PetHydro Max Reviews 2021: Best Handy Pet Hydrating Tool

PetHydro Max Reviews
PetHydro Max Reviews

PetHydro Max Reviews:
Keeping pets can be hard and stressful especially the furry ones like cats and dogs. If pets are not well taken care of, they can suffer from a lot of diseases which puts the owner at risk of contracting these diseases. However, there are tons of devices that were developed to help pet keepers take good care of their pets. 

In this PetHydro Max Reviews, we would introduce to you a new device that can help you feed your pets and hydrate them in a completely sterile and safe condition. PetHydro Max has compartments where you can store water and food for your pets. Furry and other types of pets are good friends and they usually make the owners happy, however they can not fend for themselves, you need to take good care of them to prevent them from eating dirty foods and drinking dirty waters that might be contaminated.

Dehydration is one of the major problems that can cause a lot of diseases in animals. Water plays a vital role in both digestion of food taken in by animals and also in the maintenance of the immune system of the animals. Hydrating your pets at the right time using the right containers free from contamination will go a long way in keeping them in good health especially sporting dogs. 

Now, let’s dive right in to the nuts and bolts of this article. 

What is PetHydro Max? 

 PetHydro Max is a portable and handy device for storing water and food for pets. It was specifically designed for hydrating furry and other pets. This dual purpose water bottle allows you to store water and food in it and also hydrate and feed your pets. You don’t need to carry a bowl and water can each time you are going out with your pets. This benefits sporting pets the most because they are always in need of water. 

If you you are worried about your pets drinking unclean water and eating dirty foods, then this pet hydrating tool is the best option for you. Pet Hydro Max review has an activated carbon filter that prevent harmful pathogens like bacteria from gaining access to the water stored in the can.

PetHydro Max is the right tool for the safety of your pets. Visiting a veterinary hospital or calling your veterinary doctor to come and see your pet are both time consuming and expensive. With Pet hydro max, you don’t have to waste your money treating pets all the time. This device is affordable and ensures complete protection for your pets.

Pet Hydro Max Reviews
PetHydro Max Reviews

It has a very stable base that prevents unnecessary falls. The base twist-locks the ground, thus it will never tip or fall while your pet is drinking. Another amazing quality of PetHydro Max Reviews is its simple spiral and spring valve designed to ensure that water does not leak from the device. The valve is water – tight and won’t allow even a drop of water to escape from the can. It has a silicone seal that helps to prevent leakage. Thus, you can store the water as long as you wish in such a sterile condition. 

You can easily dismantle the different components of the device to wash them thoroughly after which you put them back in place without any hassle. It is very easy to carry and there are different colours to select from to suit your desires. 

Outstanding features of PetHydro Max Reviews 

  • Stores water for a long time for your pets. 
  • Ensures that your pets are healthy through constant supply of water. 
  • Never run out of water for your pets. 
  • Easy to carry even in hand bags. 
  • Does not leak due to quality seal. 
  • Quality materials that are durable. 
  • Food grade plastics.
  • Simple to use by anyone. 
  • Suitable for everybody, no limitations. 

What makes it stand out? 

  1. Easy to use: Pet hydro max is very portable and easy to use. Anyone can use this water bottle without prior training or assistance. It requires only one hand to operate. With a single button push, water will rush out for your pets to drink. If you want to stop the water from coming out, just release the button and it will stop coming out. If the water stored in it is exhausted, all you need to do is to separate the parts of the tool to enable you refill it after which you put them back in place. If the parts get dirty, you can wash them thoroughly and dry them before putting them back. Even kids can use this tool. 
  2. Tight seal: The cover (mouth) of Pet Hydro Max is made of silicone sealing ring that prevents water leakage. This ensures that you do not run out of water for your pets. Also, you can put the can in your bag containing other stuff  without fear of wetting them because the tight seal of PetHydro Max won’t even allow a drop of water out of the bottle.  You can also drain excess water on the bottle after feeding your pet to prevent wasting water. 
  3. Easy to carry: It is handy and portable. The water capacity is about 200ml which is enough for your pets and won’t pose much inconvenience to carry. You can travel to any place with your pet water bottle without any hassle. 
  4. Durable material: The pet water bottle is made with high quality plastic materials that can last for a very long time. The high quality food grade plastic allows you to store much food for your pet without any risk of breakage. Just press the button to release water anywhere and anytime for the comfort of your pets. 
  5. Sterile condition: The activated carbon filter won’t allow pathogenic organisms to gain entrance into the water bottle. This helps to protect your pets from being infected. Bacteria and other organisms are the reason why pets and other animals suffer from different types of sicknesses. Protecting your furry friends against these organisms will help to keep them in good state of health. 

Product Specifications

Brand name PetHydro Max
Brand TypeWater bottle
Water capacity200ml
Recommended breedFor all water drinking pets
Material typeplastic
Dimensions26 x 7cm
Material gradeABS + PC
ColoursPink, Blue, Green and Gray

 How to use PetHydro Max 

Using pet hydro max is very easy and hassle-free. You don’t need special skills to use it unlike other modern tools of this kind. 
Now, follow the steps below to use yours.  

  • Unscrew the water bottle and separate the different parts of it to enable you fill the water tank. 
  • Get clean water free from germs and fill the water tank (it takes up to 200ml of water). 
  • Put the parts back in place. 
  • Ready to give your pet water,
  • Keep the bottle horizontally
  • Long press the water button to fill the trough with water.
  • When the trough is filled with water, release the button to stop water from coming out to prevent wasting the water. 
  • When you are done feeding the pet, recover the unused water by pressing the button to drain the water back into the tank. 
  • Finally turn the lock key to lock the water bottle and prevent water from leaking. 

If the bottle gets dirty, separate the different parts to enable you wash them well after which you put them back in place. 

PetHydro Max Reviews
Pet Hydro Max Reviews

What we like about Pet Hydro Max Review 

  • Ergonomic design that makes it easy to use by everybody. 
  • Easy to carry to anywhere without ado. 
  • High quality and Durable materials for long use. 
  • Very cost effective and lasts longer.
  • 30 day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.
  • 50% discount with free delivery 

Downsides of the product 

  • Available only online: You can only purchase your own pet water bottle from the official product page. This helps to reduce the cost of the product by kicking middlemen out of the supply chain. It also reduces the risk of getting fake product. However, you won’t have the opportunity to feel or see the product prior to delivery. 
  • Limited stock: Only few Pet Hydro Max review are available in the official store. Hurry and get yours before it runs out of stock.

Why you need this product 

There are tons of reasons why PetHydro Max Reviews is a good choice for every pet owner. In this section of our review, we would summarise some for you. 

  • It readily makes water available for your pet: Even if you are far away from home, as long as you have pet hydro max you don’t need to worry about your pet getting dehydrated as the water bottle can store more than enough water for your pet. 
  • Conserves money and time: PetHydro Max ensures that the water your pet drinks from is free from germs. Thus, they won’t suffer unnecessary ailments. Consequently, you don’t have to waste your money and time visiting veterinary clinic to treat your pet. 
  • Affordable: Though the quality of this water bottle is on the high side, it still maintain a very low cost. The plastic materials used in making this product is very strong and durable, you can use it for a very long time. The bottle also twist-lock the ground to prevent tipping. This also offers protection against breakage. 
  • Convenience: You don’t have to carry bowl and water bottle at the same time when you are going out. PetHydro has both components, a water tank for storing water and a trough where your pet can drink from. Thus, no need for bowl. This reduces your burden as a pet owner. 
  • Single button push: Just press the button once and the water bottle will start working. The only thing required of you to use this water bottle effectively is press-and-release process. 

Where to buy Pet Hydro Max 

Now, you are satisfied with what you’ve read about this outstanding pet water bottle and you wish to take the bold steps towards acquiring one for your pet but don’t know where to buy. We have got you covered on this, just click here or the button below to purchase your own PetHydro Max from the official website of the manufacturer.  

There may be other vendors claiming to sell the original product in the market, retail shops. We recommend that you buy yours directly from the producer to avoid being scammed. Also, there are numerous deals in the official product page such as 30 day money back guarantee, 50% discount per unit with free delivery. There are higher discounts when you purchase more than one PetHydro Max. Thus, you will get one at the cost of $49 (50% discount), two PetHydro Max at $69, three PetHydro Max at $98 etc… Their customer service is top notch, you will get regular update from them. 

Effects of dehydration in Pets  

  • Loss of appetite: When animals are dehydrated they lose appetite and pets like dogs are no exception. When they refuse to eat, they become vulnerable to sicknesses, weak and unable to play. No pet owner would like his/her pet to be in these conditions. Thus, a water bottle like Pet hydro max will be indispensable in keeping your pet in good health. 
  • Vomiting: When pets start vomiting, it is one of the signs of dehydration. It prevents them from getting enough nutrients necessary for growth and health. It can be accompanied by diarrhoea. 
  • Sunken, dry eyes: It makes the eyes sunken and dry. This makes your pet look ugly and unnatural. It can also cause dry nose and dry sticky gums which is a lot of inconvenience for the pet. 
  • Panting: Whenever your pet especially dogs are panting try and look for clean water for them. Panting is one of the ways dehydration manifest and it makes pets uncomfortable. Do not allow your pet to be dehydrated. It can cause a lot of problems. This is because, water is very important for both digestion and absorption of food, lubricating joints, cushioning internal organs and regulating body temperature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy this product? 

Visit the website of the producer to buy the original product. You can do that through any of the links provided in this article. Do not purchase from unauthorized vendors to avoid getting fake product at an exorbitant price.

What payment options are accepted? 

There are numerous payment methods accepted by the producer including PayPal, credit or debit cards (Master card and Visa card). Other options may also be available depending on your location (country). Also your payment details are always secured, no risk of falling into the hands of fraudsters. 

How much does delivery cost? 

The delivery of PetHydro Max is free of charge. The producer delivers the product world wide at no extra charge as at the time of writing this review. They may add extra charge for delivery  as they deem fit. It’s solely in their jurisdiction to take such decision. However, be rest assured that delivery won`t be an issue.

Customer reviews 

There are tons of reviews in the official website of the producer but we’d summarize a few of them. 

Josh: It is a good product for dog owners. It stores enough water for dogs and it does not leak. I can put it in my bag without any fear of getting other stuff soaked in water. Very easy to use and clean. It offers protection to dogs as well.

Mark: I have always worried about my dog drinking dirty water outside home. I bought a water bottle but it is very much inconveniencing, I have to carry an extra bowl where i will pour the water for the dog. When I heard about PetHydro Mx, I decided to give it a try. Happy it is easier to carry and use. My dog always drink safe and clean water.

Anne: It is very easy to use. I like the design and colour of the bottle. I can carry it to any place without any inconvenience. I am glad the only I have to do is just press the button to give my dog water. I recommend this to any pet owner looking for water bottle to buy.

Jane: I like how useful this product is to my dog. I can travel to anywhere with my dog now and be sure of giving him water anytime. It does not waste water nor allow germs to enter. It`s design is just cool.

Pet Hydro Max Reviews
Pet Hydro Max Reviews

Final verdict 

There are tons of water bottle out there for pets but it will be more beneficial to you if you buy high quality bottle that will be safe for your pet. PetHydro Max meets every expectations of dog and other pet  owners. It can store enough water for them and ensure that no harmful organisms gains access to the water. 

With Pet Hydro Max, you won’t worry about your dogs drinking water indiscriminately or eating anyhow outside your home. You won’t worry about them getting dehydrated. It is very portable and easy to use. It has a water trough where your pet can drink from, thus you don’t need extra bowl where you will pour water for your pet. This makes the job easier. It very affordable and durable with high quality plastic materials. Get yourself a PetHydro Max and say good bye to pet dehydration. 

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