Dangobuds Review: The Best Earbud To Buy In 2021

Dangobuds Review
Dangobuds Review

Dangobuds Review 
Wireless earphones have been in existence for years now and they are indisputably better than their wire connected earphones counterparts. Though some of these wire connected earphones are good with high quality sounds, they are no match for Bluetooth connected earbuds. 

The purpose of writing this review is to bring to your knowledge everything you need to know about the latest technology in the world of earphone…Dangobuds Review.

Dangobuds has been claimed to posses so many amazing features. This is why we ordered for one to test it to know whether it really meet all these features. Sincerely speaking, none of these features is a sham. It is indeed an outstanding product that offers so much more than its cost. 

As a regular gym guy, I can’t do without music and I enjoy it most when using wireless headphones (earphones). The old school wire connected earphones really sucks. They are not just good for gym though you will enjoy them while traveling or just making calls. 

Dangobuds is the best wireless earphone in the market space currently. It is very much affordable and fits so well in the ear. The design is so perfect such that it will never fall off from your ear.  The tragus, antitragus and concha of the ear holds Dango buds Review tightly as if it is glued to the ear. 

Dango buds Bluetooth earphone can connect to a device that is several feet away. The sound system of this wireless earphone is very good. Unlike many earphones, it has a good bass and does not generate noise. It walls off unwanted sounds. 

There are tons of wireless earphones that have gained recognition. These so called big brands don’t really have much edge over the small brands in terms of quality and they are way more expensive than these small brands. Dangobuds is a new brand and it very affordable. It gained more weight and popularity among consumers because of its high quality.

Dango buds review offers everything the so called big brands offer and yet cheap. Thus, why spend heavily on big brands when you have a more affordable and reliable earbud that can give you everything you desired. 

Having said that, let’s go into the nitty-gritty of our Dangobuds Review. Keep reading! 

What is Dangobuds? (Dangobuds Review)  

Dangobuds are high quality wireless earphones that fits every ear. They deliver top notch sound to the ears. These Bluetooth connected earbuds matches any ear. It blocks unwanted sounds from interrupting your music.

Most wireless earphones don’t fit into the ear, they easily fall off. This is pretty much inconveniencing and annoying. You will spend more time putting and adjusting the ear phone than enjoying your music. 

Dangobuds are also small and portable. You can wear it as long as you wish without feeling uncomfortable. Some wireless earphones are quite heavy and big in size and they dilate the ears. This comes with a feeling of discomfort. Consequently, you can’t wear it for a long time as the discomfort will get to an unbearable level.

It is very compatible with iOS, Android and laptops. Dangobuds connect very well with these devices. You can keep your phone or laptop several feet away from your Dangobuds and the connection won’t break. 

Dangobuds has a built-in microphone system. The bass is very cool. It won’t affect year ears as well. Have you ever imagined increasing the volume of your phone to the highest level just to enjoy the sound of music you are playing? That is the frustration you get when you are using poor quality earphones both wireless and wire connected.

Dango buds utilizes the latest technology to avoid this frustration. The microphone system gives moderate sound that won’t hurt your eardrum. Another side effect of some earphones is the damage they cause to the eardrum. Though the sound system is high but it is poorly controlled.

Thus, you should be careful while using earphones irrespective of the brand. Both Bluetooth connected and wire connected have the potential of damaging the ear. Only tune the sound to the volume that will make you enjoy the music and not the one that will harm your auditory system. 

Dangobuds are incredibly cheap. What it offers are way beyond the price.  Unlike the big brands, one Dango buds goes for only $59.99. 

Dangobuds Review
Dangobuds Review

Dangobuds Specs

Brand Dangobuds
Microphone systemDual microphone type
CompatibilityBluetooth 5.0
Battery capacity65mAh
Battery typeLi-polymer batteries
Charging case capacity5V/550mAh Li-polymer batteries
Connectivity range10 meters
Charging methodWireless charging
Charging port makeType C charging port
Product specifications

 Features of Dango buds review

  • Compatibility: Dangobuds connects very well with all brands of smart phones, tablets and laptops. Some wireless earbuds tends to be selective, connecting with only few devices. A perfect example is the apple made Bluetooth earphones. They connect well with the company’s product and suffer poor connection with other devices if at all they even connect. Many people would love to be in possession of these premium earphones but because of poor compatibility, they’d rather go for other brands. Dango buds is indisputably the best option recently. It accepts and pairs well with any device.
  • Strong connection: Dango buds connection is very strong. You can stay some feet away from your device and the connection won’t severe. Any smart phone or laptop with Bluetooth 5.0 and above can connect with Dango buds and maintain the connection even if you aren’t staying close to the device. 
  • Low cost: It does everything that big brands do at a fraction of their prices. High quality wireless earphone of this kind goes at hundreds of dollars while Dangobuds cost only $59.99. Thus, it is a suitable option for anybody who needs a Bluetooth connected earphone.
  • Simplicity: It is very easy to operate. With just a single touch you can switch from music to answer phone calls or pause / play music. Even kids can operate Dango buds with much ease. Also the connection is very easy to secure. As long as you can pair devices through Bluetooth, you won’t have any issues using Dangobuds review. No complications at all. 
  • Compact and portable: The size of Dangobuds is another admirable feature of this wireless earbud. It is not too big, thus it won’t dilate your ears or cause pain. Dangobuds have moderate size that will just fit perfectly into your ears. It will never fall off. This Bluetooth device is highly portable. Are you ready to start your workouts? Just pair your Dango buds to your phone to enjoy your music as long as you wish without any form of discomfort. 

What makes it stand out? 

  1. High quality sound: The built-in microphone system in Dango buds produces high quality sounds. We recommend that you always tune the music to the right volume for your ears. The quantity of sound generated by Dangobuds can damage your ears if you continuously play at highest volume. Though this is a good indication that the earbud is of high quality but you need to be cautious while using it to avoid unnecessary harm. With Dango buds, you will always enjoy the lyrics to the fullest. 
  2. Wireless charging case: Just to make it complete, Dangobuds have wireless charging case that supply power to the earbud for several hours. The 5V/550mAh Li-polymer batteries can supply extra power to the earpiece for about two days or more. 
  3. Long battery life: The Li-polymer batteries can last for hours and even days depending on how frequently you are using it per day. Make sure the batteries are fully charged before using it. The batteries take about one hour to charge, just be patient and allow it to full so you can use it for a longer time. 
  4. Suitable for many purposes: You can use your wireless ear phone for any purpose. It is suitable for running, cycling, gyming, push ups, pull ups, and any other form of workout. Dangobuds are also the perfect choice for travellers. The high quality of sound it generates takes you out of the world. Do you want to clean your house?  Dango buds will be a good companion. Connect your wireless earbud to your phone and start off the work. You won’t even know when you’re done. Dangobuds is good for any purpose no matter what you do. 
  5. Long lasting quality materials: To be sincere with you, most wireless earphones don’t last long. Some will develop faults after a couple of weeks while others will cease to function after some months. I have been using Dangobuds for months now and I have not perceived any change with regards to the quality of sound. I think it’s enough for me to say that Dango buds lasts for a long time. Give it a try, this Bluetooth earphone really worth it. 
  6. Active noise cancellation: It fits tight into your ears leaving no space for the perception of unwanted sounds. Apart from tight fitting, it also has a built-in technology that cancels unwanted (interrupting) noise from the background. Though this is regarded as a good quality as it will give you the opportunity to enjoy your song, it also comes with side effect. You can’t hear what the person next to you is saying unless you remove the earbud. I don’t think this is bad anyway. 
  7. No unwanted side effects: Dango buds won’t cause any harm to your auditory system. Provided you tune to the right volume, you won’t suffer any ear damage. We advise you not to use ear phone all the time. It may affect your hearing ability. Only use Dangobuds when you are working out, traveling, doing important home chores, when you are bored etc. Don’t use it while sleeping. 

How does Dangobuds wireless earphone work? 

Dango buds Review
Dango buds Review

Wireless earpiece (Bluetooth connected) have their own power supply. They don’t rely on any power from the connected device. This also applies for Dangobuds. Make sure you charge them fully so that they will last for a long time. The wireless charging case also provides extra power to the Dangobuds. 

After pairing your Dango buds with your smart phone, or laptop through Bluetooth, it will automatically pick up the sound thereby relieving your smartphone or laptop of its duty of playing out the song. 

It comes with one-touch functionality. You can switch from one activity to another with just a single touch. Dangobuds are also capable of notifying you of an incoming call while still playing the song. Thus, you don’t have to look at your phone to figure this out. You can also decide to cut or pick the call without touching your smartphone.

Dangobuds is such an awesome technology. It has everything you want in a wireless ear bud.

How can I use my own wireless ear piece? 

It is very simple and easy to use provided you can connect devices through Bluetooth. 

  • Make sure that your Dangobuds are fully charged. 
  • Reach out to the power button to ON the device. 
  • Open your phone or laptop Bluetooth and search for Dangobuds.
  • Once it appears, tap on it and allow your smart devices to pair with each other. 
  • After pairing, Dangobuds will pick up any sound from your device.
  • You can keep the phone, tablet or laptop anywhere withing the range of 33 feet and the connection won’t severe. 

That’s all you need to do to enjoy your songs with Dangobuds. 

PROS (Dangobuds Review) 

  • Costs a fraction of the big brands’ prices. 
  • Very easy to operate. 
  • Gives high quality sound, enjoy the lyrics always. 
  • Extra charging case for 77-hour power supply. 
  • Requires no wire for charging. 
  • No risk of falling off your ears.
  • Single touch control. 
  • Smart notification. 
  • Built-in dual microphone system. 
  • Money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. 
  • Special discount applies for early buyers. 

CONS (Dango buds review) 

  • Limited stock 
  • High volume may cause hearing impairment. 
  • You can only purchase Dangobuds wireless earphone online.

Where can I buy my own Dangobuds? 

We would have done nothing worthy if we fail to explicitly direct you to the right place to buy the original Dango buds. 

The rate at which wireless earpiece are trooping out and finding their way to the market is just overwhelming. If you are not careful enough you can mistake one for the other and retailers often taken advantage of that to give buyers low quality product at high price. 

To avoid this risk, we recommend that you buy yours directly from the producer. Click the link below to buy from the official product page.  

Frequently Asked Questions (dangobuds review)

Do I really need Dangobuds wireless earbud? 

If you are a music lover then you need an earpiece and wireless type like Dangobuds are the best option for you. It gives high quality sound like other premium earbuds at a fraction of the price. It connects perfectly with your tablets, smart phones and even laptops.

Imagine cleaning your house without any music in the background. The work will be both boring and annoying. But if there is a befitting song in the background you will hardly remember that you are even working. Dangobuds will make this experience even better. Depending on your needs, Dango buds will give you everything you desired.  

How long can the dango buds batteries last? 

The batteries can last for a whole day or more depending on how long you use it. The 65mAh Li-polymer batteries are strong and last long. Also the wireless charging case provides extra power that can last for over 70 hours. Thus, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to duration of use (battery life). Just make sure that Dango buds batteries are well charged. 

Is Dango buds good for reading? 

Yes, it is provided you don’t play at a very high volume. Most people hardly read without music playing in the background. However, song is a noise and complete distraction to others, they can’t just tolerate anybody playing song while they are reading.

If you are the type that likes playing song while reading, then Dangobuds wireless earphone is a perfect choice for you. Do not play at high volume so you will be able to concentrate on what you are reading. 

What payment options are available? 

There are many payment methods that you can chose from in the official Dangobuds page. The most common one being PayPal and credit/debit card payments. You can pay through your PayPal account or credit cards (Master card and Visa). Depending on your location, other options are also available such American Express. Note that your payment details are always secured. 

Can it be delivered to my country? 

Yes. Dangobuds earbud is delivered world wide. Make sure you enter the correct details of your home. The product will be delivered right to your doorstep. Delivery is also very quick.  

Is it safe for everyone? 

Yes. Dangobuds are very safe for everyone with normal auditory functions. You can regulate the volume any time you want. You can also pause it or switch to phone calls at just one touch. The built-in dual microphone sound system is pretty good for all ears. However, if you are having hearing impairment, earpiece is not good for you including Dangobuds. It will cause more damage to your already hearing disability. 

Can rain damage it?

Sincerely speaking, we have never used ours under rain and the manufacturer did not say anything about its water resistance. A high tech of this kind is expected to possess some water resistance properties so that it won`t get spoiled easily by rain (water).

Note that whatever we are telling you about water resistance is all speculations because we have never used ours under rain neither have they fallen inside water. Thus, we implore you to look after your earbuds well to avoid damage by water.

Dango buds wireless earphone
Dango buds wireless earphone

Customers feedback of Dangobuds wireless earphone 

The way it blocks unwanted sounds makes me like this earbud even more. It fits perfectly into my ear and never falls off. I can now enjoy my music as long as I wish without bothering to adjust my earpiece.  ~Jane, New York City 

The sound system is very good. It give clear, powerful and quality sound any where. The smart notification is another amazing feature. It does not interrupt my music, it only lowers it down a bit to let me know of an incoming calls. ~Anne, California. 

I have always feared hearing loss and that is why I have not used any earphone. However, I decided to give this brand of wireless earbud a try. It is very much safe and delivers good sound. Very lucky I have this, workouts are no longer boring. ~James, Pennsylvania

With just one touch, I can pause or play music. It is very easy to operate, no complicated details. I have not missed any of my calls since I started using this wireless earphone even when my phone is some meters away.  ~Margaret, Houston Texas. 

Though I was warned never to play at high volume with this earpiece, I still play at high volume but have not noticed any side effect. The sound system is pretty cool and it does not damage the ear. If you love high volume like me, I think Dangobuds worths a try.  ~Steve, Washington DC 

Bottom line of Dangobuds wireless earphone Review  

We all need comfort and one of the best ways to achieve that is by listening to music. Music can make you forget your sorrow for sometimes giving you the chance to plan the way forward. Earbuds can make that experience better. 

Are you a traveler looking for the best earpiece to buy? Dangobuds will be safe for you. It is capable of blocking any unwanted noise through its tight fitting and built-in technology.

Dango buds is very cheap compared to other high quality wireless earbuds. No matter how low your budget is, you can afford Dangobuds. You don’t have to spend a great deal of your income to buy a wireless earphone. 

Another interesting thing about Dangobuds is that the battery last so long. Even if you workout for a whole day, Dangobuds batteries won’t run out. If you travel long distance, best rest assured that Dango buds can play song for you throughout the journey as long as your phone or tablet is still on.  

It connects very well with your phones and other devices. Dango buds Bluetooth connected earphone  is not selective. 

Get yourself a Dango buds at 50% discount from the official website of the producer today. It is an investment that will offer you so much benefits.

Thanks for reading our Dangobuds Review. Feel free to checkout our HeatCore Review. 

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