buying from retail shops increases your chances of being scammed. Hit any of the links (buttons) in this article to buy your own security light. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does delivery take? 

It takes only few working days to get your order delivered to you. This depends largely on your location. Make sure you enter the explicit address of your home to avoid having issues with delivery. 

How can I pay for the product? 

There are numerous payment options in the official product page. You can pay with your credit cards like master cards and visa card, you can also pay through PayPal account. Other options are available as well but it depends on your country. 

How much does delivery cost? 

This depends on your location and the number of 1tac security light you ordered. We can’t state specifically how much the producer charges for delivery. 

Customers’ Reviews

There are many reviews on the official product page. You can take your time to go through them, however we will summa rise some here. 

Mark from US: It is pretty cool for security. My car broke down on my way back at night, all I did to signal that my car had issue was to put on my security light and mount it on the car. This helped people to avoid hitting the car and it also helped me to get a helper. It’s really a cool flashlight. 

Jake from Canada: What an awesome light. It can light up my garage and turn the night into day. I’m excited I bought this flash security light. I would recommend it for anybody who’s looking for a hands free torch in case of emergency.

Bottom line of our 1tac utility light review 

There are numerous security lights out there that one can buy. However, we singled out 1tac flash light because we have trusted the product. Most of the security lights don’t meet the qualities stated by the producers and advertisers. Unfortunately, there are no means of identifying fake from original product unless you use them. This will be risky on the part of the buyers because you are going to lose a lot of money in this exercise. 

We have carried out this research for you and we are assuring you that this product will surely meet your expectations. It can serve as a security light, reading lamp and for lighting up your garage when you are working on your vehicle at night. You can also use it for hunting, fishing and camping needs. 

This multi-purpose lamp has gained recognition in the market space because of its efficacy and reliability. Buy your own 1tac flashlight today and be sure of safety when you get stuck on the road side. 

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