Kore Tense Review 2021: Best Resistance Band For Fitness

KoreTense Review
KoreTense Review

We all understand the importance of exercise nowadays but the main focus of this kore Tense Review is to bring to your notice about an easy to use resistance band that can help you achieve your fitness goals at the comfort of your home. 

People are becoming increasingly conscious of their weight, shape and fitness level and you can agree with me that you are no exception in this case. Workouts is one of the easiest and risk-free ways of achieving these goals without spending so much money or taking medications that might bring you down due to its side effects. 

Are you spending a great deal of your time at the gym and you are not comfortable with it? Worry no more for KoreTense has come to put smile on your face. 

Do I really need a professional to coach me? Must I go to the gym everyday to achieve my fitness goals? These are challenges that were always staring at my face when I was a newbie in this game. Guess what! Most people including professionals had these challenges when they were just starting out. To be honest with you, there are no definitive answers to these questions. It all depends on you and the type of work you do to make ends meet financially.

However, as a professional, I recommend that you start with tools like Kore Tense that you can use at the comfort of your home and anytime you desire. It is affordable and efficient and conserves time and resources. Why not read this KoreTense review to the end to know more about this resistance band that can offer you everything you get at gym centers at a fraction of the price. 

As we grow older our system gets weaker and degenerates but with consistent exercise we can build our muscles, get stronger and stay fit all the time. It is no miracle, all we need is just the discipline and consistency to actualize our goals. Kore Tense is good for everyone but it will be more beneficial to older guys and very busy ones who just want to exercise their bodies at the comfort of their home without wasting much of their time. 

I perfectly understand the need to exercise with others. It brings motivation and encourages you all the time to meet up with your colleagues. However, with determination, you can achieve your goals at home with Koretense resistance band fitness guide. Keep reading!

Having said these, let’s go into the nuts and bolts of this review. 

Kore Tense Review : What is this resistance band all about? 

Kore Tense Review
Kore Tense Review

KoreTense resistance band is an all-in-one fitness kit that anybody can use to achieve their fitness goals at the comfort of their homes. To attain overall fitness you need different gym machines that serves different purposes to exercise all parts of your body. As you know, these equipment are readily available in different gym centers however, they consume a reasonable amount of money and time.

With Kore Tense fitness band you can exercise different parts of your body and attain the fitness level you want without spending a second in any gym center or wasting a percentage of your earnings on any gym machine. 

KoreTense works on the principle of high intensity and low impact making sure that your entire body is actively engaged during workouts without the  risk of hurting any of your muscle groups or joints. It offers a great amount of resistance in all directions with constant tension which enables you to engage different muscle groups during fitness workouts.

The tension generated when you are using Kore Tense resistance band is evenly distributed throughout your body and muscles. This gives all the muscles in your body an equal opportunity to grow hence, it is very beneficial for body building and reshaping of the body through burning of excess fat and muscle growth. It aligns perfectly with the body and prevents any snapback.

Furthermore, it has five different bands with different weights which earns you the opportunity to increase the weight as desired. The benefit of this is to prevent overloading the muscles especially when you are just starting out and also for the older guys that might experience unnecessary pulls and strains. It also helps to avoid over extension of the muscles and joint strains during workouts.

Nothing thrills the heart and body more than gentle and soothing exercises. Engaging in different types of workouts helps you to always remain fit and healthy (all things equal). It has a way of rejuvenating your skin and warding off pathological germs that are trying to replace the normal biological species that inhabit and protect your skin.

With KoreTense fitness tool, you can do different types of exercise at your home. You don’t need to visit gym all day or seek the attention of professionals to keep fit. The invention of KoreTense resistance band and other at-home fitness bands is really a commendable effort. It is portable, affordable and saves time. Just give it a try! 

KoreTense Technical facts 

  • Resistance bands: KoreTense comes with five (5) different bands of different colours – yellow, green, blue, red and black colours. They have different weights ranging from 10 to 30 pounds. Yellow band is the smallest in weight with a total weight of 10 pounds, this is followed by red with a weight of 15 pounds, then green band with weight of 20 pounds, blue band with weight of 25 pounds and finally the black band with the highest weight of 30 pounds. You can swap these bands depending on your strength and fitness level. You can also combine two or more bands depending on your fitness mission. This different sizes and weight is to ensure you always have the one that is suitable for you at any moment you wish to exercise. 
  • Foam handles: It comes with two foam handles for your two hands. These handles are very soft to touch and makes the user more comfortable during exercise. Thus, you can workout as long as you wish without feeling any discomfort or inconvenience.
  • Ankle straps: Just like the two foam handles above, the ankle straps are very soft and comfortable to wear. It won’t hurt your ankles during exercise nor cause any skin reaction or injuries. 
  • Door anchor: This anchor enables the user to fix Kore Tense resistance band on any door or related objects during exercise. You can anchor it on your home doors, office  doors and even the doors of your hotel room. It won’t damage it. 
  • Travel bag: One of the hallmarks of KoreTense fitness band is portability and it comes with a special travel bag to enable you carry it to any place of your choice. 
Kore Tense Reviews
KoreTense Review

How does Kore Tense work? 

KoreTense elastic fitness band works on high intensity and low impact principle. 

What exactly does this mean? It means that Kore Tense exerts enough tension that will actively engage your exercising muscles to contract and relax. This process of contraction and relaxation of muscles is actually the mechanism of muscle building which helps to attain high fitness level. Any fitness workouts that does not ensure active engagement of your muscles is pretty much a waste of time because you will never achieve the result you are seeking for.

Most of the fitness bands people use including the ones in the gym centers exert excessive tension that will end up hurting the muscles and get them exhausted easily. Any effort you make in such exercise will always end in futility because the workout will be counterproductive.

KoreTense was specially designed to release adequate amount of force that won’t hurt your exercising muscles. 

The second component of the working principle of this elastic fitness band is low impact. Despite releasing high intensity force that will engage your muscles, KoreTense does not cause harm to your muscles and joints. Many professional fitness enthusiasts like high intensity fitness tools that will match their desire however, these tools have negative impact on the muscles and joints.

Kore Tense bands ensure that the tension generated is distributed equally throughout your body to preventing it from impacting heavily on a particular muscle group or joint. It is very safe to use this fitness band, it has no risk of adverse effects.  

What do you stand to gain from  using KoreTense?

There are tons of benefits associated with Kore Tense which will be summarized in this section of our KoreTense Review.


The first benefit of any fitness tool is fitness. Most tools are good and can help you attain your desired fitness level at a faster rate, however some of them have unwanted side effects. KoreTense Fitness kit have different bands that you can swap at will to help you achieve your goals in the fitness struggle. You can also combine two or more bands as you progress. You can agree with me that this elastic resistance bands was designed to suit everybody’s interest in the world of fitness, both professionals and newbies can benefit equally from this tool.

Pursuing fitness goal is never an easy task especially when you are doing it with the wrong tools. However, using the right tools can help you get there quicker with ease. Just make sure you use the right tools so you don’t get exhausted doing almost nothing.  

Save time

Workouts can be time consuming and most people are not comfortable with it because of the nature of their jobs. This time consuming factor is one of the reasons why many people give up without achieving their objective.

Nobody is encouraging you to spend all your time on workout because you have got a job to do and you also have to make life worthwhile by going to party, swimming pools and sight seeing. This is one of the reasons why KoreTense is a good option for anybody aspiring to become fit. It gives you the opportunity to use it at home or any other place that is convenient for you at a free time. You don’t have to spend all your time in the gym. 


This elastic fitness band is very affordable. As you already know, going to gym or using any machine at workout centers for exercise is not free of charge. You’ve got to pay them handsomely well for you to make use of their services and tools. Most of them charges weekly while a good number of them charges per month. When you add all these charges and the time you spend there you will agree that it is pretty much expensive. KoreTense Fitness Band will give you all these at a fraction of that price. It is very cheap compared to what you pay at the gym. 

Joint mobility

Old age comes with a lot of problems including muscles weakness and joint problems. Regular exercise at a younger age and at old age will help prevent these issues. Kore Tense ensures joint mobility through even distribution of tension to muscles and joints. 

Shape building

Muscles grow through contraction and relaxation and this helps to maintain our shape. Also regular exercise with KoreTense helps to burn excess subcutaneous fats. This is how it helps us to keep good shape. It’s no miracle! 

Qualities of KoreTense resistance band 

  1. Portable: KoreTense Fitness kit is very portable and easy to carry. It comes with a special type of bag that can contain all the components of the workout tools. Do you enjoy traveling and you are worried about missing your routine workouts? Worry no more for Kore Tense at-home fitness bands are very portable and it comes with a special type of bag that help you package your kits and take it to any place of your choice. Hence, you won’t miss a minute in your workout schedule. 
  2. Easy to use: You don’t have to be a professional for you to use Kore Tense. It was designed for everybody both amateurs and experts. It is very easy to use and maintain. Thus, both young and old guys will enjoy this resistance band. 
  3. Works in all directions: This is another advantage of Kore Tense. It works well in all directions. It applies the same amount of tension to every direction so that all your muscle groups will be actively engaged without any harm. This is better than weight lifting that you apply force against the direction of gravity only. One directional exercise tends to target a specific group of muscle instead of the entire body. 
  4. Convenience: You can use KoreTense Review any time and anywhere you wish  unlike going to the gym which is both stressful and time consuming. The ultimate goal of Kore Tense is to enable you attain your fitness desires with maximum comfort. 

KoreTense and other fitness bands 

There are many fitness bands out there and you really need to have a little knowledge about them before ordering for anyone. As you already know, the ultimate goal of all these training bands is to help the users keep fit. Some of them may not take any side effects into account and this makes the user vulnerable to muscle pull, strain and joint sprain.

However, there are many types of fitness bands that are used for different purposes. Your choice of  purchase should be guided by your desires and purpose of buying the fitness band. If you just want a simple-to-use and effective fitness band for your daily routine workouts, then KoreTense will be the right choice for you. But if you want to purchase a band for health purposes, then a physiotherapy band will be the right choice for you. Make a thorough research before ordering for any brand of elastic resistance band. 

What makes it special? 

You might have used or heard about other fitness bands and you are probably wondering what makes KoreTense special? Why you should choose it instead of others. Well, you are right to have such doubt on your mind. In all sincerity, KoreTense remains one of the best fitness bands out there. You can do over fifty (50) different types of workouts with Kore Tense. You can choose the one you want to suit your desire. This is a benefit  that  you can never get with most of the fitness bands for workouts.

This brand of self-training band has gained recognition in many countries of the world including most countries in Europe, America, Asia and some countries in Africa. It is very portable and gives everybody the chance to exercise at the comfort of their homes. Though it belongs to the class of big brands, it is still very affordable. You don’t have to break a bank to acquire your own self-training tools. KoreTense also saves you stress and inconveniences.

fitness bands
koretense fitness band

How to use Kore Tense resistance band

It is very easy to use. Just follow the steps below before using your own training bands. 

The first thing you  should do is to check the package to ensure that the items are complete. Next step is to select the band you wish to use. These bands are of different colours and different weights. Choose the one that you want to use. If you are just starting out, choose the lightest band which is the yellow band that weighs 10 pounds. When you master it and feels you want to upgrade you can now use a higher one which is the red band (15 pounds).

You keep on upgrading until you reach the highest level which is the black band that weighs 30 pounds. After using this highest level you can start to double it by adding the smallest one which is yellow. Continue in that sequence until you reach the highest level again, you can now triple it.  

The next step after selecting the band is to look out for the anchor. This anchor will help you attach the band to a fixed position like your door or any material that it can attach to. 

Now, connect the band to the anchor and the foam handles if you wish to start with your hands or ankle straps if you want to start with your legs. Note that the level of attachment of the anchor will be determined by the type of exercise you want to do (whether you are starting with hands or legs) 

The final step is to attach the ankle straps to your ankle (if you wish to start with ankles) or hold the foam handles with your hands (if you wish to start with your hands) to get the ball rolling. That’s all you need to do to enjoy your own KoreTense self – training band. 

PROS of KoreTense Review 

  • Self training band that you can use at the comfort of your home. 
  • It offers everything you can get in a standard gym centers with every instruments. 
  • It is an at-home fitness bands that engages all the muscle groups in your body to ensure active participation. 
  • Well graded to suit everyone both professionals and newbies. 
  • Different difficulty levels for perfect training and upgrading.
  • Lightweight and hassle-free 
  • It is not gender specific, anybody can use it both male and ladies 
  • Very affordable and efficient. 
  • Money back guarantee for customers who may not find it satisfactory. 
  • 50% discount per unit purchase. 

CONS of KoreTense self-training fitness band

Only available online: You won’t have the privilege to assess or feel the product before paying. It is only after paying that the resistance band will be delivered to you for use. Thus, make sure you check it properly for any fault before making use of it. Should you discover any fault, feel free to contact the customer service for replacement or refund. 

Limited stock: There are only few KoreTense band available. Though I contacted the supplier and they promised to make more bands available as at the time of writing this review. I can’t guarantee you that there are still more available for you. Thus, hurry and order for yours before it completely runs out of stock. 

Where to buy your own resistance fitness band 

Are you convinced that this fitness band is suitable for you but don’t know how and where to buy? Do not worry for our KoreTense Review has got you covered on that. We have provided a link here to direct you to the official product page. The most reliable place to purchase this self training fitness band is from the producer’s website.

Do not buy from vendors outside the manufacturer to avoid getting substandard product at an exorbitant price. If you buy yours from external sources you may not be privileged to benefit from numerous offers on the official product page such as discount per unit and money back guarantee. You are also at the risk of purchasing fake product. 


How to order for KoreTense Fitness Band 

There few steps required of you to take to buy your own KoreTense resistance band. Below are the steps:

  1. Click any of the links in this article to visit the official product page. 
  2. On the product page, select the number of KoreTense you wish to purchase. Note that the higher the number you purchase at a time the higher the discount per unit KoreTense purchased. 
  3. Select the payment option you want. There are different payment methods you can chose from. 
  4. Put an explicit address of your home. Avoid mistakes here so you won’t have your order missing!
  5. After you must have received your order you can do them a favour by dropping a confirmatory note that you have successfully received the product. 

That’s all that is required of you. 
Note: Discount is only for a short period, hurry and get yours to avoid missing out. 

Frequently asked questions 

How do I know if the product delivered to me is the right package? 

There is no secret behind this. The first thing to do to avoid getting the wrong (fake) product is by purchasing yours from the official product page. Also there are a number of items that come with the package. If any of them is missing then you are probably dealing with the wrong product.

These items are 5 swap-able resistance bands of different colours and weight, two foam handles, two ankle straps, one door anchor and a travel bag that contains all other items. Make sure that these items are complete. In case any of them is missing, contact the customer service to replace the package for you. This applies only to those that purchase from the official product page. 

Is it suitable for building biceps muscles? 

Yes, KoreTense is suitable for building your biceps muscles and other muscle groups in your body. It exerts equal amount of tension to all the exercising muscles giving them equal opportunity to grow. Both your arm muscles, forearm muscles, hand muscles and other muscle groups in your chest and back are equally engaged when you are using your hands. The same applies to your foot muscles, leg muscles, thigh muscles and buttocks when the ankles are involved. It does build all these muscles without any side effects.

How do I know the difficulty levels?

It comes with different bands. These bands have different weights. The difference in weight explains the difficulty levels. The band with the lowest weight has the lowest difficulty level (ie the yellow band) while the band with the highest weight has the highest difficulty level (ie the black band). This helps you to select the difficulty level you want. 

Is it only used at home? 

No. KoreTense was designed to be used at any place that is convenient for the users. Though it is termed at-home tool, it can still be used in other places that is suitable for you. With the travel bag, you can take it with you to any location hassle free. 

Who can use Kore Tense? 

Anybody can use KoreTense Fitness Band. If you are the type that cannot make out time to go to the gym for workouts, then Kore Tense is the best deal for you. If you also like stress-free workouts, consider giving KoreTense a try. It is good for both experts and newbies alike. 

Customer`s Reviews

I was marvel at the quick result I got after using these bands for few weeks. it is really awesome and I can’t just stop using it. I can now brag to my friends about my workout consistency. They all said that I was lazy because I usually find it stressful going to the gym everyday after my tight schedule of activities. I was really worried about it but I can’t just keep stressing out myself everyday. It actually affected my health and I decided to stop. Thanks to the manufacturer of KoreTense, I can now exercise everyday at my own free time.  

Cynthia, United States

Really feels good working out at home. I can’t believe that I purchased this all-in-one fitness tools at such an affordable price. I have been to different gym and their prices are way higher than Kore Tense resistance band. It generates forces that touches all my body and joints. I have noticed a significant improvement since I started using this bands.

There is really no need to have an instructor when you buy this fitness tool, you can select each band that suits you. In case you are not sure of the one that will be good for you, just choose randomly and test it to find out which one is most appropriate for you. You really gonna enjoy it as I am. 

Mary, United Kingdom

I’ve not been to the gym before but I can boldly expose my chest and arms to show off. It’s all the work of KoreTense. My friends used to ask me, who is your mentor?  I said I don’t have a mentor, I’m doing it all by myself. They doubted but later decided to get their own KoreTense which revealed the secret to them. It is easy to use and gives the opportunity for improvement. You can move from the 10 pounds to 55 pounds and even more. It’s really great!  

Eric, London

Traveling is my hubby and I don’t like missing my workouts. Inconsistency is one of the reasons why I have not achieved a significant result in my Fitness exercise until I bought Kore Tense. I can take it with me to any place I want without ado. This helped me to stick to my workout schedule without missing any important assignment. It is also very easy to couple and package after use.  

Jeremiah, Israel

I can now choose different workout that I want without going to the gym. That’s really awesome and it feels good. The tools are long lasting. I’ve been using it for a while now without any sign of damage despite the frequency and duration of use. I will get one as gift to keep my friend busy when he’s free from work.

Jammy, Canada
KoreTense fitness band Review
KoreTense Review

Bottom line of Kore Tense Reviews

There are numerous fitness bands out there for your fitness workouts. The choice of which one to buy rests on your power. However, we are always enthusiastic about giving customers accurate reviews on reliable products so they don’t waste their money on fake products that will never live up to their expectations. 

KoreTense Fitness Band is an indispensable tool for people who want to achieve fitness at their homes without paying experts to coach them. It is very affordable and portable. It works on the principle of high intensity and low impact to make sure that you don’t sustain any harm during workouts. 

There are numerous benefits you stand to gain from workouts in addition to fitness. It helps you to attain good state of health. Constant exercise also plays a role in maintaining good skin health and cardiovascular system. It facilitates blood circulation and tissue perfusion and lowers heart rate thus, protecting you against high blood pressure.

Hence, it is advisable that we start workout even at young age and continue at old age to avoid unnecessary ailments associated with sedentary life style. A good at-home fitness tool like KoreTense bands will help you remain consistent.

Also, constant exercise helps to burn excess fat and build good shape. You really stand a chance of gaining a lot from this fitness tool. You can augment Kore Tense with knee joint stabilizer like KneeWrap Pro to add extra protection to the knees during  exercise and also back stabilizers like CorrectBack to protect against back pain. 

Get your own Kore Tense review today at discounted price!! 

Thanks for reading our KoreTense Review, Always stay safe!

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