Vibes Xwatch Reviews 2021: Best Buyer`s Guide

Vibes Xwatch Reviews
Vibes Xwatch Reviews

Smartwatches have been around for over a decade now. As you know, many people purchase them not because of the numerous functions and services  they render but because they just want something aesthetic around their wrist. If you belong to this category of people it’s perfectly fine and I personally recommend buying cheaper brands that don’t take accuracy and reliability into account.

However, a good number of people buy smartwatch and trackers because they always want to have a clue of what their health and fitness status is like. If you belong to this category of people, I recommend that you lay your hands on a reliable smartwatch that will give you an accurate insight into the parameters you wish to measure and track. Vibes xwatch smartwatch is a good option in this regard. 

Moreover, a lot of people wish to own a reliable, accurate and aesthetic smartwatch but their budget is so low that they couldn’t afford the big brands that maintain those high-end features. This is why we took a lot of time to make enquiry to come up with the best brand of SMARTWATCH that will suit customers interest with respect to price, accuracy, fashion and reliability. Here we are with Vibes Xwatch. 

In this Vibes Xwatch reviews, I will tell you everything you need to know about this brand of smart watch so you will be properly informed before taking any step towards purchasing the gadget. So keep reading!!! 

The old school analogue watches are still in existence but their inability to incorporate other features in addition to traditional time keeping made them unpopular nowadays. Vibes xwatch smartwatch reviews confirmed that this brand combines both high qualities of smart watches and the regular functions of time keeping obtained from analogue watches. 

It thrills the heart so much knowing what your health status is like everyday at old age. There are many clinics and health care providers around that can help you keep accurate monitoring of your health but this is always time and money consuming. The easiest and fastest way to achieve this is to have a reliable smartwatch in your possession. Vibes xwatch smartwatch is one those reliable brands with high degree of accuracy, it’s very portable and affordable. Read till the end to find out more!!! 

What is Vibes Xwatch Smartwatch? 

Vibe xwatch is a new brand of smartwatch with improved functions. It is equipped with all the sensors to detect and monitor your health and fitness levels. It is also designed for sporting and related activities. 

As we become increasingly aware of the need to prevent certain diseases especially that of the cardiovascular system, we need to exercise regularly. Exercise helps a lot in improving our heart health, it enhances blood circulation and encourages burning of fat that might accumulate and cause obesity-related diseases. This helps our body to function properly.

To make our exercise more effective and result-driven, we need a health and fitness tracker that can monitor our health and fitness to give us a clue of what our health is like and how good we are progressing in our workouts. This makes Smart watches and fitness trackers are very indispensable in our lives.

However, this does not call for the purchase of substandard product just because you need a smart watch. Our vibe xwatch review confirmed that vibes smartwatch is the best deal for anybody who want a high quality smartwatch at an affordable price. Vibes xwatch smartwatch records your step, tracks your sleep and measures your health. It has built-in devices that can store music and enable you connect with family and friends without touching your phones. You can easily switch to your phone when there’s need. 

Stay on top of your health and fitness with this brand of smartwatch.

Are you finding it difficult to achieve your fitness goals because of inconsistency and lack of insight into what your level of fitness is? Vibes xwatch has come to solve your problem. Just give it a try.

Vibes Xwatch Reviews
Vibes Xwatch Reviews

Features (vibes xwatch reviews)

  • Shock resistant gadget for all kinds of sports. 
  • High quality brand that incorporates multi sensors for sleep tracking  and step counting. 
  • Health and fitness monitoring. 
  • Detects motion irrespective of the speed. 
  • Very bright display. 
  • Works well with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Smart watch that can be your companion when you seem not to be consistent in your daily workouts. 

Vibes Smartwatch Technical Facts

Smart watches have come to stay and since the invention of this awesome technology, it has gained popularity among users. The honest truth is that not all smartwatches are worthy of praise because of their unreliable results and tracking. However, a good number of them are quite good and brings satisfaction to the user. 

There are tons of good features of vibes xwatch and I would explain as many as I can in this vibes smartwatch reviews to give you an idea of what this gadget has to offer.  

IP67 Waterproof resistance

The major fear of some persons anytime they want to place an order for smart watch is its ability to resist damage by water. Many people want to use their gadget and track their swimming speed and this purpose will not be achieved if the smartwatch can’t resist damage by water. It’s quite true that almost all brands of smart watches come with different levels of IP waterproof resistance but not all can actually resist water damage to a reasonable degree.

Vibes xwatch smartwatch can withstand damage by water. You can shower with your watch or track your swimming speed. Even if you sweat a lot during exercise, you have nothing to worry about because Zeblaze VIBE 6 cannot be damaged by the sweat. You can also wear it under rain without any panic. 

Diving with smartwatches is not encouraged especially when you dive to a very deep height. There are smartwatches that are specifically designed for that purpose. However, if you dive to a height of 2 meters or less, you can use your vibes xwatch smartwatch for that purpose. 

Precaution: When your vibes smart watch gets wet try and clean it before using it again so it can last longer for you. It can resist water but do not allow water to remain in it for a longer time. This will help increase the lifespan of the watch. 

Built-in device for wireless music playback 

This is another huge plus to vibes smart watch. It has a memory that enables you to store your favorite playlist without any hassle. You can store any music of your choice and play it during exercise or resting. Thus, there is no need to always go to the gym everyday with your phone. Just make sure that your smartwatch and headphone are well connected. You can also switch from one music to another within your smart watch. Music makes workouts lively.

Built-in speaker and microphone  

With vibes xwatch smartwatch reviews you can connect with friends, family members, colleagues and loved ones. You won’t have to always struggle to bring out your phones from your pocket or purse to reply some chats and take calls. You can do these on your wrist as long as your gadgets are well connected to each other, reaching out to your phone when there’s need.

Are you always worried about people disturbing you while in a meeting? Are you bothered about missing important calls? Vibes xwatch has come to your rescue. Just a look at your wrist and you will get notifications and reply important ones. Fortunately, you will get this at an affordable price.

Wide range of exercise support 

Are you a sports lover or a fitness enthusiast? Vibes xwatch is the best smartwatch for tracking your day to day sports activities. You can track different exercise modes including running, jogging, cycling etc with Zeblaze VIBE 6 smartwatch. It also comes with multiple professional sensors that record physical data in full and perform scientific analysis on them to enhance your exercise capacity.

As you know, without accurate analysis of the data you will never have a clue of how far you have progressed. These sensors are very sensitive and accurate and performs thorough analysis of your fitness level based on the physical data recorded. What else do you want to get from a smart watch that Vibes xwatch cannot offer? Let’s keep digging deep!!


Zeblaze Vibes 6 is very compatible with all brands of smart phones both Android and iPhone (iOS) devices. They all work well with xwatch smart watch, just download the H Band App from the App Store or Google Play Store and make sure that your smartphone is well connect to the watch through Bluetooth. Once the connections are well secured, you can literally use your vibes xwatch to track any data you wish and play music without touching your smartphone.

Vibes Xwatch smartwatch Reviews
Vibes Xwatch smartwatch Reviews

Why you need Vibes xwatch smartwatch 

Health and fitness metrics tracking 

This seems to be the most important part of all. Staying on top of the fitness game is not an easy one. You need to be consistent and determined. However, without a reliable tracker it will be difficult to be consistent because of lack of accurate data that will tell you if you are making progress or not. Vibes xwatch is here to help you achieve that consistency that serve as a stepping stone to achieving your fitness goals. It can store data for some days before they are deleted.

Also, staying in good state of health is always everyone’s target. Nobody wants to be sick or spend days on a hospital bed. Regular exercise will be of help in achieving this feet. Furthermore, checking your health parameters such as heart rate, pulse rate and blood pressure will be indispensable in this exercise.

Zeblaze Vibes xwatch is equipped with reliable sensors that can perform 24-hour uninterrupted high-precision heart rate detection. This will help you to notice any abnormal changes in your health and contact your doctor early for thorough assessment and treatment so that the disease won’t deteriorate to a more debilitating one. Get yourself Vibes smartwatch!!

Sleep cycle tracking 

Sleep comes in cycles, light sleep and deep sleep. The average duration of normal sleep is 8 hours. If you don’t achieve 8 hours sleep daily you might be doing some harm to your health. However, a good number of people sleep more than 8 hours and find it difficult to wake up early and get their day started without an alarm. Vibes xwatch smartwatch comes with a good sensor that detects night’s sleep, both light and deep sleep and interruptions.

You track these sleep parameters with the help of the App “H Band”. This will help you to know if you have achieved optimal sleep at night or not and make the necessary adjustments.  It also has a silent vibrating alarm that can wake you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle to help you get your day off to the best possible start. 


There are ten (10) mainstream exercise modes supported by vibes smart watch reviews. You can choose any exercise type you wish and track it accurately with your smartwatch. The multiple professional sensors are highly accurate in recording physical data and also perform scientific analysis on them to enhance your workout capacity. You can always stay on top of the game with the help of your smart watch. 

Smart notifications

Get smart notification through your Vibes smart watch by just looking at your wrist instead of struggling to get your phone from your deep pocket. You can receive calls and messages from different social media platforms and SMS. Thus, you can choose to reply important messages and answer urgent calls without looking at your phone. With vibes watch, you will stay more connected to your day. 

Body building and weight loss 

Regular exercise is one of the harmless ways of losing weight and building body unlike taking medications that unavoidably come with side effects. With trackers like vibes smart xwatch, you will remain consistent and determined towards achieving your goals. Note that vibes xwatch does not reduce weight nor build muscles, what it does is to give you accurate data that will motivate you to work harder and actualize your mission. 

Benefits of using Vibes smart watch 

  • Exercise with music: As you know, workouts will be boring without some lyrics and sound piercing your ears. The producer thought it wise to include a memory in this smart watch that will enable you store your desired songs so you can go to the gym or exercise without needing your smart phone to play music. You can select the song you wish just at your wrist to make the workout more exciting and interesting. This is a feature that is found in vibes xwatch, you can agree with me that this brand really stands out among others. 
  • Record every change of you: Health tracking and fitness monitoring remains the ultimate aim of producing this smart watch. It gives daily insight into what your level of fitness is like every day while also recording your important health metrics such heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen level. Vibes xwatch through its “H Band” App can keep a precise record of your sleep cycle data and heart rate. Evey change made in your health will be displayed on your wrist. The App has multiple languages, thus you can understand the recording very well and take prompt action once you notice any deviation from normal. 
  • Long battery life: It comes with a high quality rechargeable battery that takes only 1.5 hours to charge. After this single charge, you can use vibes xwatch for days without bordering to recharge it. For basic watch mode, it lasts for up to 25 days, for daily use mode,  it lasts up to 15 days, for continuous Bluetooth call, you can use vibes smart watch for 280 minutes, for continuous music playing, it lasts only 220 minutes. Thus, you won’t have to spend more time charging the batteries than actually using it. A single charge can serve you throughout the day irrespective of how long your workout will last. It has electronic components and power optimization technology. The sensors do not consume much power. 
  • Resistant to abrasion and lightweight: It was built with high quality resistant materials that can survive abrasion and lightweight objects that fall on it. 
  • IPS full-round colour display screen: It has a very good display screen. You can read the data clearly without having to strain your eyes. Its colorful display makes it easy to read, no confusion.
  • Camera control: You can remotely control your phone camera with vibes smart watch. Once you secure good connection between the watch and your smart phone, you can control the camera through your Vibes xwatch. This sounds incredible for a smart watch of this price, but it works. 

Vibes xwatch smart watch specifications 

Brand Zeblaze
NameVIBE 6
Dimension50.8 x 50.8 x 16 mm
Watch strap24 mm
Strap typeSilica Gel
Display1.3 “IPS Colour Touch Screen
Resolution240 x 240 px
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.0 + Bluetooth 3.0
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above
Battery capacity 300 mAh
SensorsHeart rate sensor, Proximity sensor, and Accelerometer
Battery life25 days for basic watch use, 15 days for daily use mode, 280 minutes for continuous Bluetooth call and 220 min for continuous music playing
Charging time1.5 hours
Water and dust proofIP67
Working temperature-20 to -40 degree celsius
App nameH Band

 How to use it (Vibes xwatch smartwatch reviews) 

It is very easy to use, just follow the simple steps enumerated below to start enjoying your smart xwatch.

  • Charge the battery to fullness. 
  • Make sure your smart phone and headset are well charged. 
  • Press the power button of the Vibes xwatch. 
  • Turn on your smart phone Bluetooth and search for Zeblaze VIBE 6
  • Click on it and allow your devices to pair with each other. 
  • Turn on your headset Bluetooth. 
  • Select it on your watch screen and allow the headset and smartwatch to pair with each other. 
  • Download the H Band App from App Store or Google Play Store 
  • Connect it with your smartwatch. 
  • Now, you  can receive notifications from your smartphone and track other parameters. 

If you wish to play songs, make sure that the headset and smartwatch are well connected through Bluetooth, select music from the display screen and choose the song you wish to play. 
Note: You must store the songs in the smartwatch memory before you can use it to play music. 

PROS (Vibes xwatch reviews) 

  • Stand alone music player. 
  • Bluetooth calling (receive and make calls). 
  • New generation optical heart rate monitor. 
  • 10 professional sports mode. 
  • Smartphone notifications. 
  • Track stages of sleep cycle. 
  • Long battery life. 
  • Highly resistant to damage. 

CONS (Vibes xwatch smartwatch reviews) 

  • Only available online. 
  • Limited stock available. 
  • You must know how to use the App for you to enjoy the gadget. 
  • You must be proficient in connecting devices through Bluetooth.

Where to buy vibes xwatch smartwatch

You can get your professional smartwatch from the official website of the product. You can get up to 50% discount by placing order on the product’s page with free delivery. 


In the event that you are not satisfied with the product, feel free to reach out to them to either replace it or refund your money. 

Note: It must not exceed 30 days from the day of purchase and the product must not sustain any damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is vibes smart watch any good? 

Yes, it is. There are numerous brands of smartwatches out there but a lot of them don’t deliver on their promises unlike Vibes xwatch. You can return the watch if you’re not satisfied with it. This is a proof of quality. However, be rest assured that it will live up to your expectations.

How can I order for it? 

You can order for vibes watch from the official product page. There are only few steps required of you to take to complete the ordering process. 

First, click any link in this article to visit the product official page.
In the official website, select the number of vibes xwatch you want to buy. The more vibes xwatch smart watch you buy the more discount you get.
Enter your debit card details or pay through PayPal account.
Then enter your address where the product will be delivered. Do not make mistakes here to avoid missing your order!!

It is good for ladies? 

Yes, Vibes xwatch smartwatch is unisex. Anybody can use it unlike some muscline brands that only fit males. It is very portable and fashionable and suits everybody. 

Vibes smartwatch Reviews
Vibes smartwatch Reviews

Customers reviews of xwatch

There numerous customers reviews on the product page which you can see for yourself. However, we’d summarize some of them here for the sake of clarity. 

I bought it as a gift for my childhood friend. He liked it and has been talking good about the watch. Now, I want to get mine to start my fitness training and track my health.  

Anna, United Kingdom

My old age has always been a source worry to me and I don’t want to spend days in the hospital for treatment. I’ve been looking for a reliable health tracker and luckily I bought this brand at an affordable price and it really worth it. Very accurate and reliable.  

Cynthia, United States

Good at recording sleep cycle. I always overslept without an alarm. I stopped using alarm because it’s disturbing my spouse. I bought vibes smartwatch and I have always tracked my sleep and it always wakes me up early through its silent alarm that doesn’t disturb anybody. 

Eric, Israel

Conclusion of our vibes xwatch reviews 

Zeblaze VIBE 6 smart watch is a portable, affordable and fashionable smart watch that records health metrics, sleep cycle and step counting. It has gained recognition over the days because of its reliability and accuracy.

I had a friend who bought a new brand of smart watch which was quite expensive. The smartwatch was highly sensitive, accurate and reliable but the battery sucks. Its poor battery made it almost useless despite the fact that it is reliable and accurate. This is one major issue with most brands of smart watches. They deliver good results but the battery is nothing to write home about. Vibes xwatch is an exception  in this regard. It maintains high end features, reliability and accuracy with a long lasting battery. 

Moreover, you can use your Vibes xwatch to play any music of your choice during exercise provided you stored it in the smartwatch memory. This was confirmed by this vibes xwatch smartwatch reviews and other customers that have used the product. 

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Are you getting older day by day and want a health monitor?  Are you having interrupted sleep and you need a tracker to help you make adjustments?  Get yourself a vibes xwatch for a reliable and accurate results. 

Thanks for reading our vibes xwatch reviews. Stay safe!!!

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