Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Review 2021: Does It Worth Buying?

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Review
Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Review

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Review: A must have tool for summer!! 

Summer is steadily drawing nearer and we already know what packages it has for us. It’s not an option this time to have an air conditioner, whether portable or stationary, rather, it’s compulsory for anybody that wants to be comfortable during the summer.

In this Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Review, you’d be put through the nuts and bolts of the latest portable air conditioner that can make life worthwhile and enjoyable during the summer.

As you know, industrial activities is increasing on a daily basis due to increase in human population and our quest to discover and produce new tools that will make life more comfortable. Unfortunately, this comes with its adverse effects of increasing the quantity of green house gasses released into the atmosphere. These gasses (carbon dioxide and other gasses that absorb heat) retain heat and cause increase in the earth temperature.

This side effect is felt during the summer. Each summer comes with higher temperature than the one proceeding it because of the effect of industrial activities and green house gasses. Thus, it behoves us to find solution to this increasingly hotter summer temperature.You are on the right page, this review contains explicit details of Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra that will bring you that comfort your are seeking for. 

Interestingly, scientists have been putting in a lot of effort to solve this problem but there is no significant success made. Also we have to take part in the struggle to make our environment more conducive for us and the future generations to come. However, blast auxiliary portable AC has come to our rescue.

It is affordable, portable, classic, and efficient. You can adjust it at anytime to suit your desires because it has different modes and speed that you can play around with. If you really wish to have a more comfortable summer and enjoy every bit of it, you need blast auxiliary classic air conditioner. It has got all the features your desire and it will surely meet your high expectations as confirmed in this Blast Auxiliary desktop AC Review. Keep reading, Do not browse away from this page!

Now, let’s take a look at the key features of blast auxiliary portable AC. 

Changeable modes 

Blast portable air conditioner give you the opportunity to change from one mode to another depending on the condition of the weather at the moment. There are three (3) different modes that you can select from.

They are: air conditioner mode, regular fan mode and humidifier mode. These suggest a lot already even without using this air conditioner. 

When the room or your office is unduly hot and you are highly uncomfortable, you’d need the mode that will cool the surrounding immediately without further delay. The air conditioner mode is the perfect choice in this condition because it brings down the temperature rapidly unlike the regular fan mode. 

There are numerous stationary air conditioner in the market that anybody can use to cool their homes during summer and many people are still advertising and reviewing portable AC. The concern among many consumers is, why opt for classic desktop AC when there are other air conditioners that one can easily install and use to cool their homes? This is one of the issues that’s well addressed in this article which you will find as you read down to the bottom. 

The air conditioner mode of blast auxiliary AC is so spectacular. It cools the environment and make it more habitable within short period of time. Thus, you don’t have to wait for hours to get relieved when you come home from work and other personal engagements. 

The next mode of this classic desktop AC ultra is the regular fan mode. You can only enjoy this mode when the room temperature is not so high. If you discover that the temperature is not getting down fast when using the fan mode, you can quickly switch to the air conditioner mode. However, if the temperature is not high enough, stick to the fan mode.

Also it has three different speed levels that you can set according to the temperature of your room or office. This is how good and efficient blast air conditioner is.  It gives you the chance to be in full control of your gadget. Play around with the settings as it pleases you so you can get the best out of it. 

Have you ever experienced a hot dry air before? It is always horrible for both surface skin and body orifices that are exposed to the exterior especially the nose we use for breathing. This brings us to the third mode of blast auxiliary classic desktop air conditioner, the Humidifier mode. It is very important in dry air.

When the air you breathe is very that it affects your skin and body openings, you switch to the humidifier mode to make the surrounding air more humid and moisturized for your body. You can choose to use one mode or two or the entire three modes depending on the situation of the weather. In a very hot dry weather, you’d like to turn on all the three modes which is the best option in this situation. When the room is a little humid and not very hot, the regular fan mode can solve all the problems.

Always adjust the settings and switch to the appropriate mode to get the best out of your portable AC. 

Speed levels

Another important feature of blast auxiliary desktop air conditioner is it’s different speed levels. It has three different speed level which ranges from low to medium to high. This is most beneficial when using the regular fan mode. You can adjust the speed level depending on the temperature of the weather. When the weather is not so hot, you’d be needing only the fan mode and in this case you have to choose the right speed level to match the temperature. 

As you already know, summer temperature is high but it fluctuates from low to high to medium and we have different tolerance levels to hot weather. Depending on your individual tolerance level and the degree of heat in the surrounding, you can select the speed level that matches your needs. Blast auxiliary desktop AC is very adaptable and adjustable, take advantage of that! 

Good for health 

Blast auxiliary portable air conditioner comes with an air filter. This component of portable AC is very important for the health of the user. This filter helps to remove impurities such as dust particles and germs from the air you breathe. If these particles gain access to the respiratory system it will cause tremendous damage which might need hospital admission.

Cooling the air is enough to make you comfortable during the summer but purifying it is also very important. This is because the comfort will be almost nothing if we fall sick due to germs in our breathing system. Hence, the air needs to be purified and blast auxiliary classic portable AC ultra is equipped with the right tool to get the air purified. It’s really an amazing product, well equipped and efficient. 

Enhanced cooling 

Blast auxiliary classic desktop air conditioner is very efficient in bringing down the temperature of the surrounding where it’s situated. It has three modes and three speed levels that helps to achieve this purpose. In addition to these, blast portable AC comes with different parts that contribute to its ability to cool rooms, offices, cars etc rapidly. The most important part of this air conditioner that enhances cooling is the Ice tray.

As confirmed in this blast auxiliary desktop AC review, this tray uses cold Ice block from freezers or stores to facilitate the cooling of blast auxiliary portable AC. What the cold ice does is to absorb the hot air entering into the cooling system and also release cold moisture to the out going air to make the room or surrounding even colder.

There are other components of auxiliary desktop air conditioner which will be explained in details below.

Are you still skeptical about this air cooler? It’s time you clear that doubt on your mind because blast classic AC has got all the features you need to make your home more comfortable during the summer period. Also winter comes after summer and we advise that you supplement your air conditioner with portable heater like HeatCore to warm up your room during the cold winter. Technology has come to stay because we can’t really do without them nowadays. 

Simultaneously charge and cool 

Most rechargeable products are not compatible with using while charging. This is because it drains the battery capacity and quality making the batteries run down fast. However, blast auxiliary classic desktop AC is an exception. You can use your air conditioner to condition your room or office while still plugged in to a power source.

This does not drain the batteries neither does it affect their quality, but if you are not in a hurry, you can leave the device to charge for some hours before using it. Though it’s a new product, some customers have already left a feedback on the official product page stating how good the batteries are. This reviews have also been confirmed by many blast auxiliary classic portable AC review online.

Almost everybody that came across this air conditioner has attested to how good it is. You won’t be an exception, the only thing holding you back from dropping your own review is because you have not tried the AC. 

Blast Auxiliary portable AC Review
Blast Auxiliary portable AC Review

Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra review

Blast auxiliary desktop AC is the latest technology invention in the world of air conditioners. It is very portable and ergonomically designed to suit everybody’s interest. You can use it in your room, office, cars and personal library to make the surrounding more comfortable during the summer hot weather.

Also, in your office, blast auxiliary desktop AC review can be used to cool your system (laptop, desktop and CPU) when they get hot. It is very efficient and comes with different modes and speed levels to enable you cool your space as the weather demands. 

It comes with a rechargeable battery that last for several hours after a single charge. This is important in conserving energy and reducing the cost of electricity bill.

As you know, traditional stationary air conditioners are pretty expensive and not everybody can purchase them. Also they require a lot of energy to run. This high power consumption reflect on the electricity bill and it’s not conservative on the part of the user. The question now is, why spend such huge amount of money on stationary air conditioner when there is a portable and reliable desktop air conditioner that can give you the same result and benefits at a fraction of the price? 

Moreover, blast auxiliary classic desktop air conditioner comes with humidifier mode that can get rid of dry air and make your home more humid. This is pretty cool for your skin and body canals that are in direct communication with the outside environment. 

In addition to low cost, efficiency and lightweight, it is very easy to use. Anybody can use this desktop air conditioner because it is devoid of complicated details. It also has some health benefits because of the air filter that removes unhealthy particles making the air more suitable to your respiratory system. 

Now, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this personalized air cooler.

Advantages (blast auxiliary desktop AC review) 

High battery quality

Blast auxiliary classic AC comes with rechargeable lithium ion batteries that lasts for a minimum of eight (8) hours after full charge. It takes only few hours to charge these batteries, however, if you are in a hurry to cool your room you can start using it when it’s still charging. This is the advantage it has over many newly invented rechargeable gadgets because its battery quality is not affected neither does it run down fast.

You can charge your blast desktop air conditioner through its USB port and it comes with a standard USB cable that you can plug to any sufficient power source to charge your AC batteries. The long lasting batteries can serve you throughout the night when you have power interruption provided it’s fully charged. Always charge it well to avoid being disappointed.

Affordable and low cost of maintenance

Blast auxiliary classic AC is very cheap when you compare it to the traditional air conditioners. It offers a lot at the fraction of the prices of stationary ACs. Furthermore, it does not require so much energy, hence it won’t increase your electric bill significantly. All it takes is just little power to get the lithium ion batteries charged. 

Zero disturbance

Some air conditioner generate noise which disturbs sleep and many people find it difficult to cope with. Even the slightest noise can wake some people up or interrupt their sleep. This is worse when the AC that generate the noise is closer to your bed. Fortunately, blast auxiliary desktop AC does not generate significant noise that will interrupt your sleep at night or meditation at any time of the day.

You can keep your portable AC on the nearest desktop without even hearing the noise. It generates less than 40 decibels of sound. Human ears can only perceive sound from 20 decibels and above but not everybody’s ears is sensitive enough to pick sound at this level. Thus, blast air conditioner won’t pose any disturbance to you if you are allergic to noise. 

Ergonomic design

It was designed to make it easy for everybody to use. Newly invented technologies of this kind usually require some level of technical expertise for you to be able to use them but that’s not the case with blast auxiliary classic desktop air conditioner. It is very simple and easy to use and very adaptable for use in any weather conditions during summer.

In case you find any trouble with it, there is user guide manual that comes with it. This manual is thoroughly explained and you won’t have any issues with using your AC as long as you follow the steps outlined in the guide. 


Blast auxiliary AC is small in size and compact. You can take it to your office and use it during work to either cool the room or your computers. It can also be used inside your car if the AC in your car can not lower the temperature to the level that pleases you. It has wide application and benefits.  

Germ-free environment

Another interesting advantage of this portable air cooler is its ability to ward off germs circulating in your room or office with the aid of its air filter. Thus, you won’t suffer unnecessary respiratory ailments if you opt for this classic air conditioner. 

Disadvantages (blast auxiliary portable AC review) 


The only place you can purchase Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is from the official product page. It’s not available on any retail store. Obviously, this does not go well with many customers. A good number of users would have preferred to see and touch the AC before pulling out their credit card or log into their PayPal account to place an order.

This privilege is not granted here. You can only see blast auxiliary desktop air conditioner after making payment at the producer’s official website. However, the delivery does not take long and there is a 30 – day money back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with it after seeing it, you return it and apply for refund. They will be happy to entertain your dissatisfaction and discuss replacement plans with you or refund your money if you insist that their product does not meet your expectations. There is nothing to be afraid of. 

Limited stock

As at the time of writing this review, a lot of buyers are placing order on a daily basis for their own blast auxiliary classic desktop AC. According to the manufacturer, there are only few products available at that moment though they promised to make more available because of the increased demands. If you are interested in acquiring one or more AC, try and order before it runs out of stock entirely. 

Not good in all environment

It works like evaporative coolers that use moisture to cool the surrounding where they are situated. If the environment is already humid, blast auxiliary portable air conditioner may not be very effective. It will take longer time to bring down the temperature. This will only have impact if you want faster cooling, however you can enhance it with the aid of the Ice tray and ice blocks.

How does it work? 

Blast auxiliary classic desktop AC works just like evaporative air conditioners. What these air conditioners do is to take in dry hot air and replace it with cool humid air. They take in dry hot air from one side and cool and moisturize it and release moisturized air from the other side to make the surrounding cool and humid suitable for both skin and body orifices. 

Blast auxiliary classic AC produces thermoelectric effect. The electric current generated by the rechargeable lithium ion batteries is converted to heat energy which causes evaporation. This process of evaporation reduces the temperature of the hot dry air and humidifies it. The humid (moisturized) air is distributed throughout the entire room or surroundings. 

There are different parts of blast auxiliary desktop AC that play important role during this process. They can facilitate the entire process and make the temperature even lower. As already mentioned above, this thermoelectric process does not consume much energy. Hence, the batteries will last for a longer period after charging and you won’t have to be frequently charging your portable cooler. 

This is much more cost effective when compared to your regular stationary air conditioner. They are efficient but very expensive to maintain unlike portable desktop air conditioners.

Blast auxiliary classic AC technical details 

Blast auxiliary classic desktop AC ultra review
Blast auxiliary classic desktop AC review

Ice tray

This is an important part of blast auxiliary desktop AC. This tray is inserted into the AC together with ice cubes to lower the temperature rapidly. The air conditioner mode is augmented with this Ice tray when the weather is very hot and you want to cool it rapidly to a very low temperature suitable for your body. You can get more Ice blocks from your freezer or store and add it to the tray when the ones inside gets depleted. This process does not require extra power supply neither does it need any additional skills from you.

Summer is a period many people don’t like because of the very high temperature of the earth. Blast auxiliary desktop AC has come to our rescue, it is well equipped and can help us battle the scourge of hot summer weather. 

Water curtain 

This is another component of blast auxiliary classic AC that is always in use. Water curtain also enhances cooling. Soak it in water and turn your AC on. The fan will blow air across the water curtain and cause evaporation. Evaporation is very important in this air conditioner. That’s the most important mechanism through which cooling occurs and water curtain plays a crucial role in this mechanism. As the water evaporate, it will cool the hot air and replace it with cool moisturized air. 

Note: This water curtain needs to be changed every 3 to 6 months depending on the frequency and duration of use. You also need to clean the air filter for hygienic purposes. 

Misting device

Misting device spreads moisture within the blast classic auxiliary AC to get the air humidified. As the air gets humidified, it will be blown out by the fan to the surrounding space. 

These are the various components of blast auxiliary classic AC and they all play a role in the overall process of cooling. 

Pricing and Deals 

There are numerous offers and deals on the official website of the manufacturer. These deals may be temporary for early buyers. The rate at which customers are ordering for this desktop AC is so astounding and the supplier may remove those deals any time that pleases them. So if you are interested in blast auxiliary classic desktop air conditioner, order for yours as soon as possible to avoid missing out on these deals.

You can get 50% discount per unit product. Discount increases as the number of blast auxiliary classic AC purchased increases. Also, there is thirty day money back guarantee in case you are not completely thrilled with the AC. Just return it and apply for refund. 

Note! There are refund policies, try and look it up before ordering for your blast auxiliary portable air conditioner. Below are the prices of blast auxiliary classic AC depending on the quantity you want to purchase. 

  • One (1) blast desktop AC  ultra — $89.99 (discounted price) 
    • Shipping Fee — $8.95
  • Two (2) blast desktop AC ultras — $179.98
    • Shipping Fee — $9.95
  • Three (3) blast desktop AC ultras — $202.99
    • Shipping Fee — $10.95
  • Four (4) blast desktop AC ultras — $247.99
    • Shipping Fee — $11.95 

General Opinion 

There may be vendors selling portable AC. They might claim that theirs is original. There is no iota of truth in that statement, the only place where you can buy the original blast auxiliary desktop AC is from the official product page. It’s not available in any retail store unless you want to buy fake product at an exorbitant price. 

If you are interested in this personal AC, go straight to the official website of the producer to order for your own blast desktop AC. You get discount which increases as more unit purchased increases. This will reduce your budget for cooling device during summer and also, it does not require much energy which makes it more cost efficient. 

>> Check Availability @ Official Product Page << 

Customers Feedback and Reviews 

Sleeping at night has always been a big trouble because of heat. I purchased blast auxiliary AC and since then I have always woke up refreshed. Unlike before, I can now comfortably go to bed and sleep without fear of heat. Also it’s very quiet and does not disturb sleep. It feels the surrounding with cool humid air.   

Vanessa S. Los Angeles

Installing the traditional air conditioner in my house is pretty awkward because of the age of my house. I preferred portable desktop AC to the proper one because I can keep it on any suitable desk since they don’t occupy much space. Blast auxiliary classic desktop AC has been serving me well since I purchased it. All I have to do is fill up the tank and plug it in. It’s a great product and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.  

Joel K. Atlanta GA

It’s pretty small in size and compact. I was initially skeptical that this AC can’t cool even itself when I first purchased it and wanted to return it and apply for refund. However, I decided to try before taking further action. I was marveled at the result the first day I used it. After setting it up on my desk, it kept me cool and refreshed. I’m gonna get another one for my office as well.

David, New York City.

I have portable AC before and it’s quite satisfying though not this brand. I wanted to buy another one for my office but I heard about blast auxiliary desktop AC. I placed an order and it didn’t take time to receive it. It is much better than the previous one I have been using. I’m going to take it to my home and bring that one to office.  

Anna, Michigan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost of delivery? 

The product ships worldwide and takes only few days to get delivered. However, you have to pay a small amount of money for the delivery. The amount depends on the quantity you ordered, the higher the number purchased, the higher the weight and consequently, the higher the price charged for delivery.

If you are ordering for just one, you will pay additional $8.95 for delivery, two blast auxiliary desktop cost additional $9.95 for delivery. Also three blast desktop AC cost $10.95 for delivery and lastly four desktop air conditioners cost $11.95 for delivery.  

Does blast auxiliary classic desktop AC increase cost of electricity bill? 

No, blast auxiliary classic desktop AC runs highly efficiently using evaporation technology that removes heat and produce cool air. Are you afraid of spending a great deal of your income on electricity bill trying to keep your stationary AC running during summer? Get blast auxiliary classic portable AC to relieve yourself of those expenses. 

How can I set up my own blast auxiliary classic portable AC? 

There are no technical skills or expertise required to setup blast auxiliary classic desktop AC. All you need to do is plug it in to a sufficient power supply and allow your air condition to run. It also comes with a well illustrated and easy to understand user manual. The manual contains instructions for use and also how to take care of your classic desktop AC. In case you are confused at any point on how to maintain your AC, refer to the manual for an explicit guide.

Also for best performance, it is recommended that you position your unit close to an open window on a flat desktop surface. This way, it will get fresh air from outside and convert it to a cool air inside the room. 

Can it cool the entire house? 

No, blast auxiliary classic desktop AC cannot cool the entire house. It is only good for cooling small spaces like room, office and even inside your cars. Thus, if your entire family sleep in one room, then you can make do with one blast auxiliary desktop AC. But if you have large family size, you’d need more unit, one unit for each room. Order for your own family before it runs out of stock. It’s of limited supplies. 

Conclusion of blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra review 

Blast auxiliary classic desktop AC ultra is a new groundbreaking innovation that aims to make summer a more pleasant moment.

As the earth is getting hotter and hotter every year, it becomes even more necessary to have a cooling unit in both your home and office. Blast desktop AC is very efficient and easy to use. It is cheap and does not require much energy. 

If you are looking for a more reliable cooling unit for this summer, consider giving blast auxiliary classic desktop AC a try. It has got all the components you need to make you comfortable. Three different cooling modes and speed level which you can adjust at anytime to suit your personal interest. We recommend this to anybody who needs an AC for this summer. 

Thank you for reading our Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra review. You can also check out MedReminder reviews, KoreTense Fitness Band and Belissas teeth whitening review

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