CoverSafe Pro Review 2021: Does This Facemask Worth It?

CoverSafe Pro Review
CoverSafe Pro Review

CoverSafe Pro Review:
The deadly disease that plagued the world has made it a necessity to be in possession of a face mask and always put it on. Though this might be inconveniencing but we really have got no choice other than wearing a mask.

Mask on” is becoming the most popular phrase in the world currently because of the importance attached to wearing face cover. 

In this article, Coversafe Pro Review, we will be explicitly divulging everything you need to know about a reusable face mask that can give you full protection against corona virus and other airborne germs. 

There are numerous brands of face mask in the market space. While some are affordable and efficient, others are too porous and allows germ containing air to pass through. We understand the importance of masking on and we took out time to test many brands of face mask to find out the one that will be efficient and affordable as well.

Most face masks were poorly designed and get discarded after a single use. We discovered that this is not conservative on the part of the user. The manufacturers are  just reaping people off their money. 

The inconvenience of putting on a mask and huge amount of money spent on it will surely discourage many persons from constantly using face cover. For this, and many other reasons, we analyzed a good number of face masks proved to be effective to select the brand that will best suit your desires.  

CoverSafe Pro is one of the best brand out there, not only because it ensures that you and people around you are completely protected, but the price is incredibly low for you to own as many as you wish. CoverSafe Pro is reusable. One piece will last for a very long period of time. 

Also note that regular hand washing and sanitizing are not left out of the picture. You must wash your hands frequently especially before eating if you want to remain completely safe. Owning a hands sanitizer is also another commendable practice in this period of COVID – 19.

If you work in an office or any place where you interact with people outside your home, you need a hands sanitizer to keep your hands sterile always. It may not be easy to avoid touching our faces with  contaminated hands but it will be supper easy and convenient to sanitize them before using them to touch our faces.

We implore you to read our CoverSafe Pro Review till the end to know more about this outstanding face mask. 

Now,  let’s take a peek behind the curtain! 

What is CoverSafe Pro? (CoverSafe Pro Review) 

CoverSafe Pro is a three layered reusable face mask. It is highly adjustable and fits into any face irrespective of your age and size.  CoverSafe Pro has an adjustable plastic attached to the ear loop. You can move the plastic to and fro until you get to the point that fits the size of your face. 

CoverSafe Pro does not permit any gap between the sides of your face and the mask. It was made adjustable to ensure that air and viruses do not find their way to your mouth or nose through any gap. It holds tight on your face allowing only refined air to pass through. 

The pores of CoverSafe Pro are well designed to allow pure air pass freely. It does not cause any unwanted breathing difficulty nor aggravate any existing apnoea. The openings does not allow corona virus and other germs floating in the air to gain entrance into the body as well.

CoverSafe Pro Review
CoverSafe Pro Review

CoverSafe Pro ensures that the user is totally protected without causing any inconvenience. 

Though coronaviridae, the family of corona virus is large, measuring about 80 to 220 nm in size, the virus can still find way through pores larger than its size. Having noticed that the size of the virus is quite large, healthcare providers advised that most materials with small pores can prevent corona virus from passing through and we should take advantage of that by using any mask that we can afford.

This resulted in inefficient face covers with large openings that can’t stop corona virus and other airborne pathogens. It is advisable that you make inquiry before buying and using any mask to avoid using the one that can’t even protect you let alone the people around you. There is really no benefit wearing something that won’t allow you to breathe well and does not offer any protection. 

Most of the trusted brands of face cover are way too expensive and most people can’t afford them. CoverSafe Pro is a reliable and efficient face mask that is very affordable. Anybody can purchase CoverSafe Pro no matter how low your budget is. 

CoverSafe Pro provides much more comfort than its counterparts. The nose bridge is well designed to accommodate your nose comfortably no matter how pointed your nose is. 

As COVID – 19 is threatening our lives and other dangerous airborne germs are teeming up in our environment, we need to always protect ourselves and the people around us by wearing our face cover regularly, washing and sanitizing our hands as frequently as possible. 

Furthermore, your CoverSafe Pro can be washed and reused as many times as possible. You don’t have to worry about anything, you just wash your face cover any time you feel is necessary and reuse it. The pores will never widen nor decrease. Make yourself untouchable by using high quality face covers, hands sanitizer and regular hand washing. 

PROS of CoverSafe Pro 

  • Washable and reusable. 
  • Very portable, just mask on and you will hardly remember that you are wearing something. 
  • Different colours to choose from. 
  • Good for cold weather and hot weather. 
  • High quality materials with antiperspirant properties. 
  • User friendly, the materials allows air to pass seamlessly. 
  • Easy to wear with so much freedom. 
  • Natural fit nose mask and mouth cover. 

Advantages of Cover Safe Pro over other face masks

  • Optimal pores: Cover Safe Pro has well defined openings that allow air to pass while preventing large particles from making their way into our body systems. Both corona virus, other germs and dust particles can not pass through the pores of CoverSafe Pro. It ensures maximum safety. Though the openings are small to prevent virus and other airborne pathogens from passing through, CoverSafe Pro does not interrupt breathing. It allows air to pass seamlessly. The pores of some face masks are very tiny making it difficult for air to pass. This brings lots of inconveniences to the user because it makes the air hot and uncomfortable for breathing. Though they won’t allow germs to pass, the discomfort they pose to the users makes them unfit for use. 
  • Antiperspirant properties: One of the things that make face masks discomforting is sweat. Sweat is absorbed by masks which makes them smell after sometimes. CoverSafe Pro has good sweat absorption properties. The three layers of Cover Safe Pro take up all the sweat coming out of the skin around your mouth and nose and still won’t smell nor discomfort you. You can use it for two days without noticing any sign of smell or discomfort. 
  • Durable high quality materials: The materials used in CoverSafe Pro are of high quality and last for a very long time. Most face covers are discarded after one or two weeks of use unlike CoverSafe Pro that can be used for months without any decrease in quality or efficiency. It ensures complete protection against COVID – 19 no matter how long you use it. 
  • Wash and Reuse: You can wash CoverSafe Pro as many times as you wish to keep it clean. The layers are strong and will never break nor tear during washing. Washing CoverSafe Pro makes it clean and comfortable giving you the opportunity to reuse it as long as you wish. Washing usually increase the pores of face mask making them inefficient. But CoverSafe Pro is one of the few exceptions that still remain in their pristine condition irrespective of the number of times they have been washed. Always wash off the sweat and dirty particles trapped in your mask to make it look clean and comfortable. 
  • Hassle free: CoverSafe Pro is very portable and easy to maintain. You can wear it to any place without any hassle. Also it does not cost a dime to maintain. The only thing required of you to keep your face cover in pristine condition is washing. You can use any type of soap to wash your face mask but it is recommended you use medicated soaps. Medicated soaps will ensure total elimination of germs though any type of soap can still do the job. Any clean water can be used to wash CoverSafe Pro but warm water is better. No matter how long you wish to use CoverSafe Pro, it will never pose any hassle to you. 
  • Attractive look: The fashionable design of CoverSafe Pro makes the user look stunning. Face masks are not meant for fashion but we recommend using the one that won’t make you look odd. However, do not choose beauty over efficacy. CoverSafe Pro design is attractive and will make you stand out in public. If you like sparkling, attention catching products, then CoverSafe Pro is for you. Always buy highly effective masks that can shield you from COVID – 19. There are many attractive face covers out there in the market but not all of them are effective.
  • Low cost: Most people that don’t use face masks are either tired of the discomfort caused by mask or don’t have money to buy efficient ones. If you belong to any of those categories, CoverSafe Pro has got you covered. It is very affordable and durable. You don’t have to break a bank to own a face mask. Being an indispensable tool in this COVID – 19 pandemic, the prices of face mask skyrocketed in the market but some high quality masks like CoverSafe Pro are still very much affordable. Though the demand for this product is increasing steadily, the price has not changed. You can afford it no matter how low your income is. This is one of the things consumers like so much, getting high quality materials that will meet their expectations at a very low price. 
  • Adjustable: CoverSafe Pro is suitable for everybody. You can adjust the ear loop to fit the size of your face (head). Always adjust it properly so that there won’t be any gap or space between your face and the mask. 
CoverSafe Pro adjustable face cover
CoverSafe Pro Review

Do I really need a mask?

Yes, you do. 
You don’t put on mask only to protect yourself but to protect others around you as well. Even if you think you’re immune to corona virus and other germs in the environment, you still have to wear mask for the benefit of those around you.

The virus or germ may not thrive in your system but you can pass them on to people around you no matter how brief the organism stayed in your body.

You need a mask to protect yourself: Being healthy is not a guarantee, anybody can be affected by one organism or the other. The major reason why masking is partially compulsory is because of the outbreak of Coronavirus. It gives protection against the virus together with frequent hand washing and hands sanitizing.

You wear mask to protect yourself against this deadly virus. Also other airborne germs are teeming up in our environment, you must wear a mask to shield yourself against them. You may not be immune to all of them. 

Wear mask for the benefit of those around you: Masking on protects the people around you as well. You may be carrying these germs in your system without you knowing. Sneezing, coughing, talking and singing releases these organisms, thus you must wear mask for the benefit of people around you. 

How do I know if a mask is efficient? 

Sincerely, there are tons of masks in the market and it can be an arduous task trying to select an efficient mask. 

Below are few tips to guide you in selecting an efficient mask:

  • Must have two layers of washable and breathable material: Any efficient mask must have at least two layers and each layers must allow air to pass freely. Any mask that has one layer is most likely to be inefficient. One layer may not be able to prevent viruses from passing, though it may allow air to be easily. CoverSafe Pro has three layers and allows air to pass freely. No restrictions to air flow. 
  • Must be capable of covering your nose and mouth completely without leaving any gap: Any face mask that permits air to pass is not effective. That gap (space) will allow virus to pass through and this will defeat the very purpose of wearing mask. Make sure that your face cover does not allow air to pass through the sides. 
  • Must fit tight into your face: Effective face covers must not be loose. It must tight your face so you don’t have to always adjust it with your hands. Once you put it one you won’t touch it until it’s time to remove it.  

Who can wear a CoverSafe Pro? 

CoverSafe Pro is suitable for anybody. It can be adjusted to fit into any face. However, there are few exceptions. The following people are exempted from wearing a mask:

  1. Age: children under the age of two (2) years are not supposed to wear a mask. Only people that are above the age of two should put on masks.  
  2. Breathing difficulty: Any patient that is having trouble breathing should not wear mask to avoid worsening the problem.
  3. Unconscious patients: Patients that are not conscious should not wear mask as well. Though it may be beneficial to them but they are already in a difficult situation, passing through a lot of inconveniences, face mask is not suitable for them as it may add to their stress.
  4. Cognitive disorders: Any form of mental illness deprives one the ability to think rationally. Any person having mental derangement and refuses to wear mask should not be coerced into wearing mask. 
CoverSafe Pro Review
CoverSafe Pro Review

Where can I buy CoverSafe Pro? 

You can buy CoverSafe Pro directly from the producer. To avoid falling into the hands of scammers, we advise customers to purchase any product from the manufacturer.

Buy directly from the official website of the producer to avoid buying fake product at an exorbitant price. Stand a chance of benefiting from discount and free delivery when you buy from the official website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can CoverSafe Pro be adjusted to match the face of my 20 months old child? 

Yes, it can be adjusted to fit your child but his face is too small and might be covered entirely by the mask. Though your child can wear CoverSafe Pro if he’s really big in size. Children at that age are restricted from putting on mask because it will inconvenience them and face mask slightly reduces air flow considering the fact that the capacity of their respiratory system is not that great.

How many layers does it have? 

CoverSafe Pro has three (3) layers. The materials of each layer is strong with  fine openings that allow free air flow and also prevent germs from passing through. These layers don’t cause any discomfort, they accommodate both the nose and mouth well. 

How long can it last? 

CoverSafe Pro can last for months and even years as long as you take good care of it. The materials are very durable. You can wash and reuse it as many times as you wish. 

Is it good in hot weathers? 

Yes, CoverSafe Pro is good for both winters and summers. You can use it comfortably in both cold and hot weathers. The antiperspirant properties makes good for summers.

Does it benefit elderly people? 

Yes, it does. Though at old age people are prone to differnt illness especially heart and lung diseases that result in breathing difficulty, CoverSafe Pro is still very much beneficial to old people except those with underlying respiratory problems that impair breathing. 

Customers feedback (CoverSafe Pro  Reviews)

Jona: Despite the thickness of this face cover, it is still very portable. You hardly remember that your are wearing something. I only get to touch mine twice, when putting it on and when I want to remove it. It is really awesome. 

Monic: Mine is blue in colour and sparkling. I bought this face cover because it is attractive but I later found out that it is very effective and comfortable to wear as well. It`s really a great product and I will be getting another colour for myself. 

Jake: Very affordable product. It is really cheap compared to what it offers and quality. The nose bridge is pretty cool, it adds to the comfort of the mask. I’m happy I bought it, it’s not a wasted investment. 

Cynthia: It is highly adjustable. I bought one for my kid bro but I thought it will inconvenience him because of his large sized head but luckily the ear loop is adjustable. We just moved the adjuster back and it fits him perfectly. The stylish design made it outstanding. 

Mat: What an awesome face cover. Affordable and portable. The only problem I had with it was that I couldn’t see it until after payment though I’m happy the product meet my expectations. 

best reusable mask CoverSafe Pro Review
CoverSafe Pro Review

Bottom line  (CoverSafe Pro Review) 

Face covers are indispensable for our survival in this period. With the help of sanitizers and frequent hand washing we can go a long way in curbing the spread of these dangerous organisms. CoverSafe Pro is an effective mask that protect you from COVID – 19 and also allow you to breathe well. 

It is our responsibility to protect ourselves and prevent this disease from causing more havoc in our planet. We can achieve this by using reliable tools that are effective. 

Though coronaviridae are large in size, if we use highly porous masks especially those with only one layer, the virus can pass and make its way to our systems.

Protect yourself and people around you by using quality face masks like CoverSafe Pro. Any face mask that is one layered is not good, also face masks that have two or more layers but do not allow air to pass through freely are not good.

Always look out for masks that have two or three layers and allow free flow of air. CoverSafe Pro has all these desirable qualities, it is also fashionable, portable and affordable. 

Get yourself a CoverSafe Pro to lower your risk of getting infected with these airborne pathogens including Coronavirus. 

The end of our CoverSafe Pro Review. Thanks for reading!  
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