MedReminder Reviews 2021: Never Miss Your Medication!

MedReminder Reviews
MedReminder Reviews

MedReminder Reviews:
Medications reminding Apps have be around for years now and people are finding it more useful nowadays. It plays an important role in helping us stay compliant with our medications.

Taking medications in conditions of ailment can be a daunting task and uninteresting and this makes a lot of people to forget resulting in missed doses. Though we try to make this up by going against the prescription interval issued by doctors. However, the sincere truth remains that this practice does not go well with our recuperation and health in general.

This resulted in invention of different medication reminder Apps that help us to keep to Doctor’s advice by always reminding us to take our drugs when we seem to forget. However, this comes with its own downsides because you first have to install the App on your smartphone and learn how to use it very well before you can benefit from it. Some of them require that you invite friends to help you stay focused by sharing your medication details with them so they can receive the same alarm as you do to enable them remind you to take your medication.

This does not ensure privacy which is very crucial in sickness. You don’t go about disclosing your health condition with everybody. This triggered the need for a physical gadget that can help you comply with your medications without missing any dose or sharing your medication details with anybody. This is why we are bringing MedReminder reviews to your knowledge.

It is a physical gadget that offers everything medication reminder Apps do without encroaching on your privacy. Why not read through this MedReminder reviews to find out more about this gadget.

This portmanteau of medications known by its brand name as 7 Rainbow Pill Box Timer, enables you to keep different doses of your drugs within the box and through constant alarm system reminds you to take your medication when due.  

Now, let’s go into the review proper! 

What is MedReminder? 

Med Reminder Reviews
MedReminder Reviews

MedReminder is a medication (pill) dispenser gadget with a built-in alarm system that reminds the user to take his or her medications. It helps to prevent the risk of missing your doses so the drugs can work optimally. Missing doses of drugs comes with different medical problems including development of drug resistant genes in pathological organisms (microorganisms) which makes them more difficult to treat.

This is more common among the elderly and people suffering from chronic illnesses that are almost always on medication. MedReminder pill box will be very indispensable in averting these issues as attested by satisfied users and MedReminder reviews. This pill box timer helps both the patient taking medications and care givers that may be helping to dispense the drugs. It reminds both the care giver and patient that it’s time for the next dose.

It is equipped with different compartments where you can put your medications both pills, capsules, tablets etc. The loud and attention drawing alarm sound can be set to ring up to four times (4x) depending on the number of doses you’re taking per day and each alarm can last up to one minute.

Also if you miss the first alarm, it will still ring for extra three times to remind you to take your medication and the interval between those missed reminders is about one minute apart. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable reminder that will help your loved ones or aged relatives to be compliant with their medication, MedReminder pill box is the best deal. Also, if you are using medication reminder app for your medication, consider giving MedReminder reviews a try. 

Is MedReminder Pill Box a Scam? 

There may be other fake counterparts of this gadget which may not deliver on their promises but MedReminder pill box does not belong to that category. It is very accurate and reliable. Unlike Med Apps that might be cumbersome to set up and use, MedReminder pill dispenser is very user friendly. You don’t need extra skills or an assistant to use your own MedReminder gadget. 

Below are a few reasons why this device is not a scam. 

  • Easy to use and automatic medicine reminder. 
  • 7 different coloured containers for all your doses. 
  • Accurate electronic timer with reminders. 
  • Easy to clean compartments. 
  • Portable design with anti-sliding containers. 
  • Works with a common CR2032 battery cell. 

How does MedReminder pill dispenser work?

It’s no news that a lot of persons are not aware of medication dispenser Apps and gadgets. MedReminder reviews and other medication reminder Apps works like your clock and wrist watch (smart watch) alarm systems. You set the time you wish to be alerted. When it gets to that time, your gadget or App will make sound to remind you of anything you want to do at that time.

The difference between your smart watches and medication dispensers (Apps or MedReminder pill box) is that pill dispensers gives you the opportunity to set up to four (4) different alarms correlating with the time of each medication (dose). 

While pill dispenser Apps depend on your smart phone to make sound (alarm) MedReminder comes with its own sound system and power source (battery) so you won’t have to depend on your smartphone. This is how MedReminder works. No mysteries involved. 

MedReminder pill box
MedReminder pill box

How to use MedReminder pill alarm box 

It is very easy to use and clean. Med Reminder is not one of those mysterious tools that can only be used my highly techy guys. Take a look below! 

  • Ensure that the battery and other components of the gadget are intact and well connected. 
  • Bring out the different compartments and put your medications (one dose in each compartment to avoid making avoidable mistakes). 
  • Put those pill boxes back in their original positions. 
  • Turn on the gadget and set the alarms depending on the number of times you want to be reminded for the day. 
  • You can put the gadget in your small hand bag if you’re traveling or keep it to a place very close to you either in your home or office. 
  • Each time the alarm rings you open it and take your medication. 

That’s all you need to do to ensure you don’t miss your medications when using MedReminder pill box reviews.

Note: Do not keep MedReminder dispenser far away from you so you can hear the sound, if not the whole exercise will end up in futility. 

Advantages of using MedReminder 

  • Easy to wash: MedReminder medication reminder has detachable compartments that can be dismantled to enable you clean the gadget thoroughly before reassembling them. Thus, there is no risk of getting contaminated with infectious agents. Your gadget will remain as clean as you want it. 
  • Portable: It is very light. You can carry it with you to any place you wish without any hassle. Imagine how useless it will be when you can’t carry it with you when traveling because of its size and weight. The entire purpose of its creation will be defeated if it’s bulky. Fortunately, it every light and can be taken to everywhere without ado. You can go to work or shopping with your reminder. 
  • Put all the doses for the day: MedReminder has large trunk that accommodates all the pill boxes comfortably. You can put all the doses you want to take for the day into your MedReminder and set the alarm as appropriate to remind you constantly. 
  • Effective alarm system: You can set up to four different alarm clock to remind you of each dose of medication you are supposed to take. Each alarm can ring up to 1 min and it has three times missed reminders. Thus, even if you miss the first alarm, there are still other three alarm reminders that will call your attention to the pill box. 
  • Stylish design: It has a fancy design to make it look fashionable. It won’t look ugly in your bag or office. 

PROS (MedReminder reviews) 

  • 4 set timer for one day. 
  • The clock functions with alarm functioneriod. 
  • Loud alarm beeps for one minute. 
  • 7 large compartments for different doses of drugs. 
  • Seven different colours for each compartment to avoid confusion. 

CONS (pill dispenser reviews) 

  • Only available online 
  • Limited stock. 
  • Suitable for those suffering from chronic illnesses.
  • Might not be a conservative investment for people who are occasionally ill. 
  • Very young aged people needs assistance with it. 
MedReminder pill dispenser
MedReminder pill dispenser

MedReminder specifications 

Product name 7 Rainbow Pill Box Timer
Product materialABS+PP
Product main colourWhite with colourful
Compartment coloursRed, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple
Product weight83 grams
Product dimension35mm x 20mm x 110mm
Package Dimension12 x 11.5 x 2.5 cm

Where to buy MedReminder pill dispenser 

You can only get the original product from the producer. Buying from sources outside the producer’s official product page is Very risky and you may end up buying substandard product at an exorbitant price. Spare some times and order for your own MedReminder from the producer website. You stand a chance of 50% discount with free delivery if you purchase early. Payment details are also secured with Bit-256 SSL Encryption.


You might be wondering!  

How much does it cost? 

MedReminder is not very expensive and a piece of it goes at $49. This is not too much considering its benefits. The risk of missing your doses or not completing your medication is far more expensive than this. Also if you are a very busy person you need this product because you are at high risk of forgetting your medications and you will probably develop drug resistance.

This condition will cost you more money and consume your time because you will be spending days in the hospital for adequate management of the resistant organism. 

Who really need MedReminder? 

If you are suffering from a chronic disease condition such as hypertension, diabetes, sickle cell, schizophrenia etc. You need Med Reminder pill box. These disease condition are controlled not cured, hence you need to keep taking your medications regularly to ensure optimal control of these conditions. Also if your are a very busy person or you have issues with keeping up with your medication, you need MedReminder reviews to help you stick to your medications. 

If you are an elderly person or you have and elderly person in your home who’s under your care, then you need MedReminder to help you with proper timing for his (her) medication. It’s easier to remember to take your medication when you are sick than to do so when you’re just looking after someone. 

Customers Reviews

There are numerous reviews from different users who deemed it fit to return with a comment to the official product page to clear the doubts on the minds of intending users. These reviews will be summarized in the paragraphs below.

The first review is from a lady who is always trying hard to impress her boss at office and hardly had time for other things including taking medications when she is sick. She bought MedReminder which made life easier for her with regards to reminding her of her medications.

The second review is from a 19-year old girl who is looking after her aged ground mother. It has been a herculean task for her especially when the woman is sick. She usually forget her medications but since she started using Med Reminder pill box she has not forgotten even a dose.

There are numerous other reviews you can see for yourself.

Final verdict (MedReminder reviews) 

Med Reminder pill dispenser reviews
Med Reminder pill dispenser reviews

There may be numerous medication reminder out there, however it will do you more favour if you buy a reliable brand. Make sure you research thoroughly before buying any pill dispenser to avoid wasting money and time. 

Our MedReminder reviews successfully has divulged everything you need to know about this particular brand, thus you can take a bold step towards purchasing one for yourself or your loved ones. 

As you know, sickness is not something we pray for but it will come. And most times it comes when we least expect it. Hence, it will be crucial to acquire the arsenal we need to combat it should it come our way. Taking medication is one of the major ways of curing diseases but medication can be counterproductive if we don’t take it rightly.

Missing doses is one of those ways of deviating from Doctor’s prescription which is detrimental to our recovery. With MedReminder pill box, you are steps away from missing your doses. It is very lightweight and fashionable, thus you can take it to any place of your choice. The alarm system is loud and efficient. Get your own and say bye to missing medications. 

Thanks for reading our MedReminder reviews, feel free to check out our EqualPlus adjustable glasses and CoverSafe facemask.  

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