Starscope Monocular Review 2021: Does It Worth The Hype?

Starscope Monocular Review
Starscope Monocular Review

Starscope Monocular Review 
Have you ever imagined taking clear pictures of objects that are several meters away from you with your smartphone? Starscope monocular is a modern technology that can help you do that efficiently. 

Smartphones can zoom objects to capture a clearer pictures of them. However, this is not true in reality. The images are always blurry and you can hardly make anything out of it unless the object being photographed is pretty close to the smart phone camera.

Starscope monocular is a newly invented smartphone camera telescope that enables you to capture objects that are situated far away from you. It can magnify the image to about 12x the size of the object making it look very clear. 

We all like taking pictures of beautiful creatures in the sky, mountains, valleys and even water bodies. Our smart phones camera is not very suitable for these purposes. A magnifier will be indispensable in achieving this goal.

Starscope monocular is pretty effective and works well with smart phone cameras. It can also be used alone as a telescope to view distant objects. 

Starscope monocular is very compact and portable. You can put it in your small traveling bags or even pockets. 

If you are a photographer or just an enthusiast that likes capturing beautiful scenes and creatures, Starscope monocular will be the best deal for you.  With Starscope monocular, you can take high quality pictures and record videos that can make you money. Thus, it is pretty cool for professional photographers. If you want to start your photography carrier, Starscope monocular will be a good tool to start with. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your phone camera quality. Starscope monocular can magnify the object and make it clearer. Even as an amateur, you can take high quality and professional pictures with the aid of Starscope monocular. 

Now, let’s go into the nuts and bolts of our Starscope monocular review. Keep reading!  

What is Starscope Monocular? (Starscope monocular review) 

Starscope monocular is a telescope that can work independently or with your smart phone cameras to enable you capture events several meters away. With the right settings, you can use your Starscope monocular to stream events, take pictures and videos of beautiful creatures in our environment. 

Starscope monocular can magnify objects 12x their size. Thus, you can sit at the comfort of your home and take pictures of birds in the sky. You can also use your telescope to captures events such as sports activities at distant locations. 

This monocular device is very compatible with smartphones, both iPhones and Android devices. You can connect it with your smart phone cameras to take professional pictures. Both professionals and newbies will get the most out of this amazing technology. 

Starscope monocular is very compact and lightweight. You can take it with you to any place without any hassle. Unlike other professional cameras that have many components which make them bulky and inconveniencing to carry, Starscope monocular does not have any other components neither is it bulky.

If you wish to take pictures or record videos anywhere and any time, you can conveniently do that with your Starscope monocular. It is recommended to use a tripod stand to get the best result. 

Furthermore, Starscope zoom monocular is very affordable. It offers you everything you desire at a low cost. Unlike other expensive brands of telescope and professional cameras, Starscope monocular won’t take a great toll on your income.

It is also very easy and simple to operate. You don’t need assistance to use your own Starscope monocular.  Both professionals and amateurs can take stunning pictures with Starscope monocular. 

Starscope Monocular Review
Starscope Monocular Review

Does it worth the hype? 

Every consumer want a product that will satisfy all their needs without eating deep into their pocket. Starscope monocular worth every dime spent on it. You can follow up events at distant places. Take clear pictures of creatures and humans far away from you. 

Most zoom monocular (telescopes) are very expensive. Though some of them maintain high end features, their prices are way too high and most people can’t afford them. Just like these high quality telescopes, Starscope monocular gives you everything you need and yet affordable. You don’t have to break a bank to own Star scope monocular. It is an investment you will never regret.

Star scope monocular will surely live up to your high expectations. 

Outstanding features of Star scope monocular

  • High magnification: The hallmark of Starscope monocular is its ability to magnify objects 12x their size. This enables you to see and snap objects that normally would not be visible to your naked eyes. The magnification also earns you the opportunity to capture clear pictures of objects that are situated far away from you. You can snap birds in air, beautiful trees and other creatures on a mountain etc. 
  • High image and video resolution: The image and video quality is very high. Unlike your smart phone zoom that makes images blurry, Star scope monocular magnifies objects 12x their size and still make them clearer. You can take cool pictures just like professionals with the aid of Starscope monocular. No official training is required. 
  • Compatibility: Another amazing feature of Starscope monocular is its ability to pair with both iPhone and Android phones. It works well with any brand of android and iPhone devices. No matter how bad your phone camera is, Starscope monocular will make the images and videos taken very neat. 
  • Portability: Starscope monocular is only 320g. This is very light, thus you can take it to any place of your choice without any discomfort. Starscope monocular is also very compact. You can put it in your small bags, pockets and jackets unlike other bulky cameras and telescope. 
  • Resistance and durability: Star scope monocular has a protective coating that enables it to resist damage by water and fog. It is very durable. Starscope does not get damaged easily. High techs of this kind are very fragile and gets damaged by any external force. Starscope monocular is an exception. It’s built with strong and high quality materials and it has a protective coating that adds extra protection to the telescope. 

Starscope monocular Specs 

Brand Starscope monocular
Magnifying capacity12x Zoom, 293m/1000m field view
Dimensions155 x 70 x 44 mm
Weight320 grams
CompatibilityWorks with any brand of smartphone
Resistance capacityWaterproof and Fogproof
Focus wheel and eyecupAdjustable

Who needs Starscope monocular? 

Starscope monocular is good for everyone that likes taking pictures or capturing events at a distant location.

The portability of Starscope monocular gives you the freedom to use your monocular device to take pictures of beautiful creatures on your trip. You may have the opportunity to see these things only once in your entire life. Smartphone cameras can take pictures of them but the quality won’t be as high as the one taken with the aid of a telescope like Starscope monocular.

Some telescope and professional cameras are so bulky that you can’t take them with you all the time. You will miss capturing beautiful moments you may desire to, but with Starscope monocular, you won’t miss any opportunity. You can comfortably pocket or bag your star scope monocular. Take pictures with ease and record videos any time you wish. 

If you want an accurate, reliable and affordable smart phone camera telescope, then Star scope monocular is for you. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur or just an enthusiast who likes capturing beautiful scenes and creatures and streaming events at distant locations, Starscope monocular will be the right option. You will be happy that you invested your money in it. 

How does it work?

Starscope monocular works like other telescopes. It magnifies objects 12x their size to make them clearer for the eyes to see them. When used with smart phone cameras, it magnifies the images making the short-range phone cameras to capture a neat and stunning photos of far away objects and also record high quality videos. 

best telescope
Starscope Monocular Review

Many telescopes really sucks. Their magnification is so poor that you can’t even decipher the difference between them and a smart phone. The hype is way beyond the capacity of the device. Unlike those telescopes, Starscope monocular meets all the qualities stated in this Starscope monocular review.

It can magnify very tiny particles and enable you see them with your naked eyes. Just fix it on a tripod stand and set it up properly and your telescope will be ready for use. If you wish to use it with your smart phone cameras, then make sure it is well connected with the Starscope monocular lens so you can get the best result. 

How can I use my Starscope zoom monocular? 

Starscope zoom monocular is very easy and simple to use. You don’t need any training or special skills to use it. The focus wheel and eyecup are very adjustable to enable you set and use it the way you want. 

After purchasing your Stars cope monocular, the next thing is to put it to use. Follow these instructions carefully! 

Starscope monocular has a telescopic lens. Adjust the diopter adjustment to turn the monocular to your eyes. The adjustable eyecup enables you to adjust the Starscope monocular so you can see things properly even if you are having eye problems and using glasses. 

If you wish to use it as a telescope, you can fix Star scope monocular to a tripod stand through its attachment socket. This way you can use it as a hands free telescope to view distant objects. 

Starscope monocular can also be used with smartphones cameras. It is very compatible with any brand of android and iPhone devices. Just connect your phone to Starscope monocular with the aid of a phone clip to enable you capture things through the telescope. You will get the high quality and stunning photos and videos you are craving for if the connection and settings was done properly. 

You can use your smart phone to take pictures and record videos through Starscope monocular without the aid of a tripod stand but it is recommended to use it with tripod stand so you can get the best result.

However, in some occasions, you may not be able to use tripod stand. Do not worry at all, just make sure that your phone camera is well connect with the Starscope monocular lens. You will still get good and professional results. 

PROS AND CONS (Starscope monocular review) 

Starscope monocular is never a perfect telescope. Just like every product under the sun, it has its own downsides. Though it has good and amazing features, there are things we don’t like about it. Let’s take a look at them. 

PROS (Starscope monocular review) 

  • Very easy and simple to use. No technical skills required. 
  • Waterproof and Fog-proof, hence resistant to water and fog. You can use it anywhere and anytime without fear of damage. 
  • Very affordable compare to what it does. 
  • Works with any brand of smartphone irrespective of the quality. No discrimination.
  • Adjustable focus wheel and eye cup to enable you adjust it to your needs. 
  • Comes with attachments for tripod stand and phone clip. You can conveniently attach it to a stand and use it as a telescope or connect it to phone with the aid of clip. 
  • Made with high quality materials that resist scratch. 
  • High magnification. Take quality photos and record videos. 
  • Long lasting telescopic lens. 
  • Very portable and easy to carry. 

CONS (Star scope monocular review) 

  • Available only online – You don’t have the freedom to see or feel the product before paying. You will only get to touch it after delivery. However, you have nothing to worry about as long as you buy through any of the links provided in this article. 
  • Limited stock – Star scope monocular will soon run out of store. 
  • Not good enough for professional photographers – Though you can take high quality and stunning photos with Starscope monocular, it is more of personal telescope than business telescope. If you want to specialize in photography, Starscope monocular may not be enough for you. Yo need a more advanced cameras though you can start with it if you are still new in the business. 

Where can I buy star scope monocular? 

We would fail to complete the purpose of this Starscope monocular review if we don’t direct you to the right place where you can buy your own quality smart phone camera telescope.

Head straight to the official website of the producer to purchase your Starscope monocular. That’s the only place you will be sure of buy the right product. Purchasing from retailers or other pages outside the producer’s own increases your risk of losing your money. Do not take the risk! 

Currently there is special discount for those that purchase from the manufacturer. Hurry and get yours to avoid missing out on this deal. 

Their customer service team are always up and doing, they will give you regular update with regards to your product shipping. Your payment details are well secured. There are many payment options to choose from. 

Why does Star scope monocular stand out? 

Starscope monocular stand out because of the following reasons. 

  1. Low cost – Starscope monocular is cheaper than most personal telescope available in the market and yet very efficient. No matter how low your budget is, you can still get yourself a Starscope monocular. 
  2. Durability – The telescope was made with long lasting materials. Its fog and water resistant properties enable it to withstand harsh weathers. It won’t get destroyed by rain or fog. It is also scratch proof. 
  3. Adjustable – It is highly adjustable. Even if you are having eye problem and using glasses, the eyecup and focus wheel can be adjusted to enable you see things clearly. 

Starscope monocular customers’ review 

Starscope monocular is very compact and portable. I carry it with me everywhere I go. I had professional cameras but it’s too bulky and discomforting to move around with. This telescope is so great, I can just put it in my pocket and go to any place I desire.  ~John. 

I like taking pictures of beautiful things anywhere I go but my telescope is quite heavy and I can’t carry it with me all the time. Lucky I  bought Starscope. The quality of the pictures and videos is way better than my previous telescope and it is also more portable and easy to carry.  ~Jane

This telescope works so well with my iPhone. I can now take amazing pictures with my iPhone. It also works well with Android phones. I tried it with my friends` Android phone and it connected well and took beautiful photos with it.  ~Anne 

The first day I used my Starscope monocular was rainy. I was afraid that it will get spoiled but luckily nothing happened to it since then. I have been using it for so long after that day and it showed no sign of damage. It is really waterproof. ~Cynthia 

I wanted a high quality telescope that I can use to start out my photography carrier. However, I was afraid of the prices because my budget is pretty low. I met a friend who told me about Starscope monocular and I decided to give it a try though I didn’t trust the quality since it was a cheap device. So amazing that it met all my expectations at such a low price. ~Mark

Star scope Monocular Review
Star scope Monocular Review

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use it with my Infinix phone? 

Yes, you can use Starscope monocular with Infinix phone and other android devices. It works well with any brand of phone, be it iPhone or Android phone. 

Is it good for a professional photographer? 

Starscope monocular can take high quality photos and videos but it is more of a personal telescope than a business telescope. If you are just starting out, Starscope monocular will be a good option for you. As you progress you can get yourself a more advanced professional cameras for your business or carrier. 

Can it magnify small objects well? 

Yes. Star scope monocular can magnify tiny objects very well to enable you see them. The magnification power of this telescope is 12x the size of the object. Thus, you can take pictures of birds high up in the sky with the help of this magnification.

Can I put this device in small bag?

Yes, you can put your star scope monocular inside your small bags and even pockets. It is very compact and portable. Starscope monocular will be accommodated in your small bags. 

How long can I use it? 

It very durable. Starscope monocular was made with high quality raw materials. It can last for a very long time as long as you are taking good care of your telescope. The water resistant and anti-fog property of star scope monocular give it extra protection making it lasting longer even if you are using it under the rain. 

Bottom line of Starscope monocular review 

There are tons of telescope in the market but not all are effective. The claims about these brands are on the positive end while in reality, what they can offer is on the down side. 

We recommend Starscope monocular for anybody in need of a telescope that works perfectly fine with smart phone cameras. Starscope is very compatible with any type of smartphone both iPhone and Android phones. You can connect it easily with a smart phone with the aid of phone clip.

Also it has an attachment socket for tripod stand. You can use it independently as a telescope to capture beautiful moments and events. Starscope monocular has an ergonomic design with multi-coated lens. It looks really sparkling and attractive and the lens is strong and well protected. 

The adjustable focus wheel and eyecup makes it suitable for anyone. Even if you are having eye problem, Starscope monocular will be good for you. 

Most of the telescopes are fragile and get damaged by any external force no matter how little. Unlike them, Starscope monocular was designed to absorb shock and resist damage through multiple coating. 

You can take your telescope to any place of your choice. It is very portable and compact. Starscope monocular is also very easy to operate. Thus, anyone can use it. 

If you are a professional photographer or a newbie or just an enthusiast looking for a high quality telescope to buy, consider giving Starscope monocular a try. It really worth it and you will never regret investing your heard-earned money in it.

Starscope monocular will add a touch of class to your pictures and videos and you would be glad you have it. 

Thanks for reading our Starscope monocular review. Remain safe and feel free to check out our adjustable glasses review

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