TotalTrim Pro Review 2021: Portable Hair Trimmer

TotalTrim Pro Review
TotalTrim Pro Review

Another groundbreaking gadget has hit the market and it’s always a pleasure to bring such news to your knowledge @TDBREVIEWS. Totaltrim Pro Review has got everything you need to know about this new hair trimmer. If you are a young man and you really want to look nice and neat every moment, then this article is for you. Also, if you are a lady and you really love your spouse / boyfriend, Totaltrim Pro will be a good gift for him. Keep reading this article to know why! 

Hair trimming has always been a job left for the barbers, but guess what! You can trim your hairs and give it a professional look at the comfort of your home with right tools like Totaltrim hair trimmer. Another huge plus to this gadget is that it is multi-purpose in function and non selective, you can use it to shave hairs on any part of your body.  

The biggest challenge confronting buyers anytime they are in need of products is, which one is the right option for me with regards to quality and price? This is always an arduous task and to be sincere with you, there are no known criteria for knowing good products apart from using the bogus specs stated by the manufacturer which is sham in most cases. The best way to know which product is really worth your money is by testing. However, you can’t keep testing every product you desire to use.

@TDBREVIEWS our ultimate goal is to save you that stress by selecting and reviewing the best products under each category so you don’t make unnecessary mistakes. I challenge you to read this review till the end before making any decision with regards to this hair trimmer. If you desire to trim your hairs totally without any side effect, then you are on the right page. Also, if you value your time so much, you need an at-home device that you can use to achieve the same result that always makes you to seek the attention of professionals. Total Trim Pro will also save your money. 

Now, let’s dive into the review proper. 

Totaltrim Pro Review – What is this gadget all about?

Totaltrim Pro is a cordless and rechargeable hair cutting machine that anyone can use at home for professional hair trimming. It is outstanding and gives perfect result as long as you stick to the instructions for using it. Unlike many other hair cutting machines, it does not cause any irritation or harm to your body, it only does the job of hair trimming and not skin cutting. 

Total trim hair trimming is very easy to use. Most times the problem with these modern technologies is that buyers find them difficult to use. You must be a techy type for you to enjoy most of these products even after spending a huge percentage of your income on them. Totaltrim Pro is an exception to this, it does not require any skills neither do you need assistance to put it in use. It gives you the opportunity to choose the cutting type you desire.

If you are a newbie and you don’t know how to go about these things, do not worry. Totaltrim Pro Review has got you covered. It has different trimming comb that you can select from for different trimming lengths so you won’t have to rely on your own skills when you are just getting started with self-trimming. This enables you to acquire a lot of skills so you can even shave without combs. 

It is portable and easy to carry about. Why not give it a try? It comes with a special type of razor for beard trimming. You will never encounter any hassle when using this hair cutting machine irrespective of your hair density. Totaltrim Pro got a lot to offer and we’d do well to disclose as much as possible in this review. 

TotalTrim Pro Review
TotalTrim Pro Review

Features of Totaltrim Pro 

  • Practical and easy to use cordless hair cutting machine. 
  • Has numerous combs that enables you to select different trimming lengths. 
  • Very easy to use, no hassle. 
  • Stainless Steel blades for faster and painless trimming. 
  • Resistant to rust.
  • Not associated with friction of any kind. 
  • Comes with lubricant to avoid friction. 
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Very portable and easy to carry. 

What makes it stand out? 

  • User friendly: Totaltrim Pro is very easy to use and friendly to newbies. It comes with different combs for beginners to enable them select any trimming lengths them desire. It might sound a bit complicated for beginners but if you can do yourself a favor by going through this review and the instructions manual, you won’t have anything to worry about. You won’t waste your time every week to pay professionals to trim your beard. 
  • Versatile: This innovative gadget is suitable for any part of the body that grows hairs. If you have the problem of growing excessive hairs on your body, this gadget can be of help. However, this medical condition known as hirsutism is usually caused by endocrine system abnormalities and it requires expert management. You need to see your doctor for adequate treatment. But if you only grow few hairs on parts of your body you don’t like, you can use Totaltrim Pro to shave it off so you won’t look odd. This is particularly beneficial for women that are suffering from hyperandrogenism (excessive androgen hormones) that make them grow abnormal hairs.
  • Rechargeable battery: One of the things that made TotalTrim Pro gain so much recognition is its high quality battery that takes only few hours to charge but lasts for several hours. Thus, you will not have any problem using your cordless cutting machine even if you are having interrupted power supply. The battery can store so much charge that can last for a very long time when you are out of power. Spending more time charging a gadget than actually using it really sucks and this is one of the reasons why many new gadgets never see the light of the day in the market. Totaltrim Pro hair trimming does not belong to this category of gadgets.
  • Water proof head: This plays the role of resisting rusting. All hair trimmers including Totaltrim Pro, require lubricants to reduce or prevent friction  and most of these lubricants are liquid that predispose the machine to rusting. If these gadgets are not protected against rusting with waterproof materials the metallic parts of it will undergo corrosion and the gadget will be very unsightly and painful. The producer factored this in and covered the head with waterproof materials to keep it in its pristine condition for years. 
  • Replaceable cutter head: It comes with about five (5) different cutter heads that you can select from. Also these heads are replaceable if they get exhausted. 3D surface acute angle cutter is another plus to this machine. This is a whole lot that Totaltrim Pro  can offer. 

Why you need TotalTrim Pro

There are a lot of reasons why I think that this product will be suitable for you. You can agree with me that so many persons still use the traditional shaving stick to trim their beards which I consider old school because there are tons of hair trimmers like Totaltrim Pro that can do the job faster and more efficiently. 
Here are the reasons why I think it’s the best bet for you: 

  • Portability: It is very portable and easy to carry. You can take your own Totaltrim Pro to any place of your choice without any ado. Thus, you can use it anywhere of your choice provided it is well charged. It is not one of those heavy gadgets that will pose a lot of inconveniences to the user because of size. It is very small in size and it’s made up of a combination of plastic and metallic materials, thus not heavy. 
  • Gives professional results: With Totaltrim Pro you can get what the professionals charge you money for. It will save both your money and time while giving you the very best you desired. There may be other hair cutting machines out there but their prices are way beyond their real worth. We recommend this brand because it gives the best result at an affordable price. 
  • No friction: This gadget does not cause friction or irritation of the skin. It comes with a lubricant that you can use to soften it and reduce friction which can irritate or damage the skin. You can get this lubricant at an affordable price in case the follow – come lubricant gets exhausted. No fear of injuries. 
  • Long lasting: From what we gathered during our research  most of the buyers seem to love this product because it still remains in its pristine condition even after several months of use. There is also a money back guarantee for customers who may not find it satisfactory. This is a good indication of high quality. It has a high power motor as well.

How to use Total Trim Pro hair trimming machine

It is very easy to use. As stated in the above section of our Totaltrim Pro Review, you don’t have to be a techy guy for you to use your own Totaltrim Pro. Just follow our instructions below. Also it comes with an instruction manual that will give you more details about how to use it. 

  1. Charge the battery to fullness before use. 
  2. Assemble the gadget properly. 
  3. Select the cutting head you wish to use depending on the part of the body you want to shave.
  4. Select the appropriate comb you wish to use depending on the trimming length you want. 
  5. Press the power button to get the gadget running. 
  6. Now trim your hairs to your desire. 

That’s all  you need to do to use your own Totaltrim hair trimmer. 

Note that the mechanism of action of this hair cutting machine is almost the same with other hair trimmers except that it is cordless, no friction, no irritation and faster result. And you can use it conveniently at home. 

PROS (Totaltrim Pro Review) 

  • Very easy to use. 
  • No friction and irritation.
  • Low cost. 
  • No associated side effect. 
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery. 
  • Cordless technology. 
  • Rust resistant and waterproof 
  • Select any hair length you desire. 
  • Money back guarantee. 
  • 50% discount with free delivery. 

CONS (Totaltrim Pro Review) 

  • Available only online. 
  • Limited stock 
Total Trim
TotalTrim Pro Review

Where to buy TotakTrim pro 

It is best to purchase your own Totaltrim Pro from the producer. You can’t find the original product in any retail shops around, they are only made available at the official product page. Do not give middlemen and other scammers in the name of sellers a chance to rip you off your money. Buy your own directly from the manufacturer to be sure of getting the right hair trimming machine at an affordable price. 


Your purchasing details are also well secured and you won’t lose anything to criminals. In the event that you are not satisfied with the machine you can apply for refund of your money or discuss a replacement plan with them. They will be glad to entertain your dissatisfaction and offer the best solution possible to it. 

Total Trim Pro Customers’ Review

My wife used to be angry with my rough looking beard because I don’t have time to always trim it at the barbershop. This has been trying to separate us but lucky me, I found Totaltrim. I can now shave anytime I wish. Even if she demands that I shave three (3) times a day I will do that provided we had enough light to charge the gadget. Huge rating for this product!  

James Sheeran, Houston Texas

I bought it for my husband and I was glad he loved it though he used to trim his hair regularly. It made the work easier for him and never complains of wasting a huge chunk of his time at the professional shop. It charges fast and very easy to use though it took him sometimes to get used to it. I’m glad that I also participated in the exercise to make him look nicer.

Jane, New York City

Thanks to my friend who introduced this hair cutting machine to me. It is very affordable and gives fast professional results. I won’t be visiting barbershop more often. It is a gadget that most people are searching for and thanks to Jake who played a big role in making this possible for me. I recommend it for others as well.  

Janelle, Israel

I’ve never used a gadget that have quality battery of this kind. My fear has always been the battery quality because I’ve used a number of gadgets and discovered that all their claims about battery always  turn out to be a hoax. Totaltrim has got quality battery that lasts for days after a single charge. Even when I had power supply interruption, I still use my hair trimmer. It’s really an awesome tool that worth having. I will never regret investing my money in it.  

Eric, Canada

Low cost and high quality. I never believed that a groundbreaking machine of this kind will be this cheap. The quality of trimming worth much more than the cost. I’m glad I met this golden opportunity. It has not developed any fault since I started using it. I think it might benefit other guys especially those that grow hairs fast like me.  

Etunkaboh, Egypt

I bought it to gift my boyfriend whose hairs scare me sometimes. He accepted it with joy and thanked me. His look has improved markedly and I love him more.  

Cynthia, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions (Totaltrim Pro Review) 

How can I buy one for myself? 

You can purchase your own Totaltrim Pro from the official website of the producer by clicking any link provided in this article. There are numerous deals and offers on the official product page such as 50% off per unit with free delivery and 30 day money back guarantee. Also you can pay for your own hair trimmer using credit cards (master card or Visa card) and PayPal. Other payment options may be available depending on your location. 

How long does delivery take? 

It takes only few working days to get your order and this depends heavily on your location. Delivery is worldwide and free of charge. Make sure you state clearly your address. 

How long can it last? 

It can last for a very long time (years) depending on how you handle it. There is no specified number of years it can last. Any number stated here or elsewhere is based on speculations. The actual duration of use depends on how frequently the user uses it and how he handles it each time. Thus, handle your own hair trimming machine with care so that it can last for a long time. 

How long does the battery last? 

This is determined by a number of factors which are: Was the battery  fully charged before use? How long does the user use it per time and how frequently does the user use it? These factors determine how long the battery will last. If well charged and used once or twice per day, the battery can last up to three (3) days. 

Can I use it at night? 

Yes, you can use it at night and any other time of the day provided you have a good light source and quality mirrors that will enable you see what you are doing. You can use Totaltrim Pro in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night with good light source. 

TotalTrim Pro Reviews
Total Trim Pro Reviews

Final verdict (Total Trim Pro Review) 

There are numerous machines for trimming hair in the market but making choice has always been an arduous task and challenging to buyers.

Totaltrim Pro is a reliable hair cutter that will make you look attractive while saving your time and money. Non of the features of this gadget stated here is a sham. It is very affordable and easy to use. It gives you professional look. It comes with different sizes of comb that you can select from to get the particular hair length you desire. 

Totaltrim Pro is a five in one cordless hair dresser that anyone can use at the comfort of their home. Invest your money in it, you will never regret it. Get yours today! 

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