Best Belissas Teeth Whitening Review 2021: Does It Work?

belissas teeth whitening review
belissas teeth whitening review

In this Belissas Teeth Whitening Review, we’d divulge everything you need to know about this new brand of teeth whitening kit. 

You might be wondering, why your teeth are brownish in color? Why are they not sparkling like that of your friends? These are common questions we all ask when we notice a change in the colour of our teeth.

There are a lot of things that can change the colour of our teeth including coffee, tea, red wine, smoking and so on. In this review, our aim is not to tell you to abstain from enjoying these products because they affect the color of your teeth, rather we are here to bring to your knowledge everything you need to know about an awesome teeth whitening kit that can restore your winsome smile and make you more attractive  while you enjoy your life and eat everything you wish to make life worthwhile. 

Nobody wants to have a badly stained set of teeth because it is capable of lowering self esteem. You can hardly laugh in public if your teeth are not shiny. Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly aware of how they look and the sincere truth here is that winsome smile with white shiny teeth can make you look more presentable and attractive. Dirty teeth, I mean stained teeth can repel friends away from you. This can be a source of worry to many people.

Fortunately, science and technology has come to our rescue. You don’t have to waste huge amount of money or spend a great deal of your time to visit dental clinic or book an appointment with a dentist to get your teeth back to the shiny sparkling organs  that they used to be. 

Our team of researchers have taken time to analyze this product and other teeth whitening tools available in the market space. We found out that most of them don’t meet the bogus specs ascribed to them.

Belissas teeth whitening kit is exceptional with extraordinary qualities to meet all your needs. This technology was developed by highly experienced experts. It takes only a few minutes to deliver results. There are so many outstanding features of this gadget which we will discuss in this article. Our ultimate aim is to save you the stress and risk of testing different brands of teeth whitening devices to ascertain which one is the best for you. 

If you are looking for the best brand of teeth whitening kit to buy, you are in the right place. If you are tired of your badly stained teeth that’s making you feel shy in public, then worry no more, we have got a product that can take care of your problem within minutes and most importantly, save your time and money. We also recommend augmenting this product with skinbeautify pro that can remove dark lines and pigmented spots from your face to increase your beauty and jawmaster training ball that can restore your normal facial shape and curve.

Now, let’s go into the nitty-gritty of our Belissas teeth whitening review. 

Belissas Teeth Whitening Review – What is this kit all about? 

Belissas teeth whitening is a new invention in the teeth whitening industry that brings back winsome smile and attractive look. This new technology that uses hydrogen peroxide and essential oil in removing all the discoloration on your teeth was developed by top scientists in one of the best tertiary research companies in the world “Harvard science research company”

It is a very portable and easy to use gadget that can be taken to any place that pleases the user. The good thing is that it takes only about 20 minutes to give you result. Thus, it nullifies the need to visit any professional dentists to prescribe medications for you or carry out any procedure to whiten your teeth. 

Belissas teth whitening does not have any unwanted side effects. It removes all the unwanted stains from your teeth without causing any harm to your enamel. This is usually the reason why many consumers are being discouraged from using teeth whitening technology because they end up causing more harm to their teeth in a bid to whiten them.

The developers of Belissas teeth whitening kit took this into account and their product does not hurt the teeth. This is one of the many reasons why we are reviewing and recommending this gadget so you don’t end up wasting your money on a gadget that will cause you pain later on. 

There are no contraindications to use of this teeth whitening tool. You can eat any food of your choice and drink any liquid you desire. The only thing required of you is to use this gadget for about 20 minutes every day. 

It is very affordable and handy. You don’t have to break a bank to buy your own Belissas teeth whitening. If you compare this to monthly visit to your dental clinic, you will readily realize the difference. Many satisfied users of this product have attested how good and effective it is, thus you really have nothing to worry about, just give it a try and your story of ugly teeth will change. 

Belissas Teeth Whitening Review
Belissas Teeth Whitening Review

Features of Belissas Teeth Whitening Kit

This whitening kit has so many good features which we will discuss in this section of our review. Now, let’s start:

  • Portable: This product was designed to make you happy, cheerful and gorgeous. These purpose will be completely defeated if it is a bulky gadget that requires so much effort to use. Belissas teeth whitening kit is very portable and easy to carry. This gives users the opportunity to carry their teeth whitening kit to any place of their choice and apply it any time they want. Thus, you will never miss using your teeth whitener for a day. This is one of the reasons why this gadget has gained more recognition in the market and in many countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Netherlands etc. We considered  it wise to give this portable and easy to use gadget a try. 
  • Affordable: Though this product offers a lot of benefits, it is very affordable. Its low cost and high quality makes it stand out among other tools for teeth whitening. Most people mistake low cost for low quality and high cost for high quality. This is not always the case, some producers can sell their product way beyond its worth and rip customers off their money. Belissas teeth whitening kit is one those products that are actually cheaper than their worth. This is to enable people who are in desperate need of good quality teeth whitener to have access to it even with their low budget. It is also a good option for the richer guys. It will give you everything you desired at a very low price. 
  • Easy to use: There are no complications here. Belissas teeth whitening is very easy to use as confirmed by this Belissas teeth whitening review. You don’t need any special skills to use your own teeth whitener, you also don’t need anybody to assist you to make use of this gadget. It is very easy to use for everyone, no limitations. If you have stained teeth and you wish to whiten them without passing through any stress, then Belissas teeth whitening kit is the right option for you. You won’t encounter any form of inconvenience during the application of this kit to whiten your teeth. Cheers to a brighter smile and more attractive look. 
  • No unwanted side effects: The major issue with numerous gadgets produced these days is that they come with side effects which leaves the users with more worries. They might be very effective in solving the specific problem they’re meant to solve but they cause harm to the users during the period of use. Creating more problems while trying to solve a problem is never the best way out of it. This is why we are reviewing this whitening kit because it solves your problem whiteout causing other problems to you. Belissas teeth whitening kit is very safe and free from unwanted side effects.
  • Efficacy: It is very efficient in what it does. It utilizes hydrogen peroxide and harmless light to bring the pure white teeth you have been looking for. It takes only few minutes to work. Thus, you will start noticing significant changes within few days of application of this product. 

Belissas Teeth Whitening Kit Technical Facts 

  • Gel: This gel is made up of hydrogen peroxide and essential oil. They are both safe and harmless. They work in synergy to make your teeth brighter without causing any damage to them. This gel is the most important component of this kit without which it’s useless. Other parts only help the gel to get the job done.  
  • Light source: Belissas teeth whitening comes with a led blue light that helps to facilitate the oxidation process of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the pigments that change the colour of the teeth but this oxidation reaction is a bit slow. The blue light helps to quicken this reaction to achieve a faster result. 
  • Customized gel trays: These trays are made of high quality and flexible silicone material that can be adjusted to fit onto your teeth. These trays helps to keep the gel in place during application. Thus, no much effort is required from you, just apply the gadget well on your teeth and wait for results!
  • Gel applicators: They are used to apply the gel to the trays that will hold it when you are using it.  

Do I really need it? 

Yes, you do need it provided you have a colored set of teeth and you are looking for the best teeth whitening tool. Belissas teeth whitening is very suitable for everybody irrespective of how bad your teeth condition seem to be. It is a tested and trusted gadget that will get rid of those stains that you are not comfortable with. Those pigments that make you not to smile comfortably in public will be well taken care of by this gadget.

No matter your age or sex, you can use Belissas teeth whitening provided your enamels are well developed. If your teeth enamels are peeling off, then this gadget may not be the right option for you. You need to see a well trained dentist for thorough assessment because the cause of your problem might be a pathological condition that require adequate management by experts.

Also children below the age of five (5) years are not included in the age bracket because at this age, the enamels are not yet well developed. Apart from the aforementioned two conditions, anybody can use this kit to get that set of bright teeth they are looking for. 

How does Belissas whitening kit work? 

There are no mysteries behind this gadget. We will simplify its mechanism of action in this section to further address your doubts and concerns. We are not making bogus claims here and none of the features of this gadget stated in this article is a sham.  The major thing that occurs during the application of Belissas teeth whitening is oxidation reaction. Recall that we have enumerated  the components of this gadget above. 
Here is how it works:

The gel applicator applies the gel to the gel trays. These soft trays made of silicone material hold the gel and keep it in contact with your teeth. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide and essential oil which is the major component of this gadget. The hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the pigments on your teeth enamels that make them look ugly (stained).

The essential oils serves as reinforcer that strengthens the bond between the hydrogen peroxide and the pigment. This process of oxidation help to dissolve these pigments and remove them from your teeth enamels. This process will ordinarily take a longer time to occur but the manufacturer in his wisdom added the blue light that helps to hasten this process. Thus, it takes only a few minutes to work and you will get results within few days. That is how Belissas teeth whitening works, very simple and straightforward. 

How to use your own Belissas Teeth Whitening Kit

As mentioned earlier in this review, Belissas is very easy and simple to use. Follow these steps listed below to use your teeth whitener.

Belissas Teeth Whitening Review
Belissas Teeth Whitening Review
  • Use the gel applicator to apply the gel to the gel trays that can hold it against your teeth. 
  • Apply the gel tray against your teeth and make sure it is in contact with all your teeth. Remember that the tray is made up of flexible silicone material that you can adjust to fit into your teeth.
  • Hold it for about 15 to 20 minutes each time you are using it. Note! If the gel is not making contact with your teeth the oxidation reaction will not take place and you won’t get any result after use. 
  • Shine the blue light to facilitate the reaction for a faster result. 
  • Next step is to remove the tray and rinse off the bye product of the reaction from  your mouth. 

That’s all you need to do each time you want to use your Belissas. Use it everyday and look out for the result. It will put winsome smile on your face after few days of application. 

Does Belissas Teeth Whitening Really Stand Out? 

Yes it does stand out for a number of reasons which are summarized below. 

  • Saves time and money: Have you ever listened to people share their predicament how they have been spending their money and time in dental clinic to improve their teeth appearance without any success. This is pretty annoying and we are sure nobody wants to pass through such predicament. Here we bring you Belissas teeth whitening that can give you that set of bright teeth you are seeking for without taking much from your pocket and most importantly save your time. You can attest to the fact that booking visit with a dentist (expert) and dental clinic is very stressful, time and money consuming. With Belissas teeth whitening, all the discoloration on your teeth will be removed without any stress and inconvenience. You don’t need any expert to prescribe this gadget for you or recommend any pills. Just follow the instructions provided in this article and you are good to go. 
  • Safety: Belissas teeth whitening kit is 100% safe. It does not hurt the teeth enamel and does not distort the teeth gum. If you are looking for any teeth whitening tool, the first thing you should do is to ask about the safety of that gadget. Some of them are capable of eroding your enamel and this will predispose the inner part of your tooth to injury and infections. Safety is very important when considering the best teeth whitener to buy. In fact, it should be the number one thing you ask of before efficiency because unsafe gadgets can erode your enamel and expose you to infection which will cause more harm to you and you would prefer moving about with stained teeth. Belissas teeth whitening is very safe, it does not belong to the category of gadgets that erode the teeth or cause harm to your dental health. 
  • Quick result: This whitening kit  takes only few minutes to work per time (about 15 – 20 minutes) and only few days to achieve results. You don’t have wait for centuries to start seeing the effects of your own teeth whitening kit. Just try it out and confirm for yourself. Belissas teeth whitening will improve your personal relationship with others and boost your self confidence within a very short period of time. 

PROS and CONS of Belissas Teeth Whitening Kit 

There are numerous gadgets that can whiten teeth and they all have their ups and downs. None of these tools are 100% perfect and we’d never tell you such lie that Belissas teeth whitening kit is perfect with no downsides. To be honest with you, Belissas has downsides which we don’t like though this is not associated with its mechanism of action or efficiency or safety. Let’s take a look at the PROS of this gadget before bringing the CONS to your knowledge. 

PROS (Blissas Teeth Whitening Review)

  1. Very easy and simple to use. 
  2. No associated side effects.
  3. It improves interpersonal relationships. 
  4. It is very affordable and readily available for everybody. 
  5. You can carry it to any place of your choice without any hassle. 
  6. You can use it anywhere that pleases you. 
  7. 50% discount per unit purchase for early buyers. 
  8. Worldwide delivery, thus you can order for your own Belissas from any part of the world. 
  9. Saves time and money. 
  10. No associated stress or inconveniences.
  11. Boosts your self confidence.

CONS (Belissas Teeth Whitening Kit Review) 

  • Available online: You can only buy your own Belissas teeth whitening from the official product page. Though this helps to reduce the extra charges associated with passing it through middlemen and to avoid giving buyers fake product. 
  • Limited stock: Only a few Belissas kit are available as at the time of writing this review. The producer promised to make more pieces of Belissas available but that is entirely out of our control. 
  • Not suitable for kids under 5 years: Kids at this age have poorly developed enamels, thus it will be detrimental to use Belissas on their teeth. However, this is not really a problem to worry about because they are still enjoying their temporary teeth at this age which will be replaced by stronger  permanent teeth that may have better appearance. 
  • Not suitable for eroded or injured  enamel.

Where to buy Belissas teeth whitening 

Now, you are well informed about this gadget and you wish to give it a try but you are not sure of where and how to order for it. Do not worry about that at all, our Belissas teeth whitening review have got you covered on this. Just click any of the links in this article to buy yours from the official product page. 

Do not allow any vendor to take advantage of you! The only place where you can get the original Belissas teeth whitening at the right price is from the producer’s official Belissas page. There are numerous deals on the product page such as 50% discount per unit and 30 day money back guarantee. Do not miss these offers! 

In the event that you are not comfortable with the product, feel free to contact their customer service to discuss a replacement plan or apply for refund of your money. They will be glad to entertain your complaint and replace it for you or refund your money. 

Refund policy: For your money to be refunded, the gadget must be in its pristine condition with no damage from the user. If you scratch it or cause significant damage to it, you won’t be refunded. Thus, make sure you don’t cause any harm to the gadget if you have plans to apply for refund. 

What other users are saying about it

There are numerous customers review on Belissas teeth whitening kit which you can see for yourself on the official product page. Below are a few of them. 

I used to have brown pigments on my teeth and I was so worried about it. All the products I tried didn’t really make any significant change to the colour of my teeth and I decided to take a break before buying another one. Luckily I heard about Belissas teeth whitening and I decided to try it once more. It took only few days to improve the colour of my teeth significantly. I can attest to the fact that it’s one of the best teeth whitener available in the market and I recommend it for anybody passing through stained teeth predicament.  

~Anna, Michigan

Though it is very effective, this product is supper cheap. I spent just a quarter of the amount I used to pay my dentist every week on this gadget and it gives me a faster result. No stress and inconvenience and it saves my time as well. I won’t waste my money again visiting a dentist. 

~Rose Kersel, Israel

I used to be skeptical about this product until I started using it. I can now smile comfortably in public without feeling shy. I also noticed that my friends are coming closer to me than before and this has increased my self confidence. I will gladly buy one as a gift for my sister.  

~Cynthia, United Kingdom

I can’t even imagine that this claim about the quick result of Belissas is true. I thought it was all a hoax until I was lured into using it by my friend. I was amazed at the quick result, just few days and my teeth are getting brighter. It was even cheaper than I thought. Great product! 

~Erica, Canada 

I believed these claims about this teeth whitening kit when I saw what it did to my friend’s teeth. I  ordered for mine without hesitation and it didn’t even take time to get my order. I’m now enjoying white set of teeth. What a good thing to be thankful about. 

~Jammy, United States 
Belissas whitening - Before and After
Belissas whitening – Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions 

To further address your concerns and clear your skepticality, we’d briefly answer some questions that buyers frequently ask about this product. 

Does it really take stains off permanently?

Many people have used Belissas teeth whitening to brighten their teeth and none of them came back to complain that their teeth returned to what they were before they started using Belissas. That is a good thing to note and it indicates that the effect is permanent. If your teeth were discolored by tea, coffee or smoking, Belissas teeth whitening can get rid of the discoloration but if you continue using those discoloring agents the chances that your teeth get discolored again are still there.

Thus, you  may need to have a standby Blissas should they get discolored by those agents. But reports have it that those agents don’t discolour the teeth after using Belissas. Also, if there is a pathological condition that is causing the discoloration, then the only permanent treatment is to cure that disease or continue using Belissas teeth whitening. 

How long do I have to apply it to get result? 

You only need to apply it for about 15 – 20 minutes each day for about a week to start seeing the effects of Belissas. The short duration of action of this gadget is one of the many reasons why it stands out. Thus, do not worry about the efficacy, just place your order today. 

Are there contraindications to it? 

The only contraindications to Belissas is age below 5 years and pathological conditions that erode (eat up) the enamel. If you don’t have any of these problems then you are fit to use Belissas. You can eat and enjoy whatever product you want. They won’t interfere with the efficacy of Belissas. 

How Can I pay for it? 

You can pay with your credit cards (master card and Visa card) or through your PayPal account. There are other payment options available though it depends on your country. Your payment details are well protected, no fear of being scammed by fraudsters. You need to add explicit details of your residential address so that your order won’t get missing. Delivery may take few working days depending on your location. 

What is the role of the blue lamp light ?

What the blue lamp light does is to quicken the oxidative reaction between the hydrogen peroxide and the pigment (stain) while the essential oils serve as reinforcer that will make the bond between hydrogen peroxide and stain stronger. Without the blue light, the reaction will take longer time to complete and it will delay the whitening process and quality of the result you get. However, you don’t have to apply the light throughout the 20 minutes period you are going to use the gadget but if you can better.  

Bottom Line of Belissas teeth whitening review

There are numerous teeth whitening gadgets available in the market, however, it posses significant challenge to buyers when deciding which one is the best option for them with regards to efficacy, safety and cost. 

Belissas teeth whitening is one of the most reliable teeth whitening tool available. It is completely safe and affordable.

One set of Belissas whitening kit costs $99 (50% discount). This is pretty low compared to the amount of money people spend to see experts (dentists). It will also save your time and remove inconveniences associated with attending clinics. You will start getting results after few days of application.

In case you are having any challenge with your own Belissas, feel free to shoot the customer service an email through this address .

Are you having difficulty smiling in public because of the nature of your teeth? Is your self confidence cracking down because you don’t have white set of  teeth? Belissas teeth whitening kit is here for your rescue. Give it a chance to change your teeth colour and make you more attractive. 

Boost your self confidence with this affordable and safe gadget by clicking the link below to purchase your own Belissas kit today. 

Thanks for reading our Belissas teeth whitening review. Remain safe! 

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