Shoe Sterilizer Pro Review 2021: Best Sterilizer and Dehumidifier

Shoe Sterilizer Pro Review
Shoe Sterilizer Pro Review

Shoe Sterilizer Pro Review:
Can this heat sterilizer make shoes more comfortable for the feet? Let’s find out in this review. It’s well detailed and informative, keep reading! 

Shoe Sterilizer Pro is a gadget that helps to sanitize and deodorize shoes. Its benefits, pros and cons are summarized in this article. 

Sterilizing and deodorizing our shoes is as important as buying the shoes. Shoes can provide a potential environment for bacterial and fungal growth and this makes the shoes smelly and unhealthy for the feet. There are also other factors that can make shoes unclean and smelling and the notable cause is dust and dirty particles.

However, most people maintain good hygiene but their shoes still smell. This can be very embarrassing especially in societies where it is a tradition to remove shoes before entering the house. As you know, after wearing shoes for a long time, your feet will sweat and the sweat will be absorbed by the shoes through the stockings. This humidity encourages bacterial and fungal growth which generate smell and also cause decay of the shoes.

Thus, it becomes a necessity that we dry (dehumidify) our shoes after wearing it for a long time. There are a number of disease that can result from unhygienic shoes such foot fungus. 

Some people find it difficult to wear shoes for long time because of the associated conditions but the truth is that there is a perfect solution to this problem. If your boss gets angry with you for not wearing shoes to work, then you need Shoe sterilizer Pro. 

Also, you might be asking, what other natural ways of keeping shoes clean and free from smell without using gadgets? This is an interesting question and the answer is yes. You can keep your shoes clean using other methods but the best practice as confirmed by this ShoeSterilizer Pro Review is using reliable gadgets to protect, clean and sterilize your foot wears.

As already mentioned in this article, keeping shoes clean and sterilizing them is as important as buying the shoes because shoes and other foot wears are pretty expensive and you wouldn’t want them to look unsightly after a short period of use. Thus, it’s recommended that you get yourself a good gadget like shoe sterilizer Pro to dry and make your shoes more comfortable and increase their life span.

A lot of people use wax and paraffin candle to rub on their shoes to make the fabric more waterproof so they can last longer. This offers protection to the shoes because it prevent water from getting to the fabric. Though this practice is effective, the protection it offers can not be compared to that of reliable gadget, however it is less expensive. 

Now, let’s take a look at what ShoeSterilizer Pro is. 

Shoe Sterilizer Pro Review: What is this gadget all about 

Shoe Sterilizer Pro is a gadget which helps to sterilize and deodorize shoes. This is achieved by dehumidifying the shoes from the inside which destroys the environment where bacteria and other organisms like fungi grow. These organisms causes foul smell and other health issues for the feet. Thus, shoesterilizer pro does not only protect the shoes but also protect our feet against certain foot diseases associated with wearing unhealthy shoes.

We pay big bucks to acquire shoes, so naturally, we would want them to remain as pristine as they were when we first bought them. This is very possible if we can apply the right technique and tools in taking care of them. Shoe Sterilizer Pro is an excellent tool in this regard, because it tackles some serious issues such as pain points. Anybody that wears shoes will readily understand how embarrassing smelling shoes and feet are especially in public settings where it is irrational to enter a house without removing your shoes. 

Humid environment created by sweat encourages bacteria to multiply and grow and cause bad smell. 

Are you an athlete or a fitness enthusiast always worried about the pain point and smelly nature of your shoes and feet conditions? Worry no more for Shoe Sterilizer Pro has come to put an end to your problem. Joggling becomes easier with sterilized sneakers. Also expensive shoes that go ruined if not properly taken care of, can now be saved. All feet conditions generated from the shoes are now solved. You can wear shoes all day long without feeling uncomfortable and you won’t be embarrassed to pull out your shoes in public settings because of bad smell.

This is how people fix their shoes and make them look nice. Also, dehumidifying your shoes will increase the longevity of the fabrics. This is because moisture (sweat) can readily be absorbed by the fabric and this makes it soft and fragile, thus it can tear at any time. Removing the sweat regular through drying will help strengthen the fabric and make it stronger to withstand rough use. 

Below are the features of shoesterilizer pro. 

Features of shoesterilizer pro 

Suitable for all shoes

Shoe sterilizer Pro is suitable for any kind of shoes. It does not select a particular brand of shoes it works on.

Both sneakers, ankle boots, army boots, athletic shoes, golf shoes, cycling shoes, deck shoes, bowling shoes, brogues, cleats, figure skates, flip flops, gumboots, high top sneakers, hiking boots, heels, high heels, ballet shoes, beach shoes, dress shoes, boat shoes, climbing shoes etc can be sterilized and dehumidified with shoesterilizer pro.

Also it works well on different shoe sizes ranging from sizes 35 – 43 yards. It can also be adjusted to fit into other shoe sizes. This gadget is unisex and can clean both men and ladies shoes irrespective of the brand. It is also fit for kids and adult shoes. No matter the brand of shoes you’re wearing, shoe sterilizer pro will be pretty good option if you wish to keep them clean and free from bad odors.  

Flexible and integrated design for better drying  

Shoe sterilizer pro is well designed for effective drying and deodorizing of shoes. It is a flexible deodorant that can fit into any shoes both children and adults shoes, male and female shoes. If you have been humiliated before because of smelly shoes you will benefit from this outstanding gadget.

Also for people that have very sensitive feet and frequently fall sick due to bacterial infection, shoesterilizer pro will be good for you. No more humiliation neither will you suffer unnecessary diseases. 

Reinforced thickened plug

One of the components of shoesterilizer pro as confirmed by online shoesterilizer pro review is a strong and thick plug. This part is very necessary for this gadget to work. It has no role to play in the actual process of drying or sterilizing, what it does is to connect the entire gadget to a power source which is needed for shoe sterilizer Pro to work. Without a reliable  power source, shoes sterilizer pro won’t work.

Thus, the plug is very necessary. It is strong twist and does not deform. Thus, it won’t spoil easily or get burned by high electric current. It has a short circuit for efficient conduction of electricity. 

Work indicator

It has a work indicator that will guide you to know when the heating started. For this indicator to be on, shoesterilizer pro must be well connected to a sufficient power source as stated above. Light up the gadget to start heating and rapidly heat for three minutes to get to temperature of 60 to 70 degree Celsius. Another outstanding feature of shoe sterilizer pro is it’s ability to heat up the shoes fast.

It takes a maximum of three (3) minutes to raise the temperature of the inside of the shoes to 70 degree Celsius which is adequate to cause evaporation of fluid (moisture) and dry the shoes properly. 

Uniform distribution of heat through refined holes

It has uniform holes through out its body. These holes helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout the entire shoe fabric. The essence of this is that it helps to prevent overheating of one side while the other sides of the shoes are yet to get adequate amount of heat that can cause drying and eradication of germs.

Shoe sterilizer pro only works for a few minutes to avoid over heating which might be detrimental to the strength of the shoe fabric. Thus, it becomes necessary that every part of the shoes gets the same amount of heat so that they will be properly dehumidified and deodorized within the stipulated period that shoe sterilizer pro is expected to work. It is well timed and designed for effective shoe maintenance. 

Telescopic integration for more shoe sizes

Shoes come in different sizes because we all have different sizes of feet. Shoe sterilizer pro fits into many sizes of shoes. It is also adjustable to fit into even more shoe sizes. Depending on the size of your shoe, you can use it without adjustment to fit into your shoe or slide it up to increase the size if your shoes seem to be bigger than the normal size.

This is why shoe sterilizer pro review is suitable for everyone, both male and female, young and adult no matter how small or big your shoe size is. It really worth a try and be rest assured that it will live up to your high expectations. 


It is very compact and lightweight. Thus, you can travel to any place of your choice where you want to use your drying equipment. If you wear shoe all day long, you may like to dry and sterilize it in your office before getting home. This purpose will be defeated if shoe sterilizer pro is bulky and heavy. Fortunately, it is very light and portable, you can take it to your office or home without any hassle. 

How does it work? 

It is pertinent that you get in touch with the nitty gritty of shoe sterilizer pro and how it works. This will give you an inkling of its efficacy and enable you make wise decision with regards to purchasing one for yourself.

In all sincerity, the mechanism through which shoe sterilizer pro dry and deodorize shoes is very simple, there is no magic behind it. 

First, it uses power (electric energy) which is supplied through its plug and electrical cable. This electric energy is converted into heat energy. The heat is now dissipated throughout the inner surface of the shoes as rays. This heat causes evaporation of the fluid (moisture) in the shoes which will result in drying and discourage the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Humid environment provide optimal condition for the growth of bacteria and other germs. Drying this fluid will deny them the optimal conditions and environment they need to grow. This will prevent them from causing chemical reactions that will generate bad odor or cause any other harm to the feet. Also drying will help prevent shoe fabric from getting soft and weak. 

Shoe sterilizer pro takes only three (3) minutes to achieve this heating effect that protects your shoes and feet from the deadly bacteria and fungi. This entire process also prevent bad smell that will cause embarrassment in public. That’s all about the working principles of shoe sterilizer pro and it has been proven to be very effective.

If you have expensive shoes that you wouldn’t want to lose, then you’ve got to sterilize and deodorize them to keep it shiny and strong. 

shoesterilizer pro review
shoesterilizer pro review

Benefits of Shoe Sterilizer Pro 

  • Instantly eliminates bad odors from shoes: It takes only a few minutes to remove bad odor from shoes. It is very efficient and fast. Thus, you can use it to deodorize your foot wears anytime and anywhere. If you want your shoes to remain clean and free from bad odors all times, then shoe sterilizer pro is the best deal for you. 
  • Dry shoes immediately through heat emission: Shoe sterilizer Pro uses heat emission to sterilize and dry your shoes. It does not use any harmful light rays to achieve this purpose. Many shoe sanitizers uses rays that might be injurious to the feet but shoesterilizer pro uses only heat to get rid of moisture and bacteria. Once the shoes are cool, you can wear them without any risk of getting hurt. 
  • Restore natural shoe smell by killing bacteria: Bacteria are the major culprit in shoe smell. They use the moisture and other agents inside the shoe for their survival. As they act on these agents to make living, they inadvertently stimulate chemical reactions and the by-products of these reactions are responsible for the bad odors. Once these bacteria are eliminated from the shoe, the bad smell will be removed and the natural shoe smell will be restored. 
  • Additional dehumidifying process with heat: This gadget also dehumidify shoes using heat. This process is energy efficient and does not have any side effects. It’s very natural and there is no chemicals involved in killing germs, only heat is employed throughout the entire dehumidifying and deodorizing. 
  • Makes shoes healthy by killing fungi to avoid foot fungus: Fungi also causes foot problems and they utilize the moisture inside the shoe to grow. Shoe sterilizer Pro eliminates this moisture. Also, the heat generated has direct deleterious effects on the fungi and bacteria which kills them. 
  • Safe for both leather shoes and sneakers: It is suitable for all kinds of shoes. It is used in sneakers and leather shoes to achieve the same purpose without any harm to either brand.  

Parts of shoesterilizer pro 

It comes with different parts which you must look out for to ensure it’s complete. If any of these parts of shoe sterilizer pro is missing, contact the customer service team to lodge your complaint. 

  1. Front vent: This front vent is responsible for dissipating heat to the anterior half of the shoes. The holes are of uniform size to ensure that there is uniform distribution of heat generated by the PTC heating plate. If you cannot find these holes / small aperture (vent), then you have to return it because the heat generated can’t find their way to the interior surface of the shoe. 
  2. Rear vent: This is the aperture in the posterior end of the shoe sterilizer pro. It works just like the front vent. It must be present for shoe sterilizer to be efficient. Always look out for it when you order for your shoe deodorant. 
  3. Front PTC heating plate: This is the most important part of shoe sterilizer deodorant. This is the part that generates the heat which causes drying and also kills germs. This plate converts the electrical energy supplied through the plug and cable to heat energy and release the heat through the front and rear vents. 
  4. Thermostat: This is also an important part of shoe deodorant. It detects the temperature changes in the PTC plate. If the temperature is low, it will activate the plate to start heating but if the temperature is too high it will stop the heating process. It acts like a regulator to ensure optimal heating and to prevent over heating which might damage the shoes. 
  5. Rear PTC heating plate: This is the back part of the heating plate. It functions under the regulation of thermostat. It works with the front PTC heating plate. It generates heat and distribute it to the posterior part of shoe. 
  6. Telescopic adjustment: This part of shoe sterilizer pro helps to increase or decrease the size of the gadget depending on the size of shoes to be dried. You can adjust it to fit into your shoes.
  7. Power cable: This wire connect the sterilizer to the plug. Its only function is to pass electric current from the plug to the gadget. 
  8. Plug: This is a strong and non deform-able part that connects the entire setting to electric (power) source. It has short circuit that conducts current efficiently. 

Note: It comes in pairs with two power cables which join to a single plug that is connected to a power source. It also comes with a universal adapter that serves as a surge protector.

Does it really work? 

Yes, it does. A lot of customers have left a review on the product official page. Also shoe sterilizer pro review has confirmed the efficiency of this deodorant and drying gadget. It is capable of eradicating 99% of bacteria and fungus in your shoes.

It takes only few minutes to remove the bad odour and restore the natural smell of shoes. If you’re a fitness enthusiast or an athlete, you will benefit much from this gadget. You can also augment it with KneeWrap Pro to ensure that your knees are always stable during workouts to avoid unnecessary dislocation. O

One of the major reason why people seek solution to their smelly shoes is to avoid embarrassment when they pull them off. However, it never occurred to them that there are organisms responsible for that foul smell and those organisms can also cause diseases. An efficient sterilizer and deodorant like shoe sterilizer pro can take care of both bad smell and germs that cause foot problem.

It really works and you’d never regret investing your hard earned money in it.  

Can shoesterilizer kill athlete’s foot fungus? 

Athlete’s foot fungus is a fungal disease that affects mostly athletes.  It is a contagious fungal infection that affects skin of the feet and it can spread to the toenail and hands. This disease is caused by fungi and they reside inside the shoes. It is called athletes foot fungus because it is more common in athletes that always wear shoes. Thus, if you wear shoes all day long, then you are at risk of getting this disease.

Fortunately, there is a gadget that can kill fungi in our shoes straight away. It is better to kill those fungi and prevent them from causing harm to our feet than to get the disease and start seeking medical treatment. Shoe sterilizer pro is a deodorant that can kill fungi and bacteria and prevent foot fungus. It is very efficient and works very fast. 

Also, for people that have diabetes or weekend immune system can easily come down with foot fungus which will be very difficult to cure. If you are diabetic and you wear shoes for long time, then you need shoe deodorant to kill these fungus and protect yourself from getting foot fungus. Also, if you have an aged parent that like wearing shoes, do well to always sterilize and dry their shoes to make it healthy for them. 

Who needs shoe deodorant

Everybody that wears shoes needs a shoe deodorant and drying gadget to keep the shoes clean and pristine. There are a lot home remedies that you can do to take good care of your shoes but none has proven effective like shoe sterilizer pro. 

Some do candle wax care, cleaning fabrics with tooth brush and baking soda along with hydrogen peroxide and water. These methods are all effective but none of them can kill germs or dry your shoes, thus they will still smell and cause foot problems. If you have a shoe that you wear frequently, then you need a shoe sanitizer and dryer to keep it clean and safe.

However, if you wear shoes once in a while for a very short period of time, then you might not benefit much from shoesterilizer pro review. 

Athletes, fitness enthusiasts and professionals will get huge benefits from shoe sterilizer pro. Also, if you are a worker that wear shoe all day long, you need a dryer and deodorant. 

Customers ShoeSterilizer Review 

This has pretty much changed my life. I was a bit apprehensive when I first purchased as I’ve not used this type of gadget before. Glad, it changed the smell of my shoes. It was also very easy to use and I got grips with its useful functions quickly.   

Anne, United States

My shoes used to smell badly anytime I pull them off after work. I work from morning to evening with my shoes on throughout. I really don’t like the odor it generates though I’ve not been embarrassed by it because I only pull them off at home. Luckily I came across ShoeSterilizer Pro review online and I decided to give it a try.

Though I was still very much skeptical about the authenticity of the claims but I pulled out my credit card to place an order. It didn’t take long and I received it and it is super cool and effective. It has restored the natural smell of my shoes.  

Jordan, AU

So glad I purchased one, it didn’t take long to arrive but since I’ve had it I have to say it is my most used gadget. Unbelievable considering the price. I used it everyday to dry all my shoes and keep them safe. I  can now confidently remove my shoes anywhere without fear of bad smell that will embarrass me. The instructions are very easy to follow which is good for new users like me.  

Cynthia, New York City, US

My job demands that I wear shoes everyday and I really don’t like it. I started seeking for ways to help me adapt. I purchased shoe sterilizer pro and since then wearing shoes is no longer a problem to me. I’d gladly recommend it for anybody that is looking for an affordable and effective shoe sterilizer that can take away pains of constant wearing of shoes. . 

Jake, Israel

Not the sort of thing I would usually purchase but glad I did. Now that I have it, everyone wants to know where I got mine from.  

Marry Smith, CA
shoe sterilizer pro reviews
shoe sterilizer pro reviews

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does delivery take? 

Delivery of shoe sterilizer pro is worldwide and free of charge. They won’t charge you a penny to deliver your product to you. It might take few working days to get your order. This depends on your location but be rest assured that it won’t take long. Also put an explicit address of your location before making any payment to avoid missing your order. 

Does it have money back guarantee? 

Yes, there is a thirty (30) day money back guarantee for all purchases. If your are not completely thrilled with your Shoe Sterilizer Pro, they are offering a 30 day money back guarantee to you. Just send the item back in its pristine condition and request for refund. Your money will be refunded fully or the product will be replaced. No hassle!! 

How long can I use my shoes  before drying them again? 

It is recommended that you dry your shoes every day after use. This is because each day your feet sweat and the moisture is absorbed by the shoe fabric. Thus, it will benefit you more to dry them everyday after use but if you don’t have time to dry them every day, you can be doing so every two days. 

Where can I purchase my own sterilizer? 

The best place to purchase this product is from the producer’s official website. Do not purchase outside the product official page to avoid buying substandard product at an exorbitant price. At the official website, you can get deals like 50% discount and free delivery. Also your payment details are well secured with Bit-256 SL Encryption.

>>Check Availability Here<<

Pros (shoe sterilizer pro review) 

  • Very easy to use. 
  • Lost cost. 
  • Energy efficient and zero cost of maintenance. 
  • 50% discount per unit with free delivery.
  • 30 day money back guarantee on all purchase. 
  • Very fast and efficient. 
  • Lightweight and portable. 
  • Offers health benefits 

Cons (shoesterilizer pro review) 

  • Limited stock 
  • Not available in retail stores 
  • Suitable for only shoes and boots, not good for other types of foot wears. 

Final thought (shoe sterilizer pro review)

Drying your shoes has both healthy benefit and aesthetic advantage. It will help you to keep your shoes clean regularly and protect you from diseases associated with wearing shoes frequently. shoe sterilizer pro is a tested and trusted  gadget that can dehumidify and deodorize your shoes very quickly and efficiently. 

There are a number of shoe sanitizers available in the market but not all are effective as claimed, hence make sure you’re in touch with the details of these gadgets before making purchase.

Shoe sterilizer pro is outstanding. It very affordable and portable. The benefits outweigh the cost and that’s why we confidently recommend it for anybody that’s looking for a reliable shoe sanitizer. It denies bacteria and fungus the optimal environment they need to grow and cause problems.

For bad smell, bacteria are the major culprit while fungi mainly cause foot diseases especially athlete’s foot fungus. Shoe deodorant can kill over 99% of these fungi and bacteria. It can remove the bad smell and restore the natural smell of shoes within minutes. 

If you are the type that wears shoes regularly, then she sterilizer pro will benefit you a lot. Give it a try and testify how good it is. 

Thanks for reading our Shoe Sterilizer Pro Review. You can augment this with other gadgets like Belissas teeth whitening and TotalTrim Pro so you can stand out. 

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