Bit Watch Review 2021: Best Multi-Purpose SmartWatch

Bit watch review
Bit watch review

Bit watch review 
The rate at which smart watches and trackers are trooping out and finding their way to the market makes consumers overwhelmed anytime they are to make a choice with regards to which brand is most suitable for them.

In as much as many of them are of high quality and reliable, most smart watches and trackers are very low in terms of quality and investing your earnings in them will be pretty much a waste of money. 

However, we are not here to discourage you from buying a smartwatch, rather we are here to introduce to you one of the best sport smart watches that stand the test of time. This smart watch is a multi-purpose watch that will precisely track your health and fitness and also perform the role of time keeping just like the old school analogue wrist  watches. 

Our Bit Watch Review contains everything you need to know about this outstanding smartwatch. 

We understand that life is become almost miserable to many people without a tracker or smart watch. In this planet, many factors are weighing us down with regards to health and our quest to become better is on the increase. Thus, we need tools that will help us in achieving our goals. Smart watches are one of these tools. 

The big challenge now is, how do we know the best brand that will suite our needs? 

There is no better way of knowing which is the best other than testing. We are here to save you that stress and eliminate the risk of making wrong choices. 

Bit watch is dual time keeper and tracker that will surely suit your needs without taking a great toll on your income.

Most of the big brands that have gained recognition in the market today are way too expensive to be accommodated in our budget. Bit watch has all those qualities and will give you even extra at a very low cost. You do not have to break a bank to own a smart watch which is becoming an indispensable tool for our survival today. 

Are you looking for  an accurate smartwatch to track your health and fitness?  Are you in need of a gadget that will give you an insight into your day-to-day fitness level?  Then you are in the right place. Read through this article to enable you make an informed decision. 

Having said that, let’s go into the nitty-gritty of our bit watch review! 

What is Bit Watch (Bit Watch Review) 

Bit watch is an accurate and reliable sport smartwatch that combines all the qualities of digital and analogue watches. It is a dual time keeping smart watch.

Bit watch is very portable, compact and handy which makes it the best sport smart watch in the market currently. 

Most smart watches allows you to receive messages, notifications and receive/make calls by connecting with your smart phone, Bit watch is no exception. While many of them are unreliable, Bit watch performs these function with high level of dexterity and accuracy. 

With Bit smartwatch, you can receive messages from your WhatsApp, MNS, Facebook, and Wechat Apps through a gentle vibration. This will earn you the opportunity to reply any messages that needs your attention urgently.

Bit watch review
Bit smartwatch review

Unlike other low priced smartwatches, bit watch vibrations will not cause any form of discomfort or inconvenience. 

Due to the ability of bit watch and other smart watches to track health, fitness, sleep and help you achieve other set goals, their their recognition has increased.

Though many people purchase smart watches for aesthetic purposes, the primary aim of its creation is to help you track your fitness, health and sleep. This will help you achieve different purposes such as attaining a high fitness level, losing weight, staying in a good state of health and so much more.

Bit watch is very much compatible with your Android phone and iPhone devices. It can connect with these smartphones through Bluetooth or App. You can download the App from either your Google Play Store or Apple Store. By connecting bit watch to your phones, you will be sure of receiving messages and calls through it. You will never miss important calls and messages even when you are in important gatherings like meetings etc. 

Bit watch is also very fashionable. The metallic curves makes it very beautiful and attractive. This makes it fit for customers who just want something fashionable and sparkling on their wrist. No matter your high sense of fashion, bit watch will surely be cool for you. 

Both newbies that are just starting workouts and professionals that are already grounded in their jobs will find bit watch worthy of their income. Bit sport smart watch is suitable for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

There is nothing more annoying than having a smart watch that is constantly giving you faulty and unreliable readings making you question your commitment to achieving your fitness and health goals. An accurate tracker is very crucial in knowing how fast you are progressing.

Bit watch is a sport smartwatch that worth much more than the money you will invest in it. It will surely live up to your high expectations. 

Bit watch technical facts 

Brand Bit watch
Dimensions255mm(L) x 13mm(H) x 50mm(W)
Gravity sensorYes
Standby time15 days
Battery typeLithium polymer battery
Battery capacity100mAh
Waterproof ratingIP67
Screen display – 80 * 160dpi
CompatibilityAndroid 4.3 and iOS 8.0 and above
Follow come chargerYes
Bluetooth compatibilityBluetooth 4.0
Available coloursBlack and Silver
Hardware platformDialog DA14585
Heart rate ICHR3300
Accelerator / gyroscope3-axis 3D acceleration
Supported languageAll major languages.

 What are the qualities of Bit sport watch?

Below are the qualities of Bit smart watch:

  • Dual time keeping for sport and business.
  • Instant messages directly on the watch screen. 
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone devices.
  • Accurate monitoring of heart rate, sleep, distance and more. 
  • IP67 Water resistance.
  • High quality battery. 
  • It is the Swiss life of smart watches. 

Now, you are still wondering whether Bit smartwatch is really a good deal. Let’s take a look at the few sections below to clear your doubts.

Is Bit watch really good for me? 

Bit watch is an outstanding smartwatch that fits the need of anybody that wants to own a smart watch. If you are a fitness enthusiasts, sportsman or an athlete in need of a tracker, then we highly recommend bit watch for you.

The highly precise readings of bit watch will help you achieve your set goals. Bit watch display is top notch. You won’t need a smartphone to assist you in taking readings from the watch. Hence you don’t have to go with your phone while running, jogging, pushing up etc.

It is very handy and portable and will never pose inconvenience of any kind to you while working out or gyming. 

Here’s the few reasons why Bit watch may be good for you:

Fitness and health

Any smart watch that can not give you accurate values of your health and fitness status is not worth buying no matter how attractive it is. Bit sport smart watch is one of the few smartwatches that give accurate and reliable values and helps to know the exact state of your health and fitness.

In cases of any deviation, bit watch will detect it and help you make the necessary adjustments or see your healthcare providers when things are going wrong with regards to your health. You don’t have to perform series of tests or see a doctor before you know that your health condition is tipping to the negative end. Regular exercise helps you to remain fit.

It also helps in keeping your heart rate and blood pressure at the normal range for a healthy person. Fitness is one area where smartwatches can be of enormous help by continuously reminding you that you are progressing or regressing through its daily records.

In addition to preventing cardiovascular system diseases, exercise also helps in keeping our skin healthy. Hence, having a bit watch that will continuously stimulate you to workout will be very crucial in meeting your target. Bit watch also tracks your blood oxygen level accurately. It detects any deviation from normal which is suggestive of heart or lung disease that impairs gaseous exchange. 

Sleep tracker

Bit watch tracks sleep accurately. It helps us to know if we are actually getting enough sleep or not. Sleep is very important for our health, hence we need to sleep properly. 

Many things can distract us from having normal sleep and most times our body will naturally adjust to it which is not palatable for our health. You need to know how well you are sleeping to avoid falling ill unnecessarily. It is recommended by healthcare providers that we sleep at least 8 hours per day.

sport smartwatch
bit watch

However, most of us don’t even sleep up to 6 hours because of the nature of our job or other distractions that interrupt our sleep. Bit watch is capable of detecting how long you sleep at night or any other time of the day, the number of times you are awake and also the time you are in deep sleep.

This will help you know if you get enough sleep or not. Do not sacrifice rest for anything. Making sure you get enough rest so that your brain will work well for optimal productivity and also remain in good state of health. The best way to achieve this rest is by having enough sleep each day. 

Sports monitoring

Most smart watches don’t do well when it comes to sports. Bit watch was specifically designed to achieve this purpose while doing other things that regular smartwatches do.

No matter the kind of sport or work you do, Bit watch will surely be the best option for you. Bit smartwatch is very portable, and handy. You can use it while running, pushing up and other sports like squats, plyometrics, pull up etc. It tracks the number of steps you took and the total distance covered during sports.

The accurate built-in pedometer in bit watch will not allow you to miss any step during running or jogging.

Bit sport watch also calculates the total energy expended during workouts and other forms of sports. This will help you know when you are spending too much energy or not. This will help you know the amount of food you should take to supply enough calories needed for your workouts. 

Note: In as much as you want to achieve your fitness and sports goals it is advisable that you don’t over do it to avoid causing more problems to your systems. 

Everything in one watch

In addition to tracking your fitness, health, sleep and sport activities, bit watch also notifies you of new messages and phone calls. It vibrates gently once a call is coming in or new message enters. This way you can even reply urgent messages while doing your workout. You won’t miss important messages even if you are in a meeting. 

How can I use Bit watch? 

It is very simple and hassle free. You don’t need assistance to use your bit sport smart watch. Just follow the few steps provided below and you are good to go.

Though the manual that comes with bit watch is very much explicit about this but to make everything simple we will still summarize it in this article.

 Follow these steps to get the ball rolling after you have purchased your own bit watch:

  • Make sure that the battery is well charged. Bit watch comes with an original charger that was specifically designed for it. It will take few minutes to get it fully charged. 
  • Wear your writs smart watch. Press and hold the power button till it comes on. 
  • Open your smartphone Bluetooth and search for Bit watch. Tap on it and allow the smart devices to pair with each other. You can also connect your Bit watch and smartphone through an App “JYOUPRO” in Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

That is all required of you to connect and use your Bit watch. Your Bit watch can also track your steps and distance covered during workouts independently. No smartphone is required. Calories burned during workouts, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level and fitness level can all be tracked accurately with your watch. 

Does Bit watch actually stand out? 

Yes, bit watch stands out among other smart watches. Its ergonomic design, metallic curves, portability and affordability makes it outstanding and amazing. 

Here are other reasons why it stands out:

  • Fashionable: Bit watch looks beautiful and extraordinary due to its metallic curves and special straps. Though it was not primarily designed for decorating your wrist, bit watch is attractive and sparkling. It is suitable for you if you are looking for something that will make you look beautiful and attractive. 
  • High quality battery: The rechargeable battery that comes with bit sport watch lasts for a very long time, up to 15 days after one single charge. It comes with its own charger (USB cord) that you can plug to any power source for easy charging. We all hate gadgets with poor quality batteries. They bring more inconvenience than satisfaction. However, bit watch is one of those few exceptions. The battery quality is high and it lasts for a long time. 
  • Portability: Bit watch is very light and comfortable to wear. This makes it suitable for sports and workouts. I’m pretty sure you won’t like to carry a load on your wrist just because you want to track your performance. It will surely cause discomfort. 
  • Water resistance: Bit watch resists water very well. It does not get damaged easily in water. The waterproof rating is IP67. Thus, you can use it for swimming, showering etc. You can also wear it under rain without fear of damage. 
  • Very affordable: Though the quality of Bit watch is very high, it is still very affordable. No matter how low your budget is, you can still afford bit watch. Unlike other high quality brands that may cost as high as $560 per unit, Bit watch only goes for $99 for one. More discount applies as you buy more pieces per time. Hence, you can team up with friends and family members who need high quality smartwatch and buy many pieces of bit watch through one account to reduce the cost per unit. 
  • High end display: The screen of bit watch displays values clearly and precisely. You don’t have to worry about being misled by wrong values. The clear display also allows you to control different functions of the smartwatch through the touch-sensitive screen. 
  • Compatibility: Bit watch is very compatible with your smartphones, both Android and iPhone devices. You can connect it through Bluetooth or App depending on the function you want to access. 
  • Multi purpose: Bit watch is pretty cool for both sport, health and business. It combines the high qualities of digital smart watches and the old school analogue wrist watches. 

Does Bit watch worth the hype? 

Yes, it does worth the hype and your money. It is very cheap and yet effective. Bit watch worth every penny spent on it. It will give you reliable results just like other big brands. If you are tired of your faulty tracker that is always giving you unreliable values, then bit watch will be just perfect for you.

Bit watch review
Bit watch review

If you never had a smart watch and you are looking for a brand that will meet all your needs at an affordable price, then consider Bit watch. It is worthy of every dime invested in it. The hype is never a sham. 

You are right to be skeptical about the genuineness of these claims because most producers and reviewers are always loading consumers with false and misleading information (claims) about different smartwatches, but we have used this brand and found out that these claims are true, that’s why we are reviewing and recommend it for you. 

Where can I buy Bit watch? 

Now, you are convinced that this smartwatch worth a try and you are ready to purchase. We recommend that you buy yours directly from the producer’s official website to avoid buying fake product that won’t meet all the stated qualities in this Bit watch Review. 

Do not fall into the hands of fraudsters buy purchasing from a retail shop or web pages outside the manufacturer’s own. 

Currently there’s an ongoing promo of 50% off per unit with free delivery at the official website. Get yours from the producer to benefit from these deals.

Your purchasing details are always secured with 256-Bit SSL Encryption. No risk of losing your details to scammers. 

Furthermore, if you buy more units of Bit watch per time, your discount increases. One (1) Bit watch costs $99 (50% off) while five (5) Bit watches cost $127 ($59 each). 

PROS And CONS of Bit Watch 

No product under the sun is perfect. They all have their downsides and good sides.

Let’s take a look at the summary of the PROS and CONS 

PROS (Bit Watch Review) 

  1. Very easy to set up and use.
  2. Rechargeable batteries that lasts long. 
  3. Multi purpose in function. 
  4. Counts every steps you took and distance covered with its precise pedometer. 
  5. High quality Calorie measurement.
  6. Low cost. 
  7. Reduces customers risk through money back guarantee and 3 year warranty. 
  8. Good discount. 

CONS (Bit Watch Review) 

  1. Delayed delivery may be encountered. 
  2. Only few pieces of Bit watches are available in the store.
  3. You can only purchase your Bit watch online from the official website. 
  4. Not a very suitable option for kids. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Bit watch track sleep precisely?

Bit sport watch tracks sleep very well. The accurate values displayed on the screen will help you know how many times you are awake at night or during sleep in the day. You will also know how long you slept and how deeply you slept as long as you connect it very well with your smartphones. 

What payment methods are available? 

There are numerous payment methods you can select from in the official website of the producer. The most popular payment methods are credit card (Master Card and Visa) and PayPal. Depending on your country, other payment options may also be available for you. Payoneer is becoming a popular payment method but I don’t think they accept it anyway. 

Can the battery really last long? 

Yes. Bit watch battery is a high quality battery unlike many smartwatches. It can last for up to two weeks after a single charge. Though this depends on how frequently you use it everyday. Interestingly, it does not take too long to charge. 

Bit watch review
Bit watch review

Is Bit watch suitable for swimming?

Yes, it is fit for swimming provided that you don’t spend the whole day inside the pool. Being a sport smartwatch, it was made water resistant for swimming. You can also shower with it and wear it under the rain. It won’t damage but you have to take good care of your Bit watch so it can last for you. 

Is Bit watch really better than other smart watches? 

There are numerous smartwatches out there in the market. Some are pretty good in terms of quality while most of them sucks. Some are also affordable while others are pretty much expensive. Bit watch combines both features “low cost and high quality”
The mode of operation of Bit watch is not really different from other smart watches but it performs it duties with high level of accuracy and dexterity. 

Bit watch customers review 

The quality of this watch is way beyond the price. I was a bit doubtful of the accuracy of the claims I read about it but I decided to try it out. Glad it met all the qualities. It is really accurate.  ~Joe 

My first smartwatch sucks. After using it for few days the battery started having issues. Charges very fast and runs out even faster. It was pretty annoying. I had to keep it and look for another one. Lucky I bought Bit watch, it is very affordable and reliable.  ~Sam 

I’m a newbie in sports and I needed a tracker. My budget for it is pretty low and I want a quality and reliable smart watch. My friend told me about Bit watch and I decided to buy one. It has helping me attain my goals each week. The values are very much accurate and reliable. Cool stuff.  ~Mark 

Having been to the gym for sometimes now and most of my colleagues there have fitness tracker, I was spurred to buy my own to track how well I am doing. I was not really convinced that a smartwatch can accurately track my health, fitness and sleep. But I was surprised that Bit watch did. I can even regulate my diet well with help of its Calorie tracker.  ~Jake 

I can now time myself and know exactly the number of steps I took during running and jogging with Bit watch unlike my other smart watch that was giving me false values.  ~Dan 

Final thought  (Bit watch review) 

Each day we strive to become better and bring out that best version of ourselves. Most times we need assistance to know if we are actually making progress.

The assistance can come from friends, family members and teachers (mentors)  or inanimate objects like smart watches, trackers etc. 

As we strive to get better in our desires to become healthy, fit and sleep well, we need a tracker that can accurately monitor these metrics for us.  And not the one that will mislead us with wrong values.

Bit watch is one of the quality and reliable smart watches available in the market space. Unlike its counterparts, bit watch is very affordable. You don’t have to spend a huge part of your income to buy one for yourself. 

It has gained wide recognition because of its portability, accuracy and ergonomic design. A fashionable smart watch that combines high quality and low cost. Very suitable for sports and business. 

sport smartwatch review
Bit watch review

Furthermore, Bit watch is very compatible with your Android phone and iPhone devices. Many smart phones don’t connect well with android devices even through Apps. But Bit watch connects smoothly with phones. It works well through Bluetooth. 

If you like swimming and want to know how much time you spent to cover a given distance, then bit watch will be the right option for you. Through its accurate built-in pedometer, it will calculate the distance you covered. Also through its analogue watch property, it will record the time taken to cover such distance. 

Bit watch’s ability to calculate the energy spent during exercise makes it the best choice for sports. It is advisable that you take this part serious so you don’t burn more calories than you take. Also for those that want to lose weight, it will help you know when you are taking the right quantity of food that can’t supply the amount of calorie you consume.

Bit watch has everything you need, invest your money in it. You will be glad you have it. 

Thanks for reading our Bit watch review. Feel free to check out our CoverSafe Pro Review. Remain safe!

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