Latest KoreTrak Review 2021: Best Portable Smartwatch

KoreTrack Review
KoreTrack Review

Latest KoreTrak Review 
KoreTrak is a portable wrist band that combines the high qualities of smartwatch and fitness trackers. This modern smart watch is highly efficient and affordable. 

We all have one goal or the other to pursue in life. Despite what your goal might be, you need good health to achieve that. Thus, it is very necessary to have a health tracker so you don’t have to visit your doctor or do several tests before you find out that your health is out of track.

Losing weight is a mission many people want to actualize. For you to achieve that you need to first start workouts. Hence, a tracker will be indispensable in achieving this goal because you need to know how far you are progressing. 

Recently, many persons are striving to become fit, lose weight and attain good shapes. Workout remains one of the best ways to achieve that. For us to become fit or lose weight, we must be discipline and consistent with doing the things that are required of us. Trackers can help you achieve that.

We understand that there are many smartwatches out there in the market and many of them are nothing to write home about when it comes to accuracy and reliability. This is the reason why many consumers are skeptical about the genuineness of these claims from different reviewers and producers.

You are right to be skeptical because a huge number of smartwatches are not the best option for you. We are here to bring to your knowledge an outstanding gadget that performs the normal functions of regular smart watches and that of fitness trackers at a high level of dexterity and accuracy. 

KoreTrak is an outstanding and amazing smartwatch in the market space today because of its reliability and affordable price. A high technology of this kind is not usually pocket friendly but KoreTrak is an exception. It gives you everything you are craving for at a low price. 

Any smartwatch that can not accurately track your health metrics like blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen level and fitness and sleep is not worth buying unless you just need something aesthetic on your wrist. 

If you are in need of smartwatch, we recommend that you buy the one that won’t mislead you with false and inconsistent values. 

Now, let’s dive deep into our KoreTrak Review. 

What is KoreTrak?  (KoreTrak Review)  

KoreTrak is wrist band that efficiently tracks health and fitness metrics and detects any deviation from normal. Unlike many other smart watches, it accurately reads the blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen level. 

KoreTrak is very portable. You can wear it to anywhere without any inconvenience. The shinny straps makes it look beautiful and extraordinary. Thus you can use it for any occasion. It has an accurate step counter that counts the exact number of steps you took during running or jogging. KoreTrak measures the total distance you covered during your workouts. 

The screen display is very accurate and you will never need your smartphone to read out the values. KoreTrak is very compatible with smartphones. You can connect KoreTrak to phones through Bluetooth or App.

This will enable you to track some parameters and also receive notifications from your smart phones through KoreTrak. It notifies you of any messages or incoming calls through gentle vibrations that will not inconvenience you. It is commendable to pursue our fitness goals in any way possible. This will go a long way in helping us remain in good state of health.

The heart and the entire cardiovascular system benefits a lot from fitness workouts. It enhances the circulation of blood and equitable distribution of oxygen to all the tissues in our body. Thus, it is recommended even by healthcare providers to have a fitness tracker that will help you pursue these goals consistently.  

KoreTrak has gained recognition in the market today because of its amazing features. It combines all the qualities of fitness trackers and smartwatches. It gives precise insight into your overall health, fitness and well-being. KoreTrak will never give faulty and misleading readings. This is one of the reasons why buyers don’t trust smart watches but KoreTrak is one of the few exceptions. It is highly reliable and affordable. You can receive messages phone calls through your wrist band. 

KoreTrak Review
KoreTrak Review

KoreTrak outstanding  features

It has many unique qualities that will meet your high expectations. No matter your purpose of buying smartwatch, KoreTrak remains the best deal. It tracks health and fitness metrics with high degree of clarity and accuracy. It monitors your sleep and records distance precisely. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what KoreTrak can offer:

Overall well-being tracking 

KoreTrak is a good fitness tracker. It gives you intelligent insight into what your fitness level is like. KoreTrak helps you to set a goal and actualize it through its accurate records of your fitness. The previously stored fitness data can be used to know how far you are progressing in your workouts.

Also KoreTrak is capable of reminding you to get up and go about your daily routine through its customizable inactive alert. This will help you train yourself and get used to your daily fitness routine.

Sleep tracking is very precise. Most of us work hard during the day. Thus, we need to sleep properly at night to achieve adequate rest so we can be very productive the next day. 

Unfortunately, most of us don’t sleep well both at night and during the day. The reason behind inadequate sleep may be rational but no matter what the cause might be we still need to sleep well. Giving yourself excuses for not sleeping well will not do you any better.

Inadequate sleep is very detrimental to our overall well-being. Hence we need to sleep. The recommended duration (time) for sleeping is 8 hours according to healthcare providers and researchers. If you don’t get up to 8 hours sleep each day just know that you are helping sickness to gain ground and conquer you any time.

Consequently, we need a device that can monitor our sleep to enable us know if we are getting enough (adequate) sleep or not. KoreTrak is one of the best sleep trackers that gives reliable values about your day to day sleep. It tells you the total duration of your sleep, the number of times you were awake and the duration of deep sleep.

Taking a look at these readings stored over time can help you make necessary adjustments if need be. 

Health tracking seems to be one of the most important part of this awesome wrist band. KoreTrak tracks all the health metrics accurately. It give you reliable reading of your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen level.

Most smart wrist watches don’t give accurate values of blood pressure and oxygen level. Though they may be very efficient in other areas, those brands are not good for health tracking. KoreTrak is one of the few brands that monitors health metrics precisely.

Disorders of cardiovascular system are on the increase and the major manifestations of these diseases are irregular heartbeat and abnormal blood pressure. Thus, it is very crucial to be in possession of a tool that can monitors these parameters to enable you know when your heart is tipping towards the abnormal side.

With KoreTrak smartwatch, you can accurately track your health, fitness and sleep and know if you are well or not. 

Portability (koretrak review)

KoreTrak is a lightweight wrist band. Wearing KoreTrak poses no inconvenience or hassle. The straps are very narrow and will only occupy a small portion of your wrist. Unlike other old school analogue watches or other big sized smart watches, KoreTrak allows you to flex and extend your wrist freely. 

High quality display

KoreTrak displays its readings clearly. You can read off the values easily even when you are running, jogging, cycling etc. It stores data for days to enable you compare your performance and improvement. The pedometer and odometer keeps records of your steps and distance covered which you can easily read by taking a look at the screen.

The colour display of KoreTrak is 1.08″ full display. You don’t need to always connect with your phone to read the value. 


KoreTrak connects easily with smartphones. You can pair your Android phone or iPhone to KoreTrak through Bluetooth or App which you can readily download from Google Play Store or Apple Store. The App known as DayBand connects readily with your phones. The Bluetooth pairing is also easy and fast.

You can receive messages and calls through your smart watch. It vibrates gently to remind you of any messages or incoming calls. You you won’t miss your calls and urgent messages again even while in important meetings. 

What are the technical facts of KoreTrak? 

  • Data storage: KoreTrak can store data for up to seven (7) days. This will enable you to compare your performance each week and know if you are improving or not. 
  • Full colour LCD screen: KoreTrak screen is very accurate with full colour. It has a touch sensitive screen that enables you to operate it freely and easily. 
  • Rechargeable battery: KoreTrak comes with rechargeable lithium battery. You can connect it directly to any power source using a USB cable. It has a USB port that allows you to charge it through your phone cords. The battery capacity is 120mAh. It can last for days after a single charge.
  • Sensor: It has a G – sensor, heart rate monitor, blood pressure and oxygen level monitor.
  • Water resistant: The water proof rating of KoreTrak is IP67. This enables it to resist damage by water. Though this is not a guarantee to always use it in water. You can swim with KoreTrak as long as you don’t stay more than 30 minutes inside the pool. You can also shower with it but it could get damaged if you stay too long showering.  KoreTrak is not good for diving of any kind! 

Advantages of using KoreTrak 

  • Easily set and achieve your goals. 
  • Remain fit all the time. 
  • Lose weight fast through constant reminder. 
  • Sleep adequately and remain healthy. 
  • Achieve good health and overall well-being through early detection of anomalies.
  • Create healthy habits. 

How does KoreTrak work? 

KoreTrak mechanism of operation is no different from other smart watches. It works in a similar way but with higher degree of accuracy. It tracks your health, fitness and sleep with high precision. 

KoreTrak uses on-board sensors and smart phone sensors to track your health and fitness metrics. Unlike many smartwatches, the built-in  pedometer and odometer works independently. They record your footsteps when you are running or walking. They also measure the distance you covered during driving, cycling and running / walking.

KoreTrak does not have its own GPS, hence it relies on smartphone GPS to track your location. Download the right App and connect with your wrist band to enable you make the most out of your smart watch. KoreTrak connects very well through Bluetooth, hence you can receive notifications easily through it.

KoreTrak smartwatch review
KoreTrak Review

How can I use KoreTrak? 

It is very simple and easy to set up and  use. Follow the steps below to get the ball rolling. 

  • Charge your KoreTrak for about 1.5 – 2 hours. Also charge your phone as well.
  • Press and hold the power button until KoreTrak comes on.
  • Press the button again after KoreTrak is turned on to find the App (tracking metrics) 
  • Long press the function button to select or exit App. 
  • Open KoreTrak App on your smartphone 
  • Enter your gender, weight, height and year of birth. Feel free to enter these information, it won’t be shown to anybody, it will be well secured. You must enter the right data to obtain accurate tracking. 
  • Hold KoreTrak near your phone and tap “Add a new device”
  • Select KoreTrak when it shows up on your phone screen to pair. 

Tada! Your tracker  is ready for use. You can use it and tracker whatever parameter you wish. 

Note! After the first connection you don’t have to reconnect it again. Once the smart devices (phone and watch) are ON they will connect automatically with each other.  Thus, you must enter the right data during the first connection to avoid getting wrong and misleading values. 

What makes KoreTrak outstanding? 

KoreTrak combines the qualities of both regular smart watches and fitness trackers. It accurately tracks your sleep, health and fitness.

The silicone straps is made of high quality materials that will last for a long time. KoreTrak is very sparkling and attractive. Though smart watches were not designed for decorating the wrist, it is pretty cool to buy the one that will add a touch of class to your look.

Most people don’t like ugly products no matter how high the quality might be. KoreTrak was designed for everybody, both those that want high quality smartwatch and those that want something fashionable on their wrist. KoreTrak has all the qualities you can get in big brands and yet very affordable.

It has gained recognition because of its spectacular design, high quality and affordably low price. 

The battery capacity 1200mAh. This can last for a long period of time after a single charge. 

Where can I buy KoreTrak 

The best place to buy KoreTrak is from the official website of the producer. Do not fall into the hands of scammers by purchasing from any retailer or websites that are not the manufacturer’s own. 

There are numerous brands of smart watch in the market these days, you can hardly tell which is which. Thus, we recommend buying yours directly from the producer to avoid getting the wrong product. 

Currently, you can get 50% off per unit with free delivery at producer’s site. Do not miss out on this deal! Your payment details are well secured with 256-Bit SSL Encryption. No fear of losing it to anybody. 

PROS of KoreTrak Review

  1. KoreTrak is very efficient and reliable. 
  2. Helps you to stay connected. 
  3. 30-day money back guarantee, a prove of high quality. 
  4. Low cost with 50% discount per unit. 
  5. Helps you to achieve adequate sleep through accurate sleep tracking. 
  6. Delivers results fast, The well designed sensors tracks your health and fitness metrics within seconds. 
  7. Lasts long due to its water resistant quality.
  8. Stores data for long time to enable you compare and contrast improvement. 

CONS (KoreTrak Review) 

  • Running out of stock. Only few KoreTrak smartwatch are available in the store. You may not get yours if you don’t hurry up and buy. 
  • Available online. The only place you can buy your original KoreTrak smartwatch is from the producer’s website. You won’t have the opportunity to see or feel it until after payment and delivery. 

Users’ Feedback 

Janta: This brand is exceptional. It displays accurate values of health and fitness metrics for up to a week. It helps me to figure out which week I did well the ones I under performed. KoreTrak is really cool and I recommend it for anybody interested in workout. 

Mei: I have been training for a long time to help me lose weight but I was not making any tangible success because I’m not consistent. Since I bought this tracker it has helped me to catch up with my daily weight loss routine. I’m really glad I invested my money in it. 

Jona: The step counter is very cool. It helps me know how far I have ran. Which helpas me to be in control of my daily routine. It`s really amazing knowing how many steps I took after running for several meters. The screen display is very legible and I can even read off the data while running. 

Muna: As a newbie, I can proudly train myself with KoreTrak and achieve my fitness goals without any help from professionals. It gives me motivation through the stored data and daily records. The alert spurs me to wake every morning to do my early hours exercise. Great product indeed!

KoreTrak wrist band Review
KoreTrak Review

Frequently asked questions

Can KoreTrak be used for diving? 

No!  KoreTrak is not fit for diving. From any hight deeper than one (1) meter inside water, KoreTrak can get damaged. Also staying in or under water for longer than 30 minutes puts your KoreTrak at risk of damage. You can swim and shower with your KoreTrak as long as you don’t do it for longer than 30 minutes inside water.

How can it be charged? 

You can charge your KoreTrak by connecting it through its USB port to a charging source with a cable. The USB port is located at the bottom of the watch and it is covered with a band. You first remove the band to reveal the USB port after which you connect it to a power source using USB cable. 

Is KoreTrak better than fitness trackers? 

Yes! KoreTrak is an investment that worth more than fitness trackers. It performs the job of fitness trackers and regular  smart watch together at a fraction of the price. Thus, buying KoreTrak wrist band will save you more money and it will render you more services. 

Does KoreTrak connect well with Android phones?

Yes, it does. KoreTrak connects easily with both iPhone and Android phones. You can connect it through Bluetooth or App and both ways are super simple and easy. 

How long does the stored data last? 

KoreTrak can store data up to one week without any mistake or omissions. It is very accurate and reliable. This data storage helps you to make adjustments when the need be. 

Is it suitable for other events apart from workouts? 

Yes, KoreTrak is suitable for any occasion. The fashionable design makes it look attractive on the wrist. If you are looking for something beautiful to wear on your wrist without any intention of using it for workouts, KoreTrak is still the best option for you. 

Conclusion of our KoreTrak Review 

We need to be healthy and fit at all times. Tracking our health fitness parameters and monitoring our sleep will help us in achieving these goals.

KoreTrak is a highly precise health and fitness tracker that is known for its outstanding qualities. It combines the qualities of fitness trackers and regular smart watches. 

KoreTrak is very affordable despite the high qualities. It is an investment that nobody would regret. Its data storage is very accurate.

It helps you to achieve your set goals through its built-in alert system. It is very portable and fashionable. You can wear it to anywhere and for any purpose. It will make you look attractive and adorable. 

We recommend that you give KoreTrak a try if you are looking for an affordable, durable and high quality smart watch to buy. It will surely live up to your high expectations 

Thanks for reading our KoreTrak Review. Remain safe! 

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