EqualPlus Review 2021: Does It Worth Buying?

EqualPlus Review
EqualPlus Review

In this EqualPlus Review, we will be dissecting a modern technology developed for the correction of multiple visual impairments. Equal plus adjustable glasses is a new product and stands out among others. Keep reading, you will discover why and how! 

The use of medicated glasses for correcting eye defects is no longer a thing of old age. It is even becoming very common among young people including teenagers. Visual problems are becoming more pronounced recently. It does not only cause discomfort during reading but affects normal vision.

Most people can not see objects well. While others see far away objects clearly, they can not make anything out of closely located objects. The same thing applies to those with (long) farsightedness. They can see closely located objects well but not distant objects. 

Thanks to science and technology that gave us the old school medicated glasses that can correct these eye defects. However, each medicated lenses can only correct a specific type of eye problem. This is because the focal lens of these glasses are fixed and can not be adjusted to correct other visual impairment apart from the one it was destined to correct. 

Recently, adjustable glasses started gaining recognition. These medicated glasses are touted to be the best. This is because of their ability to correct multiple eye defects effectively. 

They are very affordable and don’t require regular maintenance cost unlike the old school (traditional) glasses. Their ergonomic design makes them attractive and they are good for everybody irrespective of age and sex. 

The question now is, why settle for old medicated glasses when you have a new and innovative one that can solve your problem efficiently at a lower cost? 

Of all the medicated glasses, equal plus glasses review is one of  the best. It is portable easy to operate and affordable. Equal plus was not only produced to aid your vision but to add a touch of class to your look. It makes the user stand out though the primary objective of producing the glasses was not for fashion. We don’t also recommend ugly looking spectacles just because you want something that will get your vision to the normal side. 

If you are looking for a medicated glasses that will suit your needs without taking much from your pocket then you are in the right place. Our Equal Plus Review contains everything you need to know about this spectacles. 

Now let’s go into the nuts and bolts of this article. 

What is EqualPlus? (EqualPlus Review)  

EqualPlus is the latest technology in the field of medicated glasses. It is multi – functional and corrects multiple eye defects. It can be adjusted to correct short nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia etc.

The dials on both sides of the glasses can be adjusted independently to suit your needs. It was built with lenses whose focal lengths can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user. Unlike the traditional spectacles that corrects one eye problem, Equal Plus glasses review can correct more than one eye defects effectively. 

equal plus adjustable glasses
EqualPlus Review

Visiting eye clinic or booking an appointment with your optometrist or ophthalmologist to discuss your eye defect or spectacles replacement can be such an arduous task, time and money consuming. You don’t need to do all that if you can chose equal plus over the old school glasses.

Once you are having eye problem, be it shortsightedness or longsightedness just buy EqualPlus adjustable glasses and your problem will be all gone. The only thing required of you after purchase is to adjust the glasses using the dials provided at both ends of the spectacles to select the focal length that will be good for you.

You do not need to call any doctor to prescribe it for you or book an appointment with your optometrist who might charge you huge amount of money for the service. Unless you are having a more advanced eye problems that can not be corrected using medicated glasses, you do not need assistance from any healthcare providers to use your own equal plus adjustable glasses. 

Equal plus adjustable glasses is very stylish and fashionable. It makes the user look stunning and attractive. We know that most people especially the ladies don’t like ugly wearable. Some glasses can make you look good while others are nothing to write home about though they will all solve your visual problems. It is better to go for the one that won’t take any toll on your look.

Do not wear unsightly glasses on your face, it’s such a prominent part that won’t go unnoticed. 

This adjustable glasses is also very portable and strong. You won’t even notice that you are wearing something. Heavy glasses brings discomfort as will be adjusting it constantly to find a befitting location that can bear the weight.

Also the frames of EqualPlus adjustable glasses is very strong and durable. You don’t have to always replace it. This reduces the maintenance cost of equal plus to zero.

Unlike the traditional spectacles that come with fragile frames that get damaged easily and call for replacement, Equal Plus is built with strong and long lasting frames. It will serve you for a very long period without spending a dime for maintenance.

This adjustable glasses also has different frames with different colours. Thus, you can select anyone that fits your desires. Equal plus is self regulating as well. This helps you to operate it more conveniently. You do not need assistance to use your own Equal Plus.

You can also adjust the spectacle to fit your face. This makes it good for everyone. 

If you are having multiple eye problems and you are not comfortable with switching from one glasses to another, then equal plus is the best option for you. You can adjust it anytime to enable you see near or distant objects. You can also adjust it to see tiny prints and objects. It suitable for reading and normal vision.

Equal plus spectacles was made with high quality polycarbonate lenses for maximum clarity. It is very affordable and durable. 

How does EqualPlus adjustable glasses work?  

Every medicated glasses, both old school and modern have the same mechanism of action. The only difference is that new adjustable glasses come with lenses that can be adjusted to correct multiple eye defects unlike old school glasses that have fixed lenses that can not be adjusted. 

Equal plus works just like other spectacles. It converge and diverge light rays reaching the retina through the eye lenses.

Depending on the adjustment (setting) equal plus converges light rays from nearby objects so that the image can be brought to focus on the retina. This is how it corrects long farsightedness.

Farsightedness results from the inability of the eye to focus nearby objects properly on the retina. Light rays from distant objects are focused on the retina but light rays from nearby objects are brought to focus behind the retina making the object look blurry. 

For short sightedness, equal plus diverges light rays from distant objects and brought them to focus on the retina. This is because their eye lenses focus images of distant objects before the retina making the object look blurry. 

Also people that have abnormal lenses that can’t focus both nearby and distant objects properly, can use EqualPlus to correct the defect. Its self-regulatory property enables it to adjust properly to focus images on the retina. That’s how equal plus and other adjustable spectacles work.

The differences lies in their accuracy and reliability. EqualPlus glasses is one of the reliable brands.

How can I use my Equal Plus adjustable glasses?

It is very simple to use. Even if you have not used adjustable glasses before, equal plus won’t be difficult for you to operate. The steps are very simple. Just follow them properly. 

  • Put on your glasses just the way you wear your every day glasses. 
  • Look at the mirror to make sure that it fits. If not adjust it to the suitable size and position. 
  • Turn the dials at both ends of the spectacles to adjust the magnification so you can see both near and distant objects well. Note that the dials can be adjusted separately depending on how bad each eye is. 
  • If your major eye problem is short sightedness, adjust properly so that distant images can be magnified enough for proper interpretation in the brain. 
  • For long sightedness, also adjust as appropriate to see nearby objects very well. 
EqualPlus Review
EqualPlus Review

That is all required of you to use your own equal plus. 

Does Equal plus glasses review really worth the hype? 

Yes, it does. Equal plus is unique with amazing features. It is very accurate and reliable. Unlike other brands of glasses, it is very affordable compare to what it does. 

We understand the reason behind your doubts. Many producers and advertisers hype products way beyond the value and what they can really offer.

However, that is far from the case here. Equal plus glasses worth every hype for it and it has all the features mentioned in this article.

Now let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it worth it:

  • Adjustable lenses: This modern technology comes with multiple focal lenses that can be adjusted to suit the need of the user. The dials provided at both ends of the spectacles are very easy to turn. Depending on your eye defect, you can adjust it to choose the proper focal length for you. Some people may have more than one eye impairment, thus you need more than one spectacles if you are bent on using the traditional medicated glasses. However, it is not always an easy task changing from one spectacles to another for different purposes. This new glasses can correct all your eye problems provided you adjust it properly. 
  • Durability: EqualPlus has a high quality frames that lasts for a long time. The frames are very strong and durable. It can resist scratches and damage from falls. It holds the glasses firmly, thus they won’t fall off or crack when your equal plus hit any hard surface or fall from a height. Equal plus frames is made of strong plastic materials. Thus, there is no risk of rusting. 
  • Portability: Equal plus is very light and would never cause any discomfort. The lightweight makes it more comfortable to wear. You will not even notice it let alone adjusting it to find a suitable position that will bear the weight more comfortably. 
  • Fashionable: Equal plus is very sparkling and attractive. It will add a touch of class to your look. Though the primary aim of making this glasses is to put an end to your visual problems, the producer took your look it consideration. The face is such a prominent part of the body that will never go unnoticed. Thus, shinny and fashionable glasses will fit better than ugly ones provided the quality of the glasses is on the positive end. 
  • Maximum clarity: The high quality polycarbonate lenses used in EqualPlus adjustable glasses makes your vision very clear. You can adjust the magnification to enable you see even very tiny particles. Thus, equal plus is very good for reading no matter how tiny the prints are. 
  • Easy to use: Equal plus is very easy to use. You don’t need assistance by any health care provider. The dials can be adjusted easily to suit your need. Also your spectacles is easy to maintain. You can clean it without any hassle. It is fingerprint proof and resistant to dirt and dust. It is not easily stained. With running warm water and drops of soap, you can get rid of any dirty particles on your glasses. Anybody can use EqualPlus irrespective of age and gender. 

Is equal plus glasses really better than old school glasses? 

Let’s take a look at the comparison table below to see reasons.

Equal plus adjustable glassesTraditional glasses
No prescription or assistance from any health care providersRegular visit to eye clinic or booking of appointments with optometrist and ophthalmologist
Corrects more than one eye defectsCorrects only one type of eye defect
Can be adjusted to see both near and far objectsCan only see near or far objects and not both
Polycarbonate lenses for clarity and resistanceVulnerable to scratch and reflections
Each eye can be adjusted independentlyNo room for such adjustment

Do I really need it? (EqualPlus Review) 

If you are suffering from an eye problem, then you need a medicated glasses. Equal plus can correct your eye problems no matter the type of defect. 

Some visual impairments like astigmatism and cataract,  are very much advanced and can not be corrected with medicated glasses. This case requires thorough assessment by a physician who will know what the exact problem is and how to tackle it. These advanced eye problems usually require surgery and medications. 

However, most of the eye problems confronting people can be corrected with medicated glasses. 

Therefore, we recommend equal plus  adjustable glasses for you. It is way cheaper than traditional glasses. Equal plus does not require any maintenance cost, no changing of frames or booking appointment with doctors.

Thus, buying EqualPlus adjustable glasses  will save you money, stress and time.

Equal plus will provide extra protection for your eyes. It is capable of regulating the quantity of illumination (light) that enters your eyes. The amount of illumination (light) from our phone and computer screen can cause damage to our eyes. Thus, if you work all day looking at your phone or computer screen, this glasses will be good for you. It prevents the excessive light from these screens from getting to your eyes.

It only allows sufficient amount of light required to bring images to focus on the retina. 

Also, if the light is dim equal plus can protect your eyes by magnifying the images so you don’t have to strain your eyes to see them. There is no unwanted side effects recorded with equal plus. 

equalplus adjustable glasses review
equalplus adjustable glasses

Where can I buy my own EqualPlus? 

There is no better place to purchase your own EqualPlus glasses than the official website of the manufacturer. 

Head straight to the producer page to buy your own equal plus. There are special discounts in the official website of the producer. 

Their customer service is top notch, you will be duly notified with regards to delivery. Your payment details are well secured, there are no risks of losing them to scammers. 

If you are not satisfied with the products performance, you can apply for refund. They will collect the product and give you back your money as long as you do so within 30 days of purchase. 

Note: For you to be refunded, the product must not sustain any damage from you. It must remain in its pristine condition.  

PROS and CONS of Equal Plus

Equal plus is never a perfect product. It has its own Pros and Cons just like other products under the sun. We will take a look at the Pros and Cons of this optical device in this section. 

PROS (equalplus review) 

  • Very affordable and easy to use. 
  • No maintenance cost is needed. 
  • Gives extra protection to the eyes. 
  • No unwanted side effects. 
  • Saves time and money. 
  • Very lightweight. 
  • Accuracy and clarity is its hallmark. 
  • Good for everyone. 
  • Sparkling and attractive. 
  • Strong and durable frames.

CONS (EqualPlus Review) 

  • Available online – You don’t have the freedom to feel or touch the product until it is delivered to you. This is the reason why many people don’t like purchasing stuffs online because they want to be sure of what they are buying. However, be rest assured that equal plus will surely meet all your expectations. It has all the features mentioned in this article. As long as you purchase yours through any of the links provided in this equal plus review, you won’t get fake product. 
  • Limited stock – Equal plus are not much in the store. It will soon run out of store. So hurry now and get yours if you really need amazing spectacles that will put an end to your eye problems. 
  • Strict refund policy – The refund policy of equal plus is very strict. Though they will be glad to entertain your complaint and discuss a replacement with you or probably return your money if you don’t want their product any more, their policy is very strict. If the product had any scratch or damage resulting from rough usage, they will not accept it neither will they return your money to you. Thus, you must protect it to avoid unnecessary damage. However, you will never regret buying EqualPlus adjustable glasses neither will you apply for refund. It will give you the best result that you have been craving for. 

Customers’ feedback (equal plus review) 

The dials are easy to adjust. It magnifies objects very well. The accuracy and clarity of this glasses is one of the reasons I love it. I can now read conveniently no matter how tiny the prints are. It’s really an amazing spectacles that worth every dime spent on it.  ~Diana 

I was finding it difficult to see very well sometimes. I booked an appointment with my optometrist and after the series of examinations and tests, she told me that my right eye is not bad but the left has got some issues. It can’t focus properly. She prescribed glasses for me which solved the problem. Though I was satisfied with the result, I wanted something that will give me the freedom to adjust each eye since two of them are not having the issues. Glad I bought equal plus that give me the opportunity to adjust each eye for better vision.  ~Jane 

This modern technology is pretty cool and affordable. The glasses makes objects very clear. The magnification power is very high. It makes reading enjoyable, no more straining my eyes. I would recommend it for anyone with shortsightedness like me.  ~Eric 

After hearing about EqualPlus from a friend, I decide to give it a try. I’m glad I invested my money in it. The dials makes it easy to operate. It is very clear and accurate. The frames are very strong and durable. After falling on the floor for several times, it has not sustained any scratch. It`s pretty cheap compare to what it offers.  ~Tina 

I work on my phone screen almost all the time. It affected my vision and that’s where my journey of using medicated glasses begun. Despite using glasses, I was still instructed by my physician to avoid staying too long on my phone screen because it will make my vision worse. Lucky I bought equal plus. It block the unwanted light and allow only required amount of light to reach my eyes.  ~Mark 

Very attractive and beautiful. The stylish design of this glasses makes me look even more beautiful. I have been receiving more pleasant comments  from friends. It is really cool for anyone who want something stunning on their face.  ~Montana 

I had multiple eye defects which compelled me to buy two medicated glasses as instructed by optometrist. This is really inconveniencing but I’ve got to live with it as I had no choice. Thanks to modern technology and equal plus that put an end to my hurdle. I can now use one glasses for any purpose. Very easy to adjust and use.  ~Ferdy

Frequently Asked Questions (equal plus glasses reviews)

How large can it magnify objects? 

There is really no specified range of magnification of equal plus. However, It can make objects large enough to be seen clearly by the eyes. Equal plus is self regulating and makes objects big enough for the eyes no matter how tiny they might be.

For large objects, it does not magnify them because they are already visible. Thus, it is very efficient in what it does. Equal plus can cover a spectrum range of -6.00 to +3.00. That’s very OK for a medicated glasses intended to correct visual impairments. 

adjustable glasses review
EqualPlus Review

Can I purchase equal plus with PayPal? 

Yes, you can. There are other payment options available in the official website of the producer that you can select from. However, the two most widely accepted payment options are PayPal and credit/debit cards (Master cards and Visa cards). Other options are also available but it depends on your location (country). 

Since I can only purchase equal plus online, how do I know that the one delivered to me is the right package? 

If you purchase yours through any of the links in our equal plus review (article) you won’t be scammed. We understand that there are many adjustable glasses out there in the market and that is why we provided links in this article to direct you. Make sure you buy yours through reliable source to avoid losing your money. 

Can it be delivered to my country? 

Equalplus adjustable glasses is delivered world wide. No matter you location, the product will be sent to your door step. Make sure you put correct address of your street and country. 

Final thought on Equal Plus Adjustable Glasses Review 

Adjustable glasses are gaining more weight and recognition nowadays. They are more affordable and efficient than the traditional spectacles. 

However, old school glasses are very much effective and reliable and they can solve our visual problems. We are not here to tell you that they are not good rather we are just recommending a new product that will give you much more satisfaction at a lower price.

Thus, why settle for old medicated glasses when you have an adjustable glasses that will serve you better? 

The frames of Equal Plus adjustable glasses are very strong, portable and durable. It is capable of resisting scratch. It is made of high quality materials that can never rust. The frames are stylish and fashionable. Thus, making equal plus suitable for different occasions (events). 

You don’t need to book an appointment with any physician to prescribe EqualPlus glasses for you. You can purchase your product right away from the producer and start using it. This will save you time and money.

With the right adjustment, your EqualPlus adjustable glasses can correct farsightedness or shortsightedness.

Note that it can not correct advanced eye disorders like cataract and astigmatism. Those ones require more in-depth examination and treatment (usually surgery). 

Get your own EqualPlus and say good bye to poor vision. Remember that stock is limited, hurry and buy yours today. 

Thanks for reading our EqualPlus Review. Remain safe and always mask on!

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